Albany VA medical center – part 25


I thought we would see the surgeon before the surgery but according to what said Dr. Smith, (the one who was responsible for Ash’ care i.e. his main doctor) we will know at the very last minute who will do it among the 4 surgeons available.  The interview will be just prior the surgery next Monday. I also tried to know where Ashley will be and they don’t know so that means I’ll be at Ashley’s room about 7:15 a.m. to make sure I’ll be at the interview and to know where Ashley will be.  I wish also to tell Ashley to trust how he will feel at the interview and to ask the surgeon a couple of minutes to talk to me before the surgery.  The TIPS procedure being not a guarantee of success in Ashley’s case, I wish to make sure he will have a good surgeon – I mean not only having the knowledge but also being still a human (somehow a caring person) and this is what I wish to check for the coming Monday because if the TIPS procedure would be a failure, then that would mean my Charming Prince would have a big surgery without anything to make him sleep and/or to diminish the pain like the first surgery about 2 ½ weeks ago because of Ashley’s bad liver – he couldn’t take anything according to them or that would mean they won’t know what to do for Ashley.  They inserted a tube about ¾ inch of diameter inside his body.  So my understanding is better to postpone a bit this surgery by waiting for the next surgeon available since Ash is waiting for about 2 ½ weeks anyway.  (I mean if we don’t have a good feeling about this surgeon) What difference a couple of hours would make after all?…instead of the TIPS procedure to be a failure.  I need to be able to trust the surgeon doing it.  Ashley is so sleepy because he is missing so much sleep because of the conditions he is in that he is not totally awake to think about everything like he is used to.

My feeling about the VA hospitals – I thought it was a problem because we are living in a little hole (village) but it’s not that, the problem is far worse than that.

One resident of the Fisher House told me his surgery for cancer was planned in 1 week and at the very last minute they called him to tell him to come for his surgery right away.  Between right away and in a week, there is a difference…he had neither mental preparation, nor he met his surgeon before to see who will make the surgery.   Just like this.  And I guess if you aren’t available, then you’ll just wait longer so people do what they think is best and he went right away.  What a service….


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