Albany VA Medical Center – part 15


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I forgot to mention in this “tourism experience” the 2 guys operating the ambulance from this Village of the Albany VA Medical Center didn’t know exactly where they were going so they turned around Albany, New York for a while, while my husband was having an excruciating pain. Ash was talking to them but they weren’t hearing him because he was “just a patient” vs they were the “professionals”. Ash told them the Map Quest is not the most reliable source even though it is a good one for cases such as this one. I mean….I don’t think when you are in an ambulance it is time for you to have a tourism experience, a tour of the town.
I thought the problem was that we were living in a village. Not exactly. Problem was a little more complicated with the VA hospital system. Most of them are not very much competent they are there to learn, I mean when you are between life and death, I do not believe it is a good timing for them to get experience on you, and use you as their guinea pig.


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