Albany VA medical center – Part 29


November 16th

I realized this morning when they entered (inserted) a ¾ inch tube in Ashley’s body to first his belly, second his lungs, they could use FENTANYL as a painkiller. (the one that at first Ashley felt he was about to vomit – read part 28.  Why I know that?!?  Because yesterday night, Ashley had a very big pain and I told them to NOT use Morphine even though it is what the nurse and the doctor available at the Intensive Care Unit wanted to use.  They finally figured something out about 30 minutes later my husband asked for a painkiller and they found FENTANYL.

Since they didn’t try to find another painkiller when they inserted this ¾ inch tube (I wasn’t able to be at the Albany medical center at that time because US Immigration was “handling” my green card so I was not able to get a learner permit from the DMV and I was at hundreds of miles away from the Hospital) simply because they could find FENTANYL, I consider what they did to my husband is called: TORTURE.  Ashley had what the “doctor called”:  “panic attack” this morning.  What he had was acid reflux chest pain or the gastroesophageal reflux.

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