=> My comments: seriously, this person knows far more about the NWO and the end times than those who are calling themselves Christians, I mean the average christian does not know that much.

You can call them Illuminati, the elite, the Zionist, and they are good at blaming every thing on poor Muslims, (9-11, Boston bombing etc etc) since they own the media, its easy to demonize Islam 24/7. Its the weaker ones who always get picked on, in this case its the poor and powerless Muslims, every country uses them as the escape goats. So lets just get used to of this fact. The real Terrorist among us are the satanist illumanatists, who have all the money and power. But their days are numbered. Their god, the one eyed antichrist is just a creation of God. God will take care of him.

=> My comments:  with my researches I firmy believe that Prince William is this antichrist now I do not know if he has a problem with one of is eyes and I did not read that anywhere in the bible but we have this symbolism everywhere.  Maybe one of his eyes will not function properly, it’s possible.

Your job is to save yourself from this deceiving messiah/god/antichrist. Find your true Creator!!! You have been duped. These satanist changed the Holy books and its message 1000s of years back.

=> My comments:  it’s true cause the bible was corrupted by satanists through ecumenical versions based on the Alexandrianus and Vaticanus and the text received (textus receptus) so don’t hesitate to ask me how to find a textus receptus, of course the best one in English is the KJV. So yes the ecumenical movement and Rome and the biblical societies are part of the ecumenical movement so they publish corrupted bibles altered by people like Wescott and Hort.

If they can alter and make changes to your food, weather and history, why would they leave your faith alone? So your holy books were the first thing that got altered! They will take you to hell with them if you followed what they added in those so called holy books. How can you trust those child molesting gays who sacrifice infants for blood to please Satan in Vatican? And they are your religious leaders? You should be ashamed of yourselves for reading holy books authored by such people.

=> My comments:  in fact, in those books in Latin word:  IMPRIMATUR if ou find a bible with the imprimatur in it, don’t read it it is authorized by the Roman Catholic Institution and also other bibles based on the  Alexandrianus and the Vaticanus so you need to avoid them

Do your own research and ask God to guide you. I promise you if you asked God sincerely, you will find his true message.

=> My comments:  well you better continue to research because you found part of the truth not all of it.  Jesus is the center of the creation and the center of the holy bible and he needs to know Christ personally.

Don’t die without finding out who your true Creator/Lord is. Cuz if you died believing in info provided to you by these satanist in your corrupted bible (=> My comments:   I know the bible is the truth and know that Jesus Christ is not a liar) guess what Game Over! YOU LOSE, SATAN WINS.
Don’t give up and do your research. God will help you.

With great love and respect for all innocent religious Jews, Christians and Muslims, I end my humble message. May God be with you all. May God save you from the web of lies of Satan. May God show you and guide you to the truth before your death.

=> My comments: so very good letter I loved it and I will check into if Prince William has a problem with one eye but again I don’t see that in the bible that the antichrist will be one eyed. The Muslims believe that very strongly I must admit that the one eye symbolism is everywhere so we can not just discard that… I want you to stop to be closed to Muslims, the same way I want you to stop to be a racist or to dislike another color because we are all coming from Adam and Eve and they are our parents and we are only one human race and only one Creator and Christ died once for us he did not die one time for the black, one time for the white, one time for the Muslims, I am dying one time for the Buddhists, etc… he died only once because we are only one human race.

I really enjoyed his comments, his letter without this, you know, I already told you about what I did not like….I mean he really was trying to push the Koran, that was his goal but even though it was his goal his letter is being published because it is true that the Holy Spirit is everywhere.  When Jesus Christ who is now sitting at the right of the Father, sent his Holy Spirit guess what He can even direct the Muslims to some extent absolutely.  He can direct everyone to the truth the truth being the Lord Jesus Christ, Yeshuah.  I hope my Muslim friend – well it is a friendly letter to my humble estimation – he will find Christ and I hope that he will hear this message because who knows God has His ways and His ways are beyond our ways He can surprise us sometimes. Thanks for listening


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