”Soul Esprit” is more than just a monster. He is a demon in human flesh and unfortunately, I am not exaggerating.


”Soul Esprit” is alive behind all of those online links and websites but he wants you to believe his pen name is his real name but I digress.

Avantgarde1611 YouTuber, soulesprit (dot) com, getperfectwisdom (dot) com, getperfectwisdom (dot) org and getperfectwisdom (dot) net.

Not to mention that he either sent visitors or sent himself to the politicartist David Dees’ home.

Not to mention that he has market trader ”ventures” on his getperfectwisdom (dot) net and you certainly don’t want to book a meeting with him.

Not to mention that you do not want to give him your home address by buying one of his books because who knows what he can do with that information you give him.

”Soul Esprit” is definitively alive, otherwise he would not be doing all those online activities.

Again don’t go for casino/market trader ”ventures” or give him your home address to get his f*ing books PLEASE!……now you do what you want, I warned you.

He wants you to believe his pen name ”Soul Esprit” is his real name. pfff

He hides his identity the best he can! Even his DOB is false!


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