Albany VA medical center – Part 28


It is so frustrating what we are going through to say the least.  Ashley had such a big pain he had to ask me to ask again for the nurses to come and the reason why he had to ask me again is because I knew they would be “ticked off” so I waited but finally I went there and she was “ticked off”.  After she came back and wanted to give Morphine to Ashley this stupid imbecile.  I told her Ashley would die because they tried it about 2 ½ weeks ago and he almost died, remember?  That’s a real battlefield and Ashley’s life is in jeopardy for sure.  Even though I told her Ashley would die, she came back saying to Ash:  “you are refusing to take Morphine” and I replied:  “he is not refusing to take Morphine, he knows fully well he would die if he would take it”.  He even went as far as asking me to call the previous floor where he was (the 8th floor) to talk to a doctor because he has in such excruciating pain.  I thought he would die because of the pain.  I finally called on the phone the previous floor and they told me they aren’t taking care of him anymore because he is now at the intensive care.  Nice people.

And it happened something more like this would not be enough.  (believe it or not, what brought back Ashley from coma is that I spoke to Ash’s subconscious while he was in the coma because I knew that in his subconscious, Ash would understand that I was caring for him – just like he was used to me caring about him – so I was talking to him just like he was conscious because when he was coma, he could have died and I wanted to prevent that to happen so his death was postponed again) A nurse was called to take care of Ashley but she told us up front she has to take care of other patients so she was “ticked off” as well.  To give you an idea, Ashley said that he was feeling about to vomit after receiving this painkiller.  Her answer was:  “close your mouth and breath through your nose” and “concentrate on your respiration” and she told Ashley to not talk to me at all like he would be a little boy.  So because Ash wanted to get rid of the thing he thought he needed to vomit in (the bag) while the painkiller was beginning to work, he asked me to remove it.  Just because he said that, she told him if he would talk to me again, she would throw his wife out of the room so I decided to leave before that would happen and come later when she was gone.  If she is not happy, Mrs. Superior just has to go back to India and worship rats or put cow poop all over her like their “saints” are doing.

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