Steve Sydness Endurance International Group CEO Senator also posted on livejournal on April 21st i.e. 5 days after his pen name


announced his death
not to mention that he also died in the month of May
Kernel of truth indeed

beware of Soul Esprit

is Steven Kris Sydness who was born not in 1956 but on Jan. 19th, 1955

He is a compulsive liar and he is used of doing wire fraud so he used his pen name to do evil things in order to drive Marie Buchanan to commit suicide.  If I die, it won’t be suicide, it is Steve Sydness hiding behind avantgarde1611 on youtube and behind getperfectwisdom,com, getperfectwisdom,net, and behind other aliasas to make a very cruel character assassination of Marie Buchanan after stealing 55% of her life savings and he really sent visitors to David Dees’ home and she is ‘the quite a detective lady’ in David Dees article here

sydness on livejournal2sydness on livejournal3sydness on livejournal1


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