Circumcision: why Christians don’t do it


Circumcision: why Christians don’t do it.

Circumcision: why Christians don’t do it

I was right, according to the Bible (KJV)

Leviticus 19:28 Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the Lord.

So that’s outlawing circumcisions, piercings, and tattoos. Doesn’t matter if the tattoo is religious or not, you apparently did not know your Bible.

Tattoos also break through your spiritual magnetic field and allow demons into your body.

Actually that passage doesn’t talk about circumcision but circumcision has been deemed unnecessary thanks to the new covenant. Which Jews and Muslims should wake up to and stop barbarically sacrificing their babies up.

The final conclusion about the circumcision debate is as follows in the Bible. you need to read the WHOLE Bible to get the WHOLE picture.

Galatians 5:6 For in Jesus Christ neither circumcision availeth any thing, nor uncircumcision; but faith which worketh by love.

Therefore it really does nothing anymore, it’s now just ritual abuse basically. I am glad people have become more evolved here. Circumcision is not healthy it was a blood pact that Jews asked for by asking God to lead them with commandments. Then Jesus died on the cross and was resurrected and these laws don’t have to be obeyed, only the true ones that define a sinner from a Christly person.

Basically for you to keep the covenant now, you need faith and love in God, not this barbaric old tradition that dates back to the times of Babylon.

I posted some comments, on that website, which I believe is overrun by Jews, and I think I just set myself up to be attacked even so: here it is:

this is great. Circumcision is barbaric old ritual part of the old covenant and Jews need to wake up and realize the new covenant that has been fulfilled by Jesus Christ and stop bashing Christians for their beliefs. I bet the courts were Christian and doing the right thing. notice this has nothing to do with Muslims who are encouraged to circumcise when they are older and able to make an informed decision.

Actually now I feel dumb for writing that because I thought Muslims were told to get it done when they become men so they understand their pact with Allah, but apparently, Muslim babies are getting it too.

Well I am not sure why Jews and Muslims hold so strongly to the circumcision. In no way has ritual circumcision led to any Jews or Muslims to live a life of peace. That follows in actually consciously accepting God and following his laws. The circumcision itself also does not heal the soul or protect the soul from the devil, because throughout my life I can attest that the devil has tried to persuade me to commit evil and succeeded at times. So what does it actually do? Absolutely nothing like the Bible says. The New Testament doesn’t replace the Old but it’s in addition to, the continuing story. The dynamic on Earth has changed many times even. Before the fall of man, man was not knowledgeable of good and evil and was immortal. After the fall, he had to make his own decisions whether to accept God or not. It was man’s free will that God gave him that led to him choosing to be distant from God. And God gave the man the laws in the Old Testament, but then God wanted to be one with his people again so God sent Jesus to die and resurrected him so that he can be one with his people once again, and a saved Christian is back to being in the garden, sort of, because their soul is granted everlasting life. After you die, you live with God forever. But if you don’t accept this new covenant, you are going to likely end up stuck in sinful planes of existence where to be with God you need to be like him and follow his Word. This is basically the jist of the New Testament.

Actually I just found in the next post you will see that the German government is nearing the days of oppression like Hitler and they are atheist and completely oppressive towards all religions. This includes Christianity now as a family was being oppressed and had to leave the country. No wonder I felt incredibly stupid as I was writing that comment earlier because deep down I knew it would prove to be ignorant and silly. While I do not like circumcision I shouldn’t praise a government for outlawing it based on their atheist view point. Compulsive circumcision in hospitals AND religious ones are wrong if done to babies because they are not consciously able to decide whether they want to be a part of this religion or not. Anyways, religion IS brainwashing if done to children. I think children should be raised in morals and values and then when they are old enough decide if they want to make any pacts with god and become born again, or become Jewish or Muslim and get circumcised, and yea, it would hurt and they would feel that pain and remember it. But it certainly hurts the baby. These people think babies don’t feel pain are silly. Actualyl they do it to babies because they think the baby won’t remember the pain. Really the baby has no knowledge of it.

