Scientology = = = Endurance International = Alanon. Endurance Int’l a Web of Deceit MONOPOLY IS ILLEGAL BUT THERE IS MORE TO THE STORY!






narconon-and-gogaddy2a-updated is associated with Endurance International well it so happens that Alanon also associated with Endurance also and there is more to it if you really check those images that I am providing.  It is safe to say at this point that it is dangerous to get near Endurance International, especially because of the direct link with and especially Alanon

Did I not already established that Endurance are professional cyberpaths? Well it gets even worse than that, you have to do the maths, I provide the numbers.

since I am very much against Scientology …oh yes Scientology is connected with narcanon and narcanon with Endurance

”i hope you know by now that godaddy is Endurance International”

btw, I know in my heart for certain that David Dees received those ”visits”.






Now, I know Alanon and Narconom is different but they both go back to Endurance International and it so happens that Alanon got the same Autonomous System Number than Endurance International AS29873

What is a AS number?  It is assigned to you so you can have more IP’s like in the example of the Endurance International Group (a webhosting cie) so you can not miss it.  We usually have one IP per user but he has a webhosting business so you have a range within an AS number.

More concerning that AS number at:







Now it is where it gets very tricky:

Front groups and recruiting

Scientology is particularly opposed to the psychiatric community and operates a front group, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), to engage in anti-psychiatry campaigns. Scientology practise has a great deal in common with bad psychiatry.

Another front group is Narconon, a purported drug rehabilitation program (note the deceptively similar name to Narcotics Anonymous, and the support group for those living with alcoholics, Al-Anon).


Is Scientology’s Narconon Killing Patients?

”There have been seven deaths of patients at narconon Arrowhead since 2005” Source:


More information:


Major shakeup: Tocows sending expired domain names to Godaddy Auctions



netfirmstucows-and-netfirms-is-endurance Acquired by Endurance International Group








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