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I was raised Roman Catholic and started studying the bible with the Jehovah witnesses and I left the Roman Catholic church I was 19 years old. I am almost 48. Of course, the Jehovah witnesses wanted to recruit me but I needed so bad to go to University in order to prove to myself that I was intelligent (because of the evil that was done to me by my own father) so they did not succeed because they wanted me to stop at the high school and mop the floor lol and God had another plan

Needless to tell you that I suffered extremely as a child, teenager, young adult under that Roman Catholic yoke because this church only produces death, I mean its fruits.

I was not following Christ yet because I was wondering about that book, the bible. Now that my approach in life was more intellectual than emotional, I thought that I could figure out if this book is just like another book or not. With God, it is either nothing or everything so I had to figure out by myself and for myself if this was the case.

I did not know at that time that the bibles were corrupted because I eventually figure this out down the road. Also, I did not know that the evangelical churches are under Rome too, which I painfully figured out and left those back in 2001 because the last church I was attending was only for the sole purpose of learning English. I attended all kinds of evangelical churches from 1987 to 2001 who are all using the guilt trip to make you stay there.

I forgot to add a very funny thing that I did to discover which group was following the truth back when I was around 20 years old. I told you about the Jehovah Witnesses. Well in the meantime, I got Baptists also knocking at my door and was under my father’s roof yet. Both groups were studying the bible right? LOL So I decided to invite both, well I mean I was already with one and the other one knocked my door. I thought “well, I will know which ones are following the truth”, the ones who would wisely argue would be the ones following the truth.

Of course in fact both groups were deceived but I did not know at that time. You guess what happened. Lol The Baptist was yelling at the Jehovah witnesses they they were going in hell (I kept telling him that my father was sleeping because he was working on a night shift but mister the Baptist did not care as he was already king in my home) and this of course woke up my father and he told them nicely to get out but since that was the first time I was doing that kind of thing, he was not mad at me.

I also did not know at that time that psychology was under Jesuitism nor I did know about the spiderweb that we are in before December 2001..

I did not want to listen to “Daddy-the-pastors” out there, I wanted to use my own brain and mind and not allow anybody to tell me if it is the truth or not, I wanted to check for myself. After years of digging the bible, I realized that this book was producing effects in me and by the same token in my life with the help of God.

I am a webmaster writing her own books

and must be known as a specialist AGAINST the New World Order, a specialist AGAINST Roman Catholicism and especially AGAINST the Jesuits as well as a specialist of the Bible. I don’t pretend to have a degree in those but I know you can be AUTODIDACT and get to learn as much as if you would have a Ph.D. degree because I got a masters in Psychology and I decided to leave my profession back in 2000 to obey the Lord because the philosophy from the word of God is different than the philosophy from this word and philosophy is the source of what psychology is relying upon and the Jesuits are the ones teaching the social sciences at Université Laval, Québec, Canada (my source is a connection to the Jesuits) and I certainly do reject Jesuitism WHOLEHEARTEDLY and at least Québec city is sold out to them, (they have their own libraries and streets over there, if not more…) and I certainly am not a Jesuit Coadjutor or of the short robe


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