Testimonies Received – Part 1


John Insley

1 month ago

What a beautiful person you are Combat. But I kind of knew that having followed your channel and
carrying the belief that “Wisdom is a Woman”. I am part native New Zealander, French, Anglo Saxon
and Nordic this combination of nationalities forged via the colonisation process pre 1840. Thus I can
sometimes be a bit confusing even to myself.

Unfortunately NZ has the same difficulties and the hurt the maori feel for their
ancestors is probing its way into their daily lives.

Presently they have received and still are receiving compensation for the laws that were supposed to
protect them but were violated by a new governance in England that sought to overlook them in their
quest for more land to sell to the potential investors.

Bless You


Your life experience has not been good
and that’s very sad to me
because you are a wonderful person
and deserve so much better.
You’ve certainly earned your angel wings dear.

20 hours ago
Linked comment

Dear Lady,  I could not fault you in anything you said on your video.  As you said, you’ve read and studied God’s word.  I heard nothing about breaking down doors or casting stones in your message.  Fornication can be of the body and/or the spirit which resides within us.  ANY religion which would
preach or forbid a man or woman to be a child of God is Satanic.  If it would be a sin against God’s law, then it can be forgiven anyway.  There is only ONE unforgivable sin.  Adultery or fornication are NOT the  sin.

David Perry 8 hours ago • AGE OF DECEIT Fallen Angels and the New World Order (Part 11)

Thank You So Very Much For All These Videos!!! AWESOME Work!!! I Know That You Are A Person That
Is After GOD’S Own Heart!!! YHWH Bless And Protect You And Your Family Always!!!?



You’re a remarkable person and I can easily see what Ash saw in you. You’re definitely a keeper for the
right man who can appreciate you for the many good qualities you have. If it happens, it will do so when you least expect it and that will make it even more special. Don’t go looking for it, it will find YOU on it’s destined timetable if it’s meant to be. Your heart is as attractive as your looks so that shouldn’t
be an issue for you. You have all the bases covered, dear.

Vaticano Revelado
2 months ago

Thank you for your video about Pietro Parolin, you’re a lady very blessed by God, just because you have sent a video that talked about events that are being reported recently. Surely, you have the Holy Spirit of God in your life! I like to share knowledge too, this is what the Lord tells us to do:) God bless!


Re:What do you mean Re:Commenting your nice comments

Thank you my friend. I really enjoyed watching this one. Very moving. My heart aches, though, in hearing of your past. You never deserved that, no child does. All life is precious. It just makes me want to reach through the computer and give you a hug.

There is a pattern I have noticed. Those who walk this earth with pure hearts and angelic minds are the ones who always suffer the most. When I observe people, I can tell what is in their heart and who they are inside. You, my dear, are very angelic in nature. It comes through in spades.

I went flying this weekend as I am a licensed pilot and while I was up there I thought about you for a moment and said a little prayer that God may bless and protect you. It was just as the sun was rising over the horizon. One of the most beautiful I have seen in quite awhile as I have seen many sunrises
and sunsets from up there. So my wish is that you will always be blessed and walk with angels.

Now, please clarify something for me. I had a hard time discerning the version of the Bible you were recommending. Your cute accent wouldn’t allow my ears to make heads or tails of it. Thanks.


Seal 🙂



Sweet Mary (I hope I heard your name right from your video about the nephilim psychopaths),

I’m listening to those video’s concerning SE, at the 6th one right now, and I am righteously angry over what he did to you. Your heart is very giving, so Christ-like, and SE took full advantage of that. I remember some time ago when you were helping get his books more well known thru youtube, I felt
something wasn’t right about him, namely that he seemed to approach Christianity from the perspective of living under the law. I can’t remember if I pm’ed you about it or not, but I know the thought crossed my mind. I can hear in your voice how you truly cared for him, so much so that tears
are falling from my eyes right now for you. Even so, I do pray for SE to fall on his knees before Jesus, and be saved. It’s a hard world we live in, and to be frank, you are one of the few people I trust. (Angers me that SE said that to you as well.). I keep a distance with most, finding safety in that, and
more reliance on our Lord. Amen? I believe you are an extremely strong sister in Jesus — the strongest one I’ve come across on youtube, or even in my own personal life. I know you KNOW how to take all things to Jesus, no matter how deep the heartache, because I know you KNOW Jesus bore every
heartache for the entire world, and because He did, He is able to not only empathize with us, but to give us peace that surpasses the pain and sustains us:). Jesus wept ~John 11:35.. That’s one of my favorite
verses. We as His daughters may grow weary with tears, that’s true. But I know He holds each one in a
bottle… Psalm 56:8-13.

