Albany VA medical center – Part 33


November 21st

Mrs. “Hocus-Pocus” told me indirectly that I didn’t care for my husband and that’s why I don’t want him to have another surgery at the Albany VA Medical Center.  She needs to go walk on the yellow line (this is not said literally, it is said metaphorically) is what I should have told her for attacking me somehow in a way I couldn’t sue her.  All was in the manner that it was said and in the tone of the voice.  The main reason why I don’t want my husband to have another surgery is because he would be in this VA hospital on this blip blip blip 8th floor where they ALMOST KILLED HIM 5 TIMES IN A ROW.

Update on December 31st, 2013:  I have in the medical records that Ashley died because the TIPS procedure went wrong – which could be possible because Ash was asking FENTANYL all the times after this procedure – but I can not rely on Doctor Nimesh Desai’s words for the simple reason that he let Ashley die even though I knew that Ash was not getting the proper care at the MMH and that’s why I called the Congressman John M. McHugh and they called the hospital officials but “Dr” Desai did not change his mind i.e to let Ashley die because after all of this mess he went through at the Albany VA Medical Center on the 8th floor, he did not want to be transferred to any VA hospital and that’s the only choice Desai gave him even thought the dialysis center was only at 2 miles and part of the MMH…Nimesh Desai did not EVEN OFFER THE DIALYSIS !!!!!!! so I was working on getting a liver and decided that I was to be the living donor because our blood was compatible so Ash’s body would not reject my liver so I was working very hard on this and found out that the Georgetown University Hospital is doing that type of surgery and I was asking the Congressman to have Ash and I fly by helicopter there a.s.a.p. because Ashley was dying but I was mislead by Nimesh Desai because what Ash needed first was a dialysis….this is CRIMINAL IN MY BOOK…

So because Ashley refused to go to any VA hospital after being tortured that way, this Nimesh Desai only made one offer to Ash (either to go to a VA hospital or….what Ash needed to understand was that he was to be left to die…that is what it was about…)

so this Nimesh Desai said on the records that Ash died because his TIPS procedure went wrong and IF this is true, then it is ONLY PARTIALLY CORRECT.  When the VA Hospital postponed his TIPS procedure, I tried to influence Ash to not get it but he was sold out to this idea because if you did read well this journal, you will realize that all of this started because his lungs were filled with liquid and he was drowning in his own liquid and he was scared that would happen to him again and that is what this TIPS procedure was supposed to avoid or at least, it is WHAT THEY CONVINCED HIM OF that would fix it so he was convinced to get it no matter how I was scared for him to be on this blip blip blip 8th floor of the Albany VA medical center

because we almost all blew up one time because they did not mind to have this addicted to cigarettes near the tank of oxygen, I told this stupid social worker (Lori Bobersky) that this addicted to cigarettes was around the oxygen tank asking for cigarettes and he had lighters with him and she did not do anything. WTF – sorry but there are limits to my tolerance to absolute stupidity.

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