Albany VA medical center – part 17


Please make pressure on the DAV Van guys at : (518) 483-3381 and (315) 769-4243 (talk to : Jane Gallant) because Ashley is actually in danger somehow.  (please see email below I sent to his sister) And if this is not enough to make the things moving, please call Ashley’s social worker (518) 626-6602 (Nina Munaby) ASHLEY ALREADY ASKED HIS DOCTOR !!!! They don’t want to give the DAV Van service !!! THEY AREN’T HEARING US !!!!

In Jesus’ name I am asking you PLEASE help us in this difficult time.  Just dial a couple of numbers.  It is breaking my heart to not be with him.  ASHLEY NEEDS URGENTLY TO SEE ME


ps. Anne is Ashley’s sister

MB wrote
Oct 30th, 2006

Subject:  Please help
To:  Anne

The reason I said that:  “Please try to help me because my husband is actually in danger somehow at the Albany Hospital right now (I am stressed) while there is no service available for me even though they pretend to offer a free service for spouses of Veterans…

…is because actually your brother’s stomach feels like on fire since yesterday.  He had an infection in his belly and they are doing all king of tests ALLEGEDLY to try to help him and one doctor said he/she doesn’t know what to do….

I have enough of these folks not wanting to help us.  I am a source of comfort for your brother and I am not there….Please call the social worker at:  (518) 626-6602 (Nina Munaby) and tell her we need to see each other A.S.A.P….THEY AREN’T HEARING US !!!!ASHLEY ALREADY ASKED TO HIS DOCTOR !!! They don’t want to give the DAV Van service !!!!!!!!

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