Balance is the key


Regarding this video:

It’s good to see you have an open mind.

Absolutely correct about the Sun worship and that’s why I’m not observing the Sun Day nor Christmas (nor any of those pagan days for that matter) because those folks are worshiping the Sun, which God clearly forbids in the Bible.
Here are my scribblings about this:
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This movie is basically based on the Zeitgeist movie, which I already watched.:-) BTW, the voice at the beginning of this video is this disciple of Madam Blavatsky, Jordan Maxwell.
He looks a bit similar to Michael Aquino btw, some folks think it’s Aquino with another name, which is not totally impossible because both love Blavatsky but I do not know for certain.


(you can find the 12 parts of it on google, I just got one of them)
Watch and beware of this:
NWO Agents of Disinformation 95 Truth 5 Lies

Balance is the key.

In His Love,

My research and analysis EXPLAINED (Steven Kris Sydness is Soul Esprit)


FotoSketcher - Soul Esprit today2Picture Soul Oack Times3

I connected them by studying the two men.  I am a researcher and a psychologist.  (I do have a master in psychology)
I studied the two men and they match perfectly.
And I do know about IP and technicalities with a computer.
To me, it’s easier to explain what is complicated, than what is simple because I tend to skip steps. This was simple for me and I always was skipping the mental process I went through so I’m trying to explain it now.

1-  I first went on his websites, and and I compared with the IP’s of his emails to me and I got this:
Owner IP Range: —
More about his IP Range:  Owner IP Range:
Country  United States
State/Region  MA
City  Burlington
compared to (I have many others as I have thousands of emails from him so I compared with the IP’s of his emails to me)
They both says they are from Endurance International Group
with the same Autonomous System Number AS29873

What is a AS number?  It is assigned to you so you can have more IP’s like in the example of the Endurance International Group (a webhosting cie) so you can not miss it.  We usually have one IP per user but he has a webhosting business so you have a range within an AS number.

2-  The both love casinos and our man is a gambler
Mister Casino sold himself out on that one. The Online Casino Center is hosted by you guess what? The Endurance International Group. With the same Autonomous System Number is AS29873 that I previously explained.

Online Casino Center = The Endurance International Group = Steven Kris Sydness =, and = Soul Esprit
Report updated 7 days ago.
Our analysis shows that Favicon is hosted by the web hosting company The Endurance International Group. The IP Address of the server where the website is hosted is, the hostname is , the website geolocation is North America, the country is Flag (US) United States, the city is Burlington and the region is Massachusetts. The website uses the web server Unknown. The Autonomous System Number is AS29873 The Endurance International Group, Inc..

3-  The Sydness guy is having delirium grandeur, just like our Soul Esprit guy

4-  As you know, Soul is a screwed up.  Steven also is a screwed up.
Is screwing up his websites by hijacking web servers, mainly making fake/scam websites…does it starts to sound like him?

5-  Now that we discussed his delirium grandeur and how Steven is faking/scamming people with his websites….let’s talk a bit about the satisfaction of Steven’s customers to see if that would be the same kind of results we would get from Soul’s customers.


415 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 126 closed in last 12 month

43 customers on 45 unhappy (negative experience)

Here, 0 customer happy on 6:

Will Steve Sydness apologize? Eventually, yes.

B)  STEVEN IS A RIP OFF: (does it sound like Soul?)


6-  There is a class action against Sydness.  Would Soul put himself in such predicament?

Both are gamblers and con men:

And to conclude this analysis and evaluation:

A)  Then I had Janelle confirming that’s his picture because we both saw a clear video on his youtube channel
B)  The ebay guy phelix who saw him in person – I showed him his picture dating in 2010 and the one dating 30 years ago and his reaction confirmed that he dealt with a psychopath
C)  and then himself telling you that’s not a good picture of himself (referring to the one taken on this old newspaper where it is mentioned he worked for Kissinger)
D) I really think that the face is the same.  Same eyes, same nose, same facial structure, same mouth, same ears, same dent in the chin.  Just older and having a different hairdo.

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