Albany VA Medical Center – part 13


October 24

I just called my husband at 5:30 p.m. for few minutes because he was extremely tired. He was extremely tired also about 11:30 a.m. this morning. The nurse offered me to talk to his physician. I am not stupid, I know exactly what happened.

Ashley told me he had the impression he missed by very few to die yesterday because the ammonia level was at a VERY toxic level – I thought he had a crisis like before but it wasn’t going that high.

I needed to hit the road by bike even if it was raining (I bike 7 miles) because I was not only sad, mad but I needed to invest this stress somewhere.  Doing some exercises is therapeutic.

I hope somebody will have a heart to give me a ride to see my husband but I am not an imbecile even if I am posting my thoughts online. I won’t jump on the first idiot/evil person “offering me help” to hurt me more i.e. to abducted me or to raped me or whatever evil thing they could plan. The reason why I am posting what’s going on since October 16th, 2006 is because my husband missed to die twice – he suffocated twice at the Massena hospital and they weren’t enough careful about the food they were giving to him because Ashley needs a specific diet because of his bad liver and according to Ashley’s words, he missed by very few to die and according to the nurse’s words, Ashley was in danger.

Marie Buchanan




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