Adam and Eve and Noah believed in One God, meaning same faith, same message. Abraham also believed and bowed to One God. Jews, Christians and Muslims, all three faiths go back to Abraham ( who worshiped the same One God) meaning same faith. Satan divided them into many faiths, cuz that way they ll hate and kill each other over religion. Think about it!
Religion is not the problem,…….Satan and his human army are the reason behind all evils in our world.

=> My comments:  Religion is bondage.  I already made a video about it.  Him and I differ on that. I think religion is part of the problem and if the beliefs are not based on the word of God and on the words of Jesus Christ, it is a problem too, even the belief because you can believe something that is not necessarily the truth.  Just keep in mind that I do not promote religion is all.

Jews, Christians and Muslims are all waiting for the coming of a Messiah: Muslims and Christians believe in the return of Jesus/Issa and when they’ll see real Jesus, they will recognize him, and follow him. Now its the Jews, zionists and atheists who would be in trouble. Since they don’t believe in Jesus, they are the ones who would fall for this Creature/Anti Christ ,who would appear way before Christ. Antichrist is not an ordinary man like obama, he is a humongous man with extraordinary powers and knowledge, with one protruding left eye, he would be blind in his right eye. ( Yes that explains illumanati’s one all seeing eye sign). He would have very curly hair. And he will possess many God given miraculous powers.

=> My comments: This is not true. Bible says that his powers will come directly from satan, he sure will have miraculous powers form satan himself.

He would have an army of devils and illusionists who would help him fool people with their magic and convince them that he is the god.

=> My comments: I just realized that he is contradicting himself here.  On one hand he say that the powers of the antichrist will be from god, on the other hand he says that he would have an army of devils and illusionists with their magic.  Of course the antichrist will perform magic with the help of satan.

=> My comments:  Of course, just like Moses when he was fighting the Pharaoh, his magicians were able to perform miracles with the power of satan. The antichrist will be able to do the same thing, even worse because he will directly have the power of satan Himself.

People with weak faith or no faith would readily accept him as their Messiah and later on they wud consider him as their god.

For those I only have one advice: Please don’t forget that Real God is not one eyed god. If this fake messiah/god can’t even fix his own eye and is using only one good eye, then he is definitely not a God. Some good Jews with strong faith would remember this and as a result won’t be deceived by this one eyed god/antichrist.

The first to follow anti Christ wud be the Jews in Iran. And from there with his army he would go to Jerusalem, where Jesus would descend (not born like some believe),…. he’d come down from sky. And then all the action would take place in Israel.

Sad part is before Jesus would arrive many would have died, hoping to see him, but they would die believing in their parent’s faiths. So don’t be too much in a hurry for his arrival, a lot has to happen before he would come to the rescue. Not many would live to see all this, so I would advice you to fix your affairs, make sure you are following the real Creator who created you. Your Creator sent a detailed message for you in His Own words. He saved it for all nations, so satan worshipping zionist rabbis and child molesting priests won’t be able to change His last Book for his human beings.

=> My comments:  Now since he is a Muslim of course we differ very much on what is his Holy Book and I know my bible very well. so of course I’m not going to post his link to the Koran, I decided to make an audio instead of posting his comment because of course he was posting his Koran book and Koran an thing and his religion I’m not going to do that because I know the truth personified who is Jesus Christ who came in flesh and he is the word of god and the old testament is talking about the word of God coming in flesh and the NT is talking about the word of God who came in the flesh and I know the truth personified so I’m not going to promote something like the Koran but you must admit that his comments are very good and that’s why I am reading them.

Do not forget we all were created by One God, we have same parents Adam and Eve, and our mutual enemy is Satan, whose only aim in life is to make us kill each other. Make sure you believe in God’s word and all of his messengers

=> My comments:  hahaha Jesus Christ is the only mediator and it is recorded in the non corrupted bibles in all the languages he really was trying to push his Koran and his religion but despite that, we are getting his message because I decided to make an audio about it if we remove his messengers, his Allah, his religion and his promotion it’s a good letter well the only one who died for your sins it is only Jesus Christ there is only one mediator between God and man and it is Jesus Christ or Yeshuah.


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