Albany VA medical center – part 20


October 31

By “miracle”, they are now offering me transportation to visit my husband… It’s about time….Since October 20th, Ashley and I were having the same information over and over and over:  “there is no services” for your wife even though they were supposed to give us the services.  So 11 days after.  If I would be there, they wouldn’t have given Ashley Morphine because they would have to deal with  “over my dead body” response from my part…You have to fight for each inch of services you want to get is my understanding…God, thank you to be with us.  You are the only one who really and truly cares.  And there is couple of exceptions here and there that I am mentioning.  I love my Prince.  After God, he is my everything.  I need to stop now to tell Ashley the good new that we finally have services…


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