I don’t really like the logic behind the chabad, this is the second time I viewed it, it sounds like they are trying to say that God made a mistake and it’s our job to fix that mistake. So god made us wit foreskin, oops, and now to mark his people as perfect he needs to make sure the penis looks different than it was designed to make. What? When this guy was talking about the temple sacrifices he actually said it was done to bridge the physical realms with the spiritual realms? Sounds very new age Kabballah to me. I thought it was done temporarily as the priests in the desert were being punished for their idol worship and being told to sacrifice their former gods to the real true God. And they stuck with it for some reason.

really I agree with Russel Crowe here, haha. Seriously he is showing that even though he knows his stuff he talks childish, but his followers I assume are young Jewish parents and just look at how stupid and naive they seem. More hygienic, nobody remembers it as reasons why to do it to a baby.

If religion can get past this circumcision nonsense and realize that God had already sealed the deal with Christ, then they wont have to do this anymore. This is the new world. Then religion could be left alone. But religion is taking a hard hit. Jews and Muslims in this blog take a huge hit. I really do not think God made a mistake. He just really thinks the Jews needed to be punished that’s all, for disobeying him in the Garden of Eden. Crowe’s language is crude but he’s smart. Here must be the proof that God either never ordered that or that God did so because he was punishing the Jews. It’s totally not natural, and ruins sexual relationship between a husband a wife.

The conclusion is that there was so much outrage in Germany that the law was ruled not binding. I agree about the trauma and aggression, could be a source of my own anger issues and resentment towards my parents. How can you obey the fifth commandment and honor your parents when your subconscious remembers them putting you up to that trauma? Makes no sense. No way the average Jew is getting saved, they don’t follow all the 613 commandments, yet all the Jews think they are getting saved by getting circumcised. Since it was done for no reason other than doctors thought it was cleaner through their ridiculous misunderstandings of human physiology back then many people were circumcised and now it’s completely useless as Jesus said, because he knew it would eventually become common practice for many people when originally was just supposed to be a sort of mark to tell the Jewish people apart from the rest. The thing is the only way to regain physical sensation down there is to do tantra type meditations and breathing work while consciously visualizing an imaginary connection between you and the woman.

Also no actual Talmud doesn’t believe in ritual abuse. I doubt they have a book on that which normal people have access. I agree that ritual abuse though is practiced in Zionist elitist families but these people are actually Jews as a cover, but really they are not Jews at all but some sort of luciferian religion. I guess you can tell them from the Jews actually practicing Judaism by whether or not htey actually read from the Old Testament or not. Many people go to Synagogue as cover and pretend to read it, but when I say read it, do they have one in their home and could they recite from memory like any Muslim can the Koran? It seems many Christians also aren’t real Christians anyways. So I don’t like to call myself one so I don’t get brandished by the stereotype, more on that in other posts.

UPDATE 8/6/2013

I think that Jesus never said that circumcision was a sin is because he knew that it would easily lead people to attack him on basis that he was circumcised as a baby and also it would lead more people to believe that God is instructing Jews to sin in the Old Testament. In reality, it is not God who is doing that, but the false God being worshiped by the Jews, the one they worship in Kabbalistic mysticism, not the creator god. In my blog what is god? I talk about this in detail how the bible was altered in history to lead to the greatest deception ever.

UPDATE 8/11/2013 so the circumcision was so you could be like Christ and lose some blood, but hey we’ll do it to you when you are a newborn so that you don’t have much pain. I don’t agree with that. I think that if you want to be like Christ and cut yourself, you have problems. Serious problems. This is seriously the wrong way of looking at it. You realize what you are doing when you start thinking of piercing your skin in horrible ways to be like your Lord? At any age! Jesus did that so you don’t have to suffer. He loves you and does not want you to go through pain. It’s ridiculous to assme that the circumcision was ordered for people to understand what their savior was going to do for them because anyways it’s done to a newborn when a newborn is incapable of understanding anything. So the people of God are supposed to pay a price on their bodies. How is it not that the cut and little mark left from it is not in some way the mark of the beast?

forgive me because I searched this and only atheists seem to have the right mind concerning this topic.

wow they actually drink the blood? Blood is OUTLAWED in the Bible.

I agree with John here, because it reminds me of MKultra programs, which were done at a very early age. To children, they were given severe pain to shatter the mind. At such an early age before the mind has become formed, this is really risky business. It could not have been ordered by God. I won’t believe that God would order such a thing. The animal sacrifices, is one thing if God promises to bring them back later. But the circumcision of a baby is only going to cause later problems in life. Like John said, tendency towards homosexuality, which is true, I have had gay thoughts sometimes, like of John Mayer for instance. And I have said “get away from me” to those thoughts. And I also have secretly resented my parents, which comes out in nightmares about them several times a week. God wouldn’t want to do something to his creation that would lead people to sin! There is absolutely no fucking way that God ordered these circumcisions. If the bible says it was done to prepare for the messiah, then it must have been Satan convincing people to do it and using their religion to get them to do it. and here it talks about why you must be circumcised to help curtail casual sex and help curtain instinct and help force men into submission to god.

That’s not the way of God though, the way of God is higher than man. This lowly act must have been Satan. Forcing little babies into submission to God? Seriously? I still have yet to hear a religious person tell me why God created men to have a foreskin perfect and in tact, to self clean, prevent disease, and prevent unlawful use only to ask them all to cut it off later. What about a finger? If god created 6 fingers on babies, and we humans thought 5 was enough, and cut them off. I remember that article by the rabbi who used that deformity. He viewed the foreskin as deformity. Really? All babies are born with it. So saying cutting off the 6th finger of a baby with a deformity as mercy to them is not an example to justify cutting off something that was meant to be there. exposing the Jewish lie but I do not think it goes far enough into the deception of the Bible. Is there any proof that circumcision was practiced back then when Abraham Isaac Jacob? Is there any proof of an ancient ritual? Or is this something that came out of Khazaria to screw with their men and form them into angry adults who would go to war when enticed? Reminder, war is not God’s way. God is higher than mankind. Jesus is God and died on the cross to save the evil people from their sins.


I cant understand this video, but the title says it all. The Jews have so corrupted the Bible and our history as believers and got Christians mesmerized by their insanity. There were no Jews at the time of Christ. Christ was not a Jew. The original forefathers were never told to commit atrocious acts because the Father is loving and is above war, hate, and abuse. Child mutilation is likely from Khazaria where the children were circumcised so they could grow up angry men. research trauma induced mind control.

I feel like I’m going against something really big because I really don’t know how many Christians are wise enough to see the Jewish deception in the Bible. Many won’t touch it. But I am not afraid, that they persecute me for Jesus said those who are persecuted are blessed at heart. And the guy commenting saying you should be wary of this guy? Check out his page and it’s clear he’s a Zionist Jew who is trying to spread lies, just like they all do. Now I am not against all Jews. Some are nice people. But most have this sick “chosen people” elitist viewpoint and that all the other people are cattle. They use the word “goyim” to refer to the rest as cattle. The New Testament is very clear, and this part of the Bible was not written by the Jews. It is very clear that Christ Jesus loves all mankind. In order to get into heaven, you need to stop being so proud, be humble, repent your sins and accept God’s love. It’s not this love me or die nonsense by the Jews of the old testament. So here it goes into how the relationship between baby and mother is ruined because the animal kingdom of course, you go anywhere near a baby and the mom is going to kill you. Don’t ever piss off a mama bear by getting too close to her cubs! And what happens? We humans aren’t so different we have higher minds but we still have the same protective nature of our young. And when mom steps aside and lets this strange guy with a beard hurt the baby, what do you think happens, baby loses trust in mom to protect him, correct? Also mind you, vaccines are no better, there are many, so the child gets stabbed with needles and people think it’s good for you. I don’t believe that, so no, I am no hypocrite who just hates Jewish traditions. I hate all forms of harm being done to babies.

Ignore the part where it says “350 million years of evolution” We did not evolve this way. God created us this way on the 6th day.

And you know what? The guilt is two edges. Guilt if the woman doesn’t go through with tradition and goes against her Jewish parents wishes. And guilt if they do because they know instinctually they have wronged their child.

This could also be why many Jewish women, including my mom, are spiritually dead inside. He put in bold, ask them how they felt, and she broke down in tears. That’s what she felt. She wasn’t even in the room because she couldn’t watch it happen. Though my grandparents apparently were very happy. Mind you, my grandfather was a holocaust survivor who’s entire family lest his sister was wiped out in Nazi Germany. He had the numbers tattooed on his arm. He survived because his faith that God would save him I bet. If he was an atheist, he would have died.  So I don’t know if he was in the room or not. Or if it was just the rabbi and a bunch of other Jews who we don’t know.

Jesus said that it does nothing. Or at least the Bible says that it does nothing anymore. He’s looking for your connection in your heart, the love. He doesn’t care about if you got your penis snipped because it’s become just a stupid ritual. Well maybe that’s what he said or what was interpreted through the gospel writer’s filters. It most likely was abhorrently opposed and the early Christian church couldn’t make sense of it because they were reading from a book that said it was important part of their past. They themselves apparently were circumcised. That is if they did have the modern version of the Old Testament. The website also talks about how child would refuse breast milk. Not sure because my mom said she was unable to give any, but then again was her heart so screwed up from this “circumcision” that she couldn’t produce any? Or was she always like that? Actually I don’t know because maybe it did happen that way for her too, that rejection could shut the breast milk down completely, no intimate connection with the woman, the man growing up never really relating to women properly. I mean if they did it the way they wanted 2000+ years ago, humankind would have been extinct within 1 or 2 generations. Luckily the human spirit is strong and able to overcome the adversity of Satan and his trickery.

So actually circumcision came from Egypt and the pact is with Satan. Satan is also known as Set in Egyptian mythology. Set is the brother of Osiris. Set killed Osiris. I called myself Osiris because when I chose that name, I was thinking about the love of Isis and Osiris and how it brought him back to life. Also because he was a victim from his brother Set. Anyways the other option was Jesus, but I am not going to go around calling myself Jesus, because he was a victim right? The Jewish people murdered him. But he did do something they didn’t think was possible and that is put an end to death eventually in the future.

It’s 3:30 AM and I have a strong urge right now to tell my mom that I forgive her for handing me over to the hounds. I will have to wait 4 more hours at least!

UPDATE 8/12/2013

I didn’t know Hanukkah was because Greeks were trying to prevent Jews from circumcision. the circumcision, the Mkultra brain trauma, is the most important thing to Jews. Not the ten commandments. Not the story of the bible. But the circumcision. All Jews are circumcised regardless of how observant they are. It’s the most holy thing for them to make a blood pact to their god Lucifer. I was even named after him; my Hebrew name was Samael-Sait which is just another name for Satan. So they probably could tell with their Kabballah that I would end up being a Christian and so they wanted to get me good, am I right?!

The ten commandments outlaws circumcision. Circumcision would be crimes of the fathers committed on the young boys in some segregated ritual. They abuse the women.

Exodus 20:

4 Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth:

5 Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;

I mean the Jewish people are smart, but not that smart. They didn’t adulterate the entire Bible but just a portion. They practice this idol worship of the penis and screw with the children. It is more important to them than actually following the commandments, which they don’t. They don’t worship the true god, they worship idols of the penis, many of them lie, steal and kill fellow humans as well. And only religious ones take the sabbath day off.

Luke 2:

21 And when eight days were accomplished for the circumcising of the child, his name was called JESUS, which was so named of the angel before he was conceived in the womb.

24 And to offer a sacrifice according to that which is said in the law of the Lord, A pair of turtledoves, or two young pigeons.

I am doubting this. I think the Jews added in their circumcision and sacrifices in a row to bear down their satanic beliefs.

Genesis 15

9 And he said unto him, Take me an heifer of three years old, and a she goat of three years old, and a ram of three years old, and a turtledove, and a young pigeon.

Remember, the Jewish people messed up their Bible, and baby Jesus was not consciously able to dictate the true law of God to his surrogate parents so he was forced to go along with it all.

Moses outlawed it. So that’s obviously proof that Moses was a Christian who was trying to make some sense of the people, because there were a lot of them and they were infiltrated with sick Egyptian rituals. These people rewrote the Bible to make it seem that the circumcision PREDATES Moses so therefore, must be more important. Because every Christian and Jewish child learns of the importance of the covenant with Abraham.

I am wondering if the Jews also made up the sacrifice of Isaac, if that was really what happened, because it caused the death of Sarah. God is not a woman hater. But the binding of Isaac is integral to Judaism and partly integral to Christian belief.

And they know you don’t read Deuteronomy. It is usually read in the summer when no one goes to synagogue. And the stories told in it no Jews learn in Hebrew School and no Christians ever learn about. All they learn about is designed to be only Genesis and Exodus for a reason, and then they skip to some of the prophets and kings books. They skip all the laws because they want you to really be immoral. It is usually the Jews that were the scribes, because they were the ones who were educated, and therefore leading the society around.

Deuteronomy 14:1 YE are the children of the Lord your God: ye shall not cut yourselves, nor make any baldness between your eyes for the dead.

I think the first part means any incision on your body. Also it is banning third eye meditation am I not mistaken?

The illuminati cant completely cover their tracks because they are sloppy. And here in the Bible you see the same thing.

So I know that the guy who wrote that article is incorrectly attributing (23:1) and labeling it (23:2) Also the not cut yourselves part, reminds me of Leviticus 19:28, worded differently, which means don’t cut yourself for the dead. So I really want to believe it means don’t cut yourselves for God, but it doesn’t say that.

HE that is wounded in the stones, or hath his privy member cut off, shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord.

This is referring to someone who was a man who has destroyed or removed his penis so that he could become androgynous or a female (no transvestites, I mean sick, remember Mr. Garrison from South Park??)

I am getting irritated by this:

Apostasy! and heresy! The old laws are not made null and void. You do not have a license to sin in the eyes of God and are not getting into heaven. If you are truly saved, that means by grace you have humbled yourself before God and allow God to make you what he wants you to be, which means you become holy. You can’t be saved and at the same time still be trying to commit atrocities. Being saved changes you from inside out. God is in control now and he’s not going to let you remain a transgender person.

I was looking at the Sinai Bible text online, the earliest New Testament found, and while I couldn’t find they did anything to translate fragments of the Old Testament portions, the New Testament portions confirmed the circumcision of Jesus in Luke 2:21. So as of 400AD the story was said back then still. Therefore the deception of the Dead Sea Scrolls does not put the circumcision in there. Nor does it have anything to do with falsification of the New Testament accounts. So the deception by the Jews goes back far enough that even in the time of Jesus it was likely practiced.

So I’m thinking the gospel is so powerful they couldn’t change it. Over the last 2000 years many people in the slums and unhappy lives were saved by Christ and lived from then on happy lives. But the Jews did corrupt the Bible with their circumcision and sacrifice, even possibly before Christ’s time, which leads Christians to believing that Jews have a special place in God’s heart. Really all people are going to be dealt with.

So some people say God ordered the circumcision to help prevent sinning. That’s obviously ridiculous because the circumcision caused many boys to turn on their parents and sin, and engage in homosexual or casual sex, pornographic addiction, masturbation, etc. A normal penis is used when necessary. Sex is not a sin if it’s meant to be between two adults of opposite gender who are committed to each other. But taking parts of the penis or clitoris off would not do anything to hinder people from having casual sex. God knows all and God knows it doesn’t work. It’s man who mad up the idea that it prevents sin.

All the great men through history who believed the entire bible is the word of god were indoctrinated just like everyone else to believe the Jews are god’s chosen people. This is why many Jews today have an arrogance about them.

UPDATE 8/13/2013

and did you know for a few seconds the rabbi puts the boys penis in his mouth?

Danger! Baby can get AIDS if he’s got an open cut in his mouth and the rabbi had AIDS. So I wouldn’t know if I had AIDS! I guess if I did I would be dead by now.

WOW! We need to stop this crap! Human rights TRUMPS religious rights!!

Also isn’t that oral sex too? So pedophilia?

UPDATE 8/14/2013

Paul didn’t want to condemn the Jews. Most converts were Jewish and already circumcised. So he didn’t want to condemn them by condemning the act. Jesus also must have not taught that. Jesus also didn’t speak out overtly against it, but he did put an end to it for Christians by saying that it is unnecessary.

Where is the proof of what I am saying since it is not in the Bible

In the Bible the circumcision is apparently very important to Jews and they also have to follow the Law. But most Jews do not. Paul was saying circumcision is uncircumcision if you don’t follow the Law. If you do it’s ok. So I guess if someone wants to make an apple pie and they want to put cinnamon in it, it’s unnecessary. You can’t make apple pie with just cinnamon. But added it just icing on the cake.

However, who was Paul talking to? Wasn’t he talking to a bunch of people who were circumcised? And he was himself? And so was Jesus? So here is where it gets controversial. I said that Jesus did not want to say that the Jewish god was Satan because I don’t know what was going in his mind. Really I don’t know. I just have a moral objection based on what I know about the act that God would have never called for it. And if he did, you can certainly believe God doesn’t love the Jews because he’s causing sin and causing the male child to not trust his parents.

So I bet I could end up getting a Jewish guy on here who is self righteous angry and saying that he has a great relationship with his parents and I can’t blame my relationship on the circumcision. However I did the research. He can’t say that his great relationship has anything to do with circumcision for I am saying that the intent of it is to cause harm by Satan, but some families I am sure can overcome it. That is in fact what Jesus did because he overcame it and never sinned. But I am certain that a baby violated so young will learn not to trust his parents and also not even trust adults or mankind and learn to hate them if he so goes down that road. However, if he’s raised in a proper environment with love, if the mother was able to somehow heal he could still have a good relationship with  his mom. So no, don’t bother Jews if you want to say something, make a blog about how great it is to circumcise your baby males. But don’t bother commenting here.

I just had to point out the same inconsistencies and the same history of the act on answersingenesis because I am sick of Christians patting the Jews on the back for the Jews have always been a thorn in their side since the beginning. God did not intend Satan to turn on him, but once he did, he must have formulated the plan to defeat Satan all along, and put the snake in the garden. I don’t think God was lost. I don’t think God asked his people to violate their bodies. I think God always wants people to love him and before Jesus died and came back to life, the only way they could do it was by living a sin free life. Now we don’t have to worry abut our sins because they were taken care of, absolved by Jesus on the cross, shall we all put our faith in Him.

Again making assumptions but I am investigating it all through the cross and resurrection, this is God’s true plan all along, and God doesn’t sneak around in early BC times asking his people to violate their babies.

Another thing is I don’t really know what Jesus was thinking, but I think condemning circumcision would be to condemn his surrogate parents Mary and Joseph in a way. So he couldn’t do that because he has to honor his parents, as part of the law.  I don’t think any Jewish person who “wakes up” should condemn their parents either.

Apparently Paul didn’t know about trauma induced mind control and effects circumcision was going to have. I mean why would they know what happened to women? They were considered second class citizens back then. Also they didn’t understand early medical procedures. Paul was against it because it made it seem like there is something you can do to your body to be right with God. When it goes against the teaching of saved by grace in faith in the cross/resurrection. So why would God’s plan for us change anyways? I believe the law makes you know God’s heart and know what you are supposed to do to be like God. But this does not include the circumcision of the penis because that is not a sacrifice that a young boy can give. While I can accept the binding of Isaac, sort of, because Isaac trusted his father and his father trusted the Lord, it was done when he was like 37. And I can almost accept animal sacrifices, but only because God can have many more animals incarnate to compensate and it was done because animal was wealth and he wanted people to give up their wealth to show that God is more important. That is logical reasoning though that Jews like to give the rest of the world when they object. But like I said before on my blog, the Jews who still do it are doing it for Kabbalistic reasons of bridging earth and spirit realms, it has nothing to do with sacrificing something of worth to prove your allegiance. So how can the covenant be between a newborn if the newborn does not consciously understand any covenant. More likely the Bar Mitzvah, which I believe now should be postponed until at least 25 because most children aren’t old enough to understand God until that age anyways. So they are not old enough to make that commitment to follow Mosaic law until that time. Yet these kids still do it because the age was done at that age in early Judaism, but they fail to realize most kids that age now are incredibly immature, especially in America. But eight days old? I asked a preacher named Mike Shreve and he said just trust God we can’t know what he’s thinking.

That’s dangerous though because we need to know who our god really is. We need to make sure that our God is the right one, using love and infinite powers instead of one who seeks to destroy and conquer like Satan. Jewish God is more likely to be Satan because that’s what they said themselves. Most Jews don’t know of course who their god is because they were raised in the same lie. Same as freemasonry. You don’t know it all until you get higher degrees of initiation. The only people who know the truth about Judaism are the elite rabbis.

We are saved by grace in faith in Jesus Christ, and teaching the law like there is something that we can do to be saved is heresy. The new covenant is between Jesus and Father because he took our place on the cross and died and experienced the worst death imaginable so we don’t have to. So we don’t have to change and follow laws, but after being actually saved and letting Christ into our hearts, we will change automatically into the best person we could be, and we will become happy. The Goodnewsaboutgod site teaches that works are important too and that we need to follow all the laws or else we’re out. If that’s the case, then nobody’s going to heaven and there wouldn’t ever have been a heaven. So while I agree with some stuff there, I don’t agree with it all.

I find it interesting that it says that when Jews were around he toned the talk about circumcision down. That is the same thing that Christian speakers do today. I am not afraid to speak out about it though, and neither was Russel Crowe. Is it possible that all the major “leaders” of the Christian people (called the Jews because they came from Judah) throughout all time were all Satan worshippers? And that’s why God sent Jesus to put an end to it? So that he could save the Christians from Jewish laws such as circumcision that are so criminal? The old covenant could have just been, just follow my laws (excluding circumcision), because the 10 commandments are very logical and promote goodness in people.

I think that these preachers/pastors won’t tell me what I want to hear, the truth, because they are brainwashed by the Jews! See I asked if I could lose my salavation if I refuse to accept the Jewish mandate given by God and believe that the convenant was the circumcision! And they didn’t say yet, but I think they just want me to shut up because they don’t want me to expose the Jewish people because then what else is wrong with the Bible? The Bible is God’s word right? Yes, but it’s written by man. Jewish scribes wrote the old testament. The elites. It was done very carefully. They had a mission to deceive the world. And their punishment? They have been ridiculed and land taken from them and Temples destroyed many times. The Jews were tortured and killed during WW2 and many other times in history. All because they changed the word of God as given by Moses. That means I don’t believe the circumcision going back to the patriarchs. But it was done by a bunch of people leaving Egypt and they picked up those ways in Egypt. Then when Moses died, there was Joshua and he had everyone do it because it must have been that Joshua was a Satan worshiper, but Moses was a Christian.

Joshua was the one who slaughtered the Canaanites too because he thought God told him to do it. That’s debatable though because can you kill if God ordered  you to? So god can make his law null if he ordered you to break one during certain circumstances? Now we are going to have a bunch of religious people thinking God spoke to them and ordered them to kill. Oh right, it happened and I blogged it already.!!!/page2

I like this forum, someone tells the truth about tonsils and appendix. Both things are intended to be there and evolutionists like to say that we evolved and kept things that don’t belong. Excuse me? Everything God put on is is SUPPOSED to be there.

Oh here interesting, an evolutionist “pangea” is a fake term coined by