Albany VA medical center – part 26


November 11

I was there having specific questions and I was waiting for a specific doctor to come to meet us.  She was talking with her buddy on the floor so I thought she was coming for us like the nurse said to me.  I was waiting for her since 1:00 p.m. and she finally left at 2:00 p.m. because her shift was over.  She literally just forgot me that’s how important we are for them.   I am too much polite I should bothered her while she was talking to her buddy even though the nurse assured me that she was coming for me.  In other words, I should not have trusted the nurse.

I finally met another doctor at 2:30 p.m. – of course, I bothered the nurse this time to make sure we wouldn’t be forgotten AGAIN.  So I waited exactly 90 minutes to have few questions answered about my husband’s situation because the doctor who was there is not exactly involved about Ashley’s case – I just got general answers.  I’ll email another question to another doctor here hoping I’ll get an answer because I already emailed him yesterday and I didn’t receive an answer yet.  (this Dr. Smith) Worse case scenario, I’ll have to ask the questions to the surgeon next Monday and/or wait Monday anyway to be in touch with a doctor directly involved.  That’s the VA services for you.

I may publish a booklet about what’s going on from what I am publishing here – I’ll pray God about it.  I am very angry to say the least….

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