Albany VA medical center – part 27


This “so smart” “doctor” (he thought he was smarter than me and because of Mr. Smarty pants, my husband is at the intensive care) didn’t check Ashley’s ammonia level like he as supposed to (like it was planned) on Saturday morning and because of that he is now in coma at the intensive care unit at the VA hospital.  He thought he was smarter than me because Sir is a doctor.  So Mr. So Smart didn’t hear me because I asked him to check his ammonia level like he was supposed to anyway Saturday morning.  The fact that Ashley’s ammonia level was 140 on Thursday was enough to understand he needed his ammonia level to be checked.

I am sick to death because Ashley could die because most folks would die – his ammonia level was 393 when he entered at the intensive care unit.  It was about 313 in the morning.

Like this wouldn’t be enough, the person who put his personal belongings in a bag put liquid with his things coming maybe from a ice cube or a bit water, I don’t know but I showed to her his things were wet and even under the plastic bag, it was humid. (on the counter) That’s how they care about a Veteran.  The nurses tried to make me speak (because they knew where Ashley was/is) but when I entered on the 8th floor I was already sick to death and then when I saw how they cared about his personal belongings, I was just sicker than I was when I came.

Don’t tell me what to think “doc” because I am intelligent enough to think for myself.  Oh, I thought since Ashley refused the lactalose he was 50-50% responsible with this So Smart doctor but after talking with the nurse who is taking care of him, she said Ashley couldn’t take a good decision with an ammonia level of 100 – it’s where he was after they gave him the lactulose (the word processor corrects it to lactalose but it is LACTULOSE) Thursday.  From 140 to 100 on Thursday and then, 393 when he entered in the intensive care unit to 313.

I have the feeling Ashley needs to be out of the VA hospital A.S.A.P. because of what I said from part 1 to part 27.  Just read.  I’ll be so happy when Ash will be finally out of this dangerous place called: VA Hospital…I am working hard on it….

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