Balance is the key


Regarding this video:

It’s good to see you have an open mind.

Absolutely correct about the Sun worship and that’s why I’m not observing the Sun Day nor Christmas (nor any of those pagan days for that matter) because those folks are worshiping the Sun, which God clearly forbids in the Bible.
Here are my scribblings about this:
(make sure to click next because there is 4 pages of it)

This movie is basically based on the Zeitgeist movie, which I already watched.:-) BTW, the voice at the beginning of this video is this disciple of Madam Blavatsky, Jordan Maxwell.
He looks a bit similar to Michael Aquino btw, some folks think it’s Aquino with another name, which is not totally impossible because both love Blavatsky but I do not know for certain.


(you can find the 12 parts of it on google, I just got one of them)
Watch and beware of this:
NWO Agents of Disinformation 95 Truth 5 Lies

Balance is the key.

In His Love,


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