The Evolution Theory Eventually Produces Psychopaths


The evolution theory eventually produces psychopaths because they believe the most fit is the one succeeding in this belief system so since the strongest is being reproduced, then that means that they are turning into predators. It’s no wonder we have many predators roaming the planet.

Oh and by the way, if you had a childhood then it means that you were once vulnerable (whether you want to admit it or not, it’s a fact) and if this belief would be systematically applied, then there would be no reproduction of the human race. Comprende?

Nah, you can not “kapitch” this if you are a psychopath because your brain is wired differently than a NORMAL human brain  and that’s why you can not experience fear nor panic and that you are incapable of empathy (you only show off COLD empathy) and your conscience is seared or shut off…you are dead inside, you are a walking zombie, feeding from the living…

If you are a host of demons, I really am wondering if this is not changing your DNA eventually to turn you into an hybrid…maybe over time, it does…that’s at least a good hypothesis….


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