Wish you were located closer sister. We’d have coffee (if you like) and sit and talk a while. Feel my hug,
sincerely, as I close for now with His love always.


Teargardens emailed on July 29th, 2013

Oh, no worries. I also appreciate your emails too. Thanks for being an island of reason, in a sea of insanity. God bless.

consciousnessofone posted a comment
Thank you For all that you do It is much appreciated


Tuesday, May 21, 2013 8:58 PM
“Peter Rogers”

Thanks, Marie,

Your reply is well-taken… I have been a fan of yours for many years now… You have battled them all along, and with your great mental strength, have not caved in…

Hoping for Peaceful times ahead for Freedom lovers, such as you and me..
( Well, I can dream, can’t I ? )
Warmest Regards,
Peter Rogers

( Truth-Seeker from Southern California )

On my main youtube channel
DaisyDukeRock posted a comment
1 week ago

WOW – Such an amazing Channel, full of so many GR8 Videos that are not only poignant and timely, but they’re so forthright, candid and honest? as well. Your introspective thinking and conviction are truly admirable. You are obviously wide awake and NOT afraid to speak the ‘Truth’ and for that, I want to “Thank You”… For it’s people like ‘You’ who can actually change the world and help to make it a better place to live in! God Bless Your Sweet & AWAKE Soul! O:)


On September 9th, 2012


hey there, you’re AWESOME! thanks for all you do! i just hope it’s not too late, i just hope that somebody comes across your website, who sits on the fence about things, who is searching for truth, and starts to research themselves, i encourage EVERYONE to do their own research, don’t believe me,
people NEED to see these things with their own two eyes, BUT YOU WOULD BE SURPRISED HOW MANY JUST WILL NOT GO READ EVEN A SHORT ARTICLE? they would rather waste their energy,and time, typing mumbo jumbo, instead of LOOKING FOR THEMSELVES? this just happened, but then i implored them to PLEASE JUST GO READ EVEN one article? DESCENT AND SACRIFICE, this ONE article should show anyone on the fence about the UN, or for people who just don;t know, i mean, EVEN IF YOU WERE ATHIEST YOU SHOULD BE BOTHERED BY THAT! especially when then, if they ever get the information at the same time, show them some quotes from some of the HIGHER DEGREES IN FREEMASONRY, and
their literature, they would be blown away, and actually it’s Freemasonry, that really did accomplish alot of their movement as so many Freemason’s are in prominent public ethic jobs, politicians, lawyers, judges, etc etc people WHO HAVE INFLUENCE OVER OUR LIVES, and they help eachother NO MATTER WHAT, even committing purgery!

i had to say thanks again, just poking around, a little lost today for some reason,

take it easy,
On August 31th, 2012

Richard Tassey

for all who stand for truth and love and have the testimony of Jesus all will be alright..We all will make that decision and then a peace like we have never know will in-lope us with love..you will be alright as the lord is already using you strongly for his will..They will never make you surrender to their
Ideas..you are already alright by doing this..Keep fighting them and know the lord has angels watching over you to protect you..I feel strengthened just by the short time I have got to know you….

On August 30th, 2012


Hi. I didn’t get to see the video you posted causeI’ve been watching all your videos on my mobile phone thru wifi.. I just wanted to tell you I love what your doing. You have reaffirmed my beliefs in such a strong? way. Thank you so much. our father has truly blessed you in the sense that you have made
sense and reasoning of these troubled times a are all living in. Don’t stop and again thank you. I’m looking forward to watching all of your videos.
In August 30th, 2012



Keep doing what you do here, you are helping so many people.Thank-You.  David
Friday, August 24, 2012 1:28 PM

I’m glad you got him!  Satan will use anyone he can to disrupt our getting the truth out.  I appreciate benefiting from your studies.  Thank you, Marie!  God bless you and give you to strength to keep on ferreting out the truth.  These ARE the ENDTIMES!  I am prepared!


— On Fri, 8/03/12, Sean wrote:

Sean Patrick You are such an intelligent person. I am always in agreement with your posts. Glad to be a friend.

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