Albany VA Medical Center – part 14


October 24

I just called my husband and the doctor/physician said it may be the pills which may cause this VERY high level of ammonia.  I do not know if it came from his diet or the pills for now (I will surely later) – the thing is Ashley almost died according to his own words and I believe Albany VA hospital……is an hospital, right?  And the doctor/physician saying that MIGHT be the pills causing this very high level of ammonia… You can not make guesses with patients/clients because you may cause their death even if it’s not what you are looking for !!!!

I have all the reasons to be stressed because my husband almost died THREE times since Oct. 16th, 2006. I think it is more likely to die in a VA hospital than to die on the road according to the statistics. (well to my knowledge, there are no statistics comparing the deaths VA hospitals -vs- the road)  If you can avoid the hospitals, please do and if you can not, then just be there for what is really necessary.


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