Translation from Spanish and to be proofreaded when time will allow:

Welcome to this web site!

Hey, dear reader!

It is, without a doubt, the source of pleasure take it as a guest and interested in the data presented here. By doing this, you will only want to draw your attention to bring it into contact with a harsh reality that we live humans and that each day this reality we will cover more and more. If you do not wake up! WAKE UP! WAKE UP! We handled as “guinea pigs of India” to our backs and we are led to believe that they are doing the best for us and for us. We all lie in great way.

But we have a great truth and life expectancy!, of eternal life! If we are serious of Jesus, our savior; who of very good way and full of love gave his life to redeem us from our sins and we will be able to enjoy the grace of the father, dwelling in his kingdom; for all eternity. Without fear, with true love, without plottings nor privileges, where you’ll have everything you want and however you want, without lies, without deceit, without darkness that threaten your existence, without the presence of evil, without love for the material but at the same time everything. This is the life that gives us our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. No one you can see the father if not through the (Matthew 10:32 ).

“And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free”: John 8:32


The ovjetivo of this site is to carry the truth that we have lived, that we have and will live through, the human beings throughout our existence from the very beginning of the world. The information presented here has been carefully researched to show the truth to the reader.

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Goal: we are not seeking

that you create in what is said here, nor in what the author or authors say in cases of links to information. Nor is it intended to intimidate or scare anybody. Therefore our single goal or intention, and what we do with all the love possible and as a Christian, is that anyone who had the opportunity to read this, and other similar, there are many other, awaken you, if it is not, to a reality that affects us all and that little by little is shaping the future of humanity. Yes, your future, your family and all.

If we do not believe and you think that they are not sufficient data that are presented here to be credible, les exortamos take the information and investigate for yourself. There are many sources: Books (online, that could even descargasrlos on your PC, libraries), Internet opened, incident very interesting site, and follow each of the conferences outlined by Victor Sanvincens” etc…, etc. .

In the site there is a page where we suggest books of texts and sources of information for your edification.

“And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free”: John 8:32


that every human being that is touched by the truth that is presented here understands how the world has lived, is living and live in the light of the Holy Scriptures expressed in the Bible; and is a true son of God, seeking his salvation through Jesus Christ, his only beloved son.


If you do not seek God with sincerity, in these moments will have little chance to save our souls by the transformation that our heavenly Father will do in us through Christ Jesus. Jesus is the bridge between heaven and earth, hence no one will be to the Father but through him (Matthew 10:32 ).

WAKE UP! WAKE UP! AWAKE!… AWAKENS!… We are in the end of days! Not the end of the world but if the start of a new world; the new Jerusalem that God promised us if we believe in his son Jesus Christ. Although we have to say that if it will be the end of the world for those of you who are not chosen by our Lord Jesus Christ. Already ssabemos what will happen with anyone who is condemned to live in hell for eternity. John 11:25

not to dismiss the information contained in this site; everything is made by your well! OR Do you think that we received some monetary benefit, or social? In any way. All the time spent writing these things here is the love we feel for you that also you are saved.

We have a hard time sacrifices and hours of work that we do the research to reflect these information here and, again, we do so with the greater love only looking for your salvation; this will be my real reward because with this glorify our heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ.

No matter how you lived your life so far. If you have experienced setbacks, drops, bad gusts… If you’ve lived through disappointments and tea has felt useless.

The Lord tells us:

“If you’re thirsty” come to me that I will give thee to drink… John 7:37

“if these distressed” come to me that I am sending you a dildo… John 4:7 PM

“If you’re feeling anxious and labored” come to me that I will give you peace… Matthew 6:25-34, Luke 12:22

“if these tired” come to my which i will give you rest… Matthew 11:28

“If you’re feeling without protection” come to me that I am the Way, the Truth and the Life… John 2:1 PM

“If you’re hungry” come to my which I will give you to eat… John 6:35

“If you sit in darkness and confused” come to me that I am the light of the world… John 8:12



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