The Antichrist Is A Genetic Hybrid? The Satanic Blood Lines Go Even Deeper! (Jaw Dropping Video Footage)

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Hybrids, Nephilim, Antichrist, and end times subject matter are hot topics right now. Why? Because, in the past two years more prophecy than ever has been rapidly fulfilled. As a result, many people believe we are living in the end times.

I am going to begin weith a background on pyramids and the ancient ‘nephilim’. Afterward, I want to step forward to the Antichrist and how he could very well be a genetic hybrid, and how the nephilim play a major role in this entire process.

The reason I am combining both of these subjects is to give you more of a feel, and a background, for who these people were, and what lies ahead.  I want to educate you as best as I can so that you will know what to watch for, and be able to warn others of the coming deception.

And do remember this. God kept the bloodlines of Jesus Christ pure through the Jewish people. In the same sense, Satan, who is the great deceiver and maker of counterfeits, has kept ‘his’ bloodline ‘pure’ for his wicked antichrist–the serpent seed.


Pyramids. How were they built? Who built them? And why? Some were used for tombs, but others say they also held secret powers.

According to a news report found HERE:

The Giza Pyramids are among the most famous monuments in the world.  They also raise endless questions by their visitors. Part  of their mystery is the fact that there are no definite answers to questions such as: Why they were built? How they were built? Who built them? What do they symbolize? In our attempt to find answers, we find many theories.

Approximately 90 percent of the theories in Egyptology are based on hypothesis, and only 10 percent are proven ones. Bearing in mind that there are 3 mysteries connected to the pyramids, namely the mystery of the tools used, the mystery of the colors and the mystery of mummification, the pyramids are a challenge to all the technologies that we have in the 21st century.

Even the name ‘Pyramid’ is a mystery.  Historians believe the word is derived from the Greek word ‘pyramos’-which means a type of bread that takes the shape of a triangle.  Interestingly enough, the original hieroglyphic “MER”, which means an instrument used to ascend to the sun, has no connection with the Greek word that might help answer the question about the pyramid.  Several researchers reject the traditional theory that a pyramid is a tomb for a king.

So then what were they, and did the Nephilim have anything to do with them? How does all of this affect us today, and does this play a key role in the end times? There are so many questions.

I feel that these subjects are oftentimes avoided and not researched enough by more people, which results in a lot of turned up noses and avoidance altogether. Sheer ignorance is to blame for the typical attitude of many believers in Christ who are quick to say that it is: too far out, crazy, has no biblical basis, etc.  Once the subject matter is studied, you will find that it is indeed very biblical, and makes perfect sense.

Below are several videos that will help answer some of our questions about nephilim, pyramids, the Antichrist, and more.

Corrupting the Image: Nephilim, Fallen Angels, Aliens, and The Mark of the Beast

YouTube Desc:

Corrupting the Image: Angels, Aliens and the Antichrist Revealed, a book by Douglas Hamp, brings together, perhaps for the first time ever, a comprehensive explanation of how the Antichrist will be a genetic hybrid counterfeiting the virgin birth and how he will come guised as the leader of an extraterrestrial race offering humanity the opportunity to upgrade their DNA in what the Bible calls the mark of the beast. This book is at the cutting edge of research and is written so that the average person can grasp the sinister plan that is unfolding before our very eyes and much more. Corrupting the Image is acclaimed to be “riveting,” “a thrilling read,” and “One of the most important books of our time”. Read Corrupting the Image to see that day of fulfillment is now! Available at

Something ominous is coming upon the world: it is Satan’s final effort in the battle to destroy the image that man was created in, which has been raging since the beginning of time. If Satan can destroy the image, then he can avert his own destruction.

God created man in His own image and likeness; when man sinned that image was marred, but not lost. However, as a result man cannot be with God in person since man’s genetic code and spiritual composition has been compromised (or corrupted). God sent His Son to give his life to correct the genetic and moral problem through the cross; the correction will be ultimately fulfilled when we receive our new bodies. However, there has also been a move on the enemy’s part to completely destroy what is left of the image. The principle verse of this book is found in the declaration of Genesis 3:15: her seed brought forth the Savior; Satan’s genetic seed will bring forth the Antichrist. In other words, the serpent will one day mix his seed as a counterfeit to Christ in the flesh. Our aim therefore is to fully investigate the prophecy from the pages of the Bible, from a genetics perspective, from a historical perspective and finally its end times’ impact.


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