Albany VA medical center – Part 35



November 27th 2006

The Albany VA Hospital gave him the instructions about drugs…they did not tell me he will need my help after his release to manage the drugs…so I discovered

the hard way this morning because Ashley started to have problems, real problems…so I ran in the kitchen and gave him a triple dose of lactulose!! (it is what they did at the Intensive Care Unit when he was in coma, they gave him intensive doses of lactulose through his nose so I knew it was safe)…I know Ashley is very intelligent and that’s why I was letting him managing the drugs but I realized even if you are a genius, (Ash had a IQ of 169) if you are weak then you can not manage that….The ammonia was hitting the brain again…you need to recover first…and then you can manage your drugs…Ashley is sooooooo tired because he was having nausea for three hours (from about 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. and I JUST realized to have nausea in his case means his ammonia level is high….

In fact, the Albany VA hospital did another mistake – Ashley was on absolutely NO SALT DIET and now one of his drugs IS SALT BASED because his system lacked it too much…(so don’t ask me what to understand from what the Albany VA medical center is doing…they sure don’t know themselves, so…) by the way, I am sooooo glad and happy I don’t have to beg a nurse to give him lactulose anymore…I knew it is what he needed this morning and if I would go to the hospital, I WOULD MOST LIKELY HAVE TO BEG FOR LACTULOSE UNTIL ASHLEY WOULD BE AT LEAST IN COMA OR MAYBE DEAD…all I have to do is to give him…THANK GOD !!!!

Yes, the reason I didn’t run to the VA hospital is I know there is a big likelihood

I would have to beg for lactulose until he would be in coma like it happened before at the Albany VA Hospital – I had to beg Diane M Ehmann and he had to go coma at the Intensive Care Unit to get his lactulose like I was requesting.


Update December 31st 2013:

Ash was released on November 24th and turned yellow on November 27th and his arms and legs were shacking, which was a sign his liver was shutting down 3 days after being released from the Albany VA Medical Center.  Even though I did not trust the hospitals anymore, I had to call the ambulance because it was very hard for me to see Ashley in this state, I could not take it anymore to see him that weak and he could not eat and his kidneys were on their way to shut down and the dialysis was not even offered by Dr. Nimesh Desai like I already explained previously.

So I was the third woman becoming a widow even though I was sad for Mrs. Abrahamsen because he died simply because they did not bring the oxygen tank on time so he had time to end up at the ICU in coma and die there but it turned out that I was becoming a widow myself.

Albany VA medical center – Part 31


November 18th, 2006

We waited between 5:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. for Ashley to get his painkiller.  I am sick to death of this VA hospital.  I would have understood if his blood pressure would be low and/or if his ammonia level wouldn’t be tested but we got the results about 6:30 p.m. and it was only at 26 and anyway they were giving him his lactulose in case his ammonia level would increase because generally after a TIPS procedure that is the case.  Like it wouldn’t be enough,  I already said to the nurses and the doctor he is able to take FENTANYL like he received at the ICU and guess why he waited for 4 hours to get his painkiller?  It’s because it was FENTANYL that was to be prescribed again meaning that they had to get a prescription first in order to get it.  I thought we were at a hospital where everything is supposed to be handy in order to intervene effectively but I guess not. Ash had to wait 4 hours with an acute chest pain for no other reasons that the folks working there aren’t caring enough…  If the VA Hospitals aren’t better than this office in this Village and the Albany Stratton VA Medical Center, I wish us to find another way for my husband to have health care.

Albany VA medical center – Part 29


November 16th

I realized this morning when they entered (inserted) a ¾ inch tube in Ashley’s body to first his belly, second his lungs, they could use FENTANYL as a painkiller. (the one that at first Ashley felt he was about to vomit – read part 28.  Why I know that?!?  Because yesterday night, Ashley had a very big pain and I told them to NOT use Morphine even though it is what the nurse and the doctor available at the Intensive Care Unit wanted to use.  They finally figured something out about 30 minutes later my husband asked for a painkiller and they found FENTANYL.

Since they didn’t try to find another painkiller when they inserted this ¾ inch tube (I wasn’t able to be at the Albany medical center at that time because US Immigration was “handling” my green card so I was not able to get a learner permit from the DMV and I was at hundreds of miles away from the Hospital) simply because they could find FENTANYL, I consider what they did to my husband is called: TORTURE.  Ashley had what the “doctor called”:  “panic attack” this morning.  What he had was acid reflux chest pain or the gastroesophageal reflux.

Albany VA medical center – part 27


This “so smart” “doctor” (he thought he was smarter than me and because of Mr. Smarty pants, my husband is at the intensive care) didn’t check Ashley’s ammonia level like he as supposed to (like it was planned) on Saturday morning and because of that he is now in coma at the intensive care unit at the VA hospital.  He thought he was smarter than me because Sir is a doctor.  So Mr. So Smart didn’t hear me because I asked him to check his ammonia level like he was supposed to anyway Saturday morning.  The fact that Ashley’s ammonia level was 140 on Thursday was enough to understand he needed his ammonia level to be checked.

I am sick to death because Ashley could die because most folks would die – his ammonia level was 393 when he entered at the intensive care unit.  It was about 313 in the morning.

Like this wouldn’t be enough, the person who put his personal belongings in a bag put liquid with his things coming maybe from a ice cube or a bit water, I don’t know but I showed to her his things were wet and even under the plastic bag, it was humid. (on the counter) That’s how they care about a Veteran.  The nurses tried to make me speak (because they knew where Ashley was/is) but when I entered on the 8th floor I was already sick to death and then when I saw how they cared about his personal belongings, I was just sicker than I was when I came.

Don’t tell me what to think “doc” because I am intelligent enough to think for myself.  Oh, I thought since Ashley refused the lactalose he was 50-50% responsible with this So Smart doctor but after talking with the nurse who is taking care of him, she said Ashley couldn’t take a good decision with an ammonia level of 100 – it’s where he was after they gave him the lactulose (the word processor corrects it to lactalose but it is LACTULOSE) Thursday.  From 140 to 100 on Thursday and then, 393 when he entered in the intensive care unit to 313.

I have the feeling Ashley needs to be out of the VA hospital A.S.A.P. because of what I said from part 1 to part 27.  Just read.  I’ll be so happy when Ash will be finally out of this dangerous place called: VA Hospital…I am working hard on it….