Albany VA medical center – part 21


November 2nd

The “they” I was referring to in his phrase on the previous post:

”By “miracle”, they are now offering me transportation to visit my husband…”

After 11 days (from Oct. 20 tn to Oct. 31st) the social worker called me to offer me services and after 11 days, a Vet from Syracuse called me on Nov 1st, 2006 and put me in touch with a Vet in my Village.

Thank God, Ashley did not die when he received this morphine he wasn’t supposed to receive if this idiot would have studied his case/file.

I seriously begin to wonder if it is just my VA Clinic in this Village or if it is all the VA Hospitals which are like this?!?!?!  With the testimony of a big hospital (part 16) and the VA office here and the VA Hospital in Albany, what the hell is next?

They are making our life a LIVING HELL since Oct 16th and Ashley was not feeling well at all so we did not have/don’t have the choice.


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