I appreciate different perspectives on our current situation very much. Especially when it comes from people who actually care about other human beings.Who see through the divide & conquer, Hegelian dialectic.
I’ve noticed a trend, in that most just aren’t willing to realize that when this collapse goes down, it’s the End Game scenario. Unlike any other time in history, nor will ever be again. This land was blessed with God fearing followers of Christ, regardless of if it was founded by luciferians. The blessing have been taken away, becasue of the spiritual wickedness & godlessness.
The USA that once stood for freedom liberty & pursuit of happiness was turned into a even worse version of Sodom & Gomorrah. The luciferians in control of everything ((the jesuits, masons,banker cartel families etc. are just pawns to them)) are bringing about the fulfillment of Revelations, to try in vain to thwart Christ, by controlling the fate of God’s covenant with Israel. It’s why the Vatican now has control of Jerusalem & the Mount of Olives area. It’s why we have a coming alien deception-transhumanism-new age plot unfolding. Coupled with releasing super technology, that hasn’t been seen since the days of Noah.
I would be nothing if not for Jesus Christ. I would have no understanding of reality. Nothing would make sense. I’ve prayed for wisdom & knowledge for over half my life & in the End Times the Holy Spirit is pouring forth His fruits of the Spirit & especially allowing the hidden things to be revealed, to those who are blessed to see. For me it’s been a blessing more than a curse. The ultimate proverbial pandoras box or rabbit hole journey. Once you peel back the curtain, nothing is the same ever again.
It has brought me even closer to God & has given me an even greater understanding of the Word.
One of the most powerful thing to realize other than the power of the Blood of Jesus Christ is, that “THEY” have the technological ability to destroy FREEWILL & CORRUPT OUR DNA! And the ONLY THING that can protect someone is being covered in the Blood of the Lord Jesus.
For we & everything around us, is just made up of VIBRATION, FREQUENCY & ENERGY. Everything has a harmonic wave form signature, or resonant frequency structure. All matter is quantifiable & predictable. It is just an equation within a much larger mathematical formula, called reality. Set in motion & maintained by the presence of the Unmoved Mover, as Thomas Aquinas so eloquently put it.
Indeed the ultimate unifying “unified theory of everything” was already discovered. This is called Torus mathematics & scalar quantum potential, which encompasses ALL mathematical equations & disciplines ((basic arithmetic to advanced quantum particle physics)) & even including the Golden Ratio, chaotic symmetry etc.
This is just another form of advanced magic or alchemy. It is the direct manipulation of God’s Grand Design, total subjugation of order.
It’s why in Matthew 24:22 it talks about the days being shortened, or NOTHING would exist that was made by God.
The satanists ultimate goal is to wipe out everything under Heaven & recreate it in their masters image. The whole reason why “THEY” placed so many NUCLEAR REACTORS on KNOWN fault lines & tsunami zones was to act as another fail safe. To GUARANTEE that nothing survives. Not to mention that just by operating they spew radiation into the environment & they just dump the waste & pump it straight into the ocean!
Lets not even get into the GMO & vaccines that DESTROY & MUTATE DNA, decimate immune systems, neurological systems, muscle systems, nervous systems, heck it can doing anything detrimental. It’s nano scale warfare. It’s warfare on the very building blocks of matter.
Again, the Armor of the Lord will be everything, quite literally.
Take courage in our God, for He is a powerful God. King of Kings & Lord of Lords. If the Lord is our refuge, of whom or what should we be afraid of?

Fasting is a powerful tool in our Spiritual arsenal. A repenting, thankful & grateful spirit is a much needed prayer primer too.
That being said, I have a pretty good spirit of discernment & can tell you are a genuine human being who cares for others.
I always say, though to take anything that is suspect to God in prayer & trust in your God given fruits of the Spirit.
Where ever there are two or more believes in agreement the Holy Spirit is present to intercede. Prayer is the ultimate weapon against our enemies, in high places.
The Word is the Sword, the Word is the foundation of our existence, the Word is the Blood & the Word is Jesus Christ.
The more powerful the enemy, the more intense the praying that also DEMANDS fasting, Matt 17:15-21.
May God bless you abundantly

The ENEMY, will ALWAYS, come against those whom are trying to spread Knowledge, truth & Wisdom.  I really appreciate all that you do. Nothing can beat the power of prayer. God bless you

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