I think Steve Sydness got what is called an HTSD (host traumatic stress disorder) issued many days after his FIRST alleged death (don’t forget the second one in the month of May!)

Take very good note of the date of the update (September 25th, 2014) because he allegedly have died twice so far and this is one of the many proofs that he faked his death behind his pen name.

”CEO Steve Sydness apologized for the transition snafus, which he estimates affected about 200 DellHost customers.  Wonder if he’d consider changing the company name to PureHell”



I think PureHell would be very much indicated
I’m ”the quite a detective lady” mentioned in David Dees’ article here:


Steve got an host traumatic stress disorder InfoWorld April 26th 2014 Issue 17

Steve got an host traumatic stress disorder

Still CEO Sept 25th, 2014

Steve current address

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