Albany VA Medical Center – part 8


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October 22nd, 2006
I hate the fact Ash had an excruciating pain because they put a hose about 3/4 inch of diameter to remove the fluid again and I truly hope this pain is not in vain – I truly hope they are very competent in the Albany hospital but we found out otherwise.

Such a stressful situation to have to fight with the hospitals. At least, Ash is out of danger because once they admitted him at the Albany hospital, I “think” he was “ok” but that took two extra days there even if they had a bed and all the necessary equipment for him simply because Ash wasn’t in their territory – he was in the Syracuse territory instead – so I am not very happy about them nor I am happy about the incompetent who did not give the good information to Helena, the social worker in the Massena VA clinic – thank God, I met her, told her exactly what’s going on and she heard me – otherwise there is a big likelihood Ash would be dead by now because he suffocated twice while waiting for this bed to be available at the Syracuse hospital because of a couple of incompetents and while waiting this red tape to be over.

There’s no way for me to visit my husband even if usually they are providing a DAV Van for the spouses of the Veterans – when my husband needs me the most. Ash is a Honorably Discharged Disabled Vietnam Veteran.


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