Albany VA medical center – part 19


October 30

I just with his doctor, Dr. Ming Fey Luo from the Albany Hospital and she told me Ashley received morphine when he almost died.  I wonder which imbecile gave him the morphine because if the person would have studied his medical history, then they would see that HE CAN NOT TAKE MORPHINE !!!

It wasn’t clear if it was the pills or the diet but now I know what was wrong !! The “hospital” almost killed my Charming Knight Ashley for the THIRD TIME since Oct. 16th, 2006 !!

IF I WOULD BE AT THE ALBANY HOSPITAL, I WOULD HAVE MADE SURE THAT MISTAKE WOULDN’T HAVE HAPPENED, BELIEVE ME !! I need to know who is the incompetent who did that stupid mistake !!

I am so angry, I did not eat my supper yet even though it is 9:00 p.m. I hope it is not his doctor but Ashley believes it is somebody else.  I HATE TO LIVE THAT !!! PLEASE UNDERSTAND I KNOW FOR A FACT I WOULDN’T FIND A BETTER MAN THAN MY HUSBAND !!!  I’ll be so happy when this mess/hospital will be over and I begin to wonder if it is just the VA clinic or it is the VA hospitals in general while I was reading the nurses’s and veterans’s testimony. (part 16)


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