Albany VA medical center – part 18


I was mislead as it is usually the case in this place and that was not a nurse but a social worker to add more confusion to what already was APPALLING but

I just talked to a nice nurse and she gave me the good information. I was told Nina Munabi was the social worker but it was: Lori Bobersky at (518) 626-6694.  Please let me first give her a phone call about 10:30 a.m.  and as soon as I am finishing with her, I’ll let you know.   I am trying to be heard since he is there about the free transportation (DAV Van) I am supposed to have.  It is nobody’s business, always my problem.  So please be ready to call after me.  Please do not forget us like most are doing by giving us false hopes !!

I am sending a c.c. to Ashley’s sister (Anne) so she will get the update as well about the good social worker and…the good phone number.  If you read from part 1 to part 17 of my story, you know I am angry about the services.  I mean….very angry. There are exceptions – but they were so exceptional that it was not making any difference in the big picture, at least not on the 8th floor.

Thank you.


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