Albany VA Medical Center – part 6

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October 20th, 2006 about 3:30 p.m.:
I must fight to get a DAV Van from this Village to Malone and from Malone to here. Let me explain. It’s a territory business. If Ash would be hospitalized to Syracuse they would give me a ride from this Village to Syracuse back and forth which is a 161.14 miles ride but they won’t give me this little ride from Village to Malone which is just 35 miles. There is no public transportation in this Village and I can not take a taxi cab because it would cost 232$ back and forth for 70 miles and I just don’t have it in my pockets because we are living on a single VA pension yet [the bureaucracy is so quick…we are waiting since at least 2 months to get the pension adjustment] which is not very much – less than 900$ a month for a 100% disabled Vet.

[Why my husband chose this Village? It’s because we didn’t see each other for 19 months because of Immigration so he choose the nearest territory from where I was in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada.]

If I wasn’t for this social worker Helena in this VA Clinic in this village, my husband would have died ALREADY by suffocation because of the combination of incompetence and hospital red tape because he would not have been transferred. Thank you Helena. Also ,Vicky called the Albany VA hospital to make sure that Ash would get the intervention yesterday.

October 20th, 2006 @ 4:50 p.m.: It is now 4:50 p.m. and I just received a call from the DAV Van service from Albany and the Mr. just told me there is no service from Malone to Albany because the two volunteers aren’t available (it’s a free service for Veterans accomplished on a voluntary basis) – one of them is in vacation and the other is having a surgery – so even if I would give you the phone number to contact the DAV Van service, I wouldn’t have the service from Malone to Albany back and forth anyway. I don’t wish you to work for nothing. It is very sad because we spent 19 1/2 months on the phone without being able to see each other. The reason why I chose the Albany VA hospital is because Ash would die by suffocation or his lungs would have collapsed if we would wait for the Syracuse VA hospital……It is very sad because I am the only person who would and could visit him and he can not see me !!!

He chose this village because he wanted to be as near as possible from Gatineau, Quebec, Canada. In other words, he didn’t want to have to wait 6 hours to see me so he was as near as possible he could get of Gatineau without being on the Canadian soil.

So we were parted again, I was in this Village and Ash was in Albany and no DAV Van service. If this is the price I have to pay to not see him for about a week, I am willing to pay it because I would have paid far more if I wouldn’t push for the VA Albany hospital BECAUSE ASH WOULD HAVE DIED ALREADY. If Ash would be there for just 1 or 2 days, I wouldn’t publish this but it is for about a week. That’s pretty sad. The VA Clinics should simply close simply because it is just an illusion to have services you don’t have – it’s a sick joke.

Marie Buchanan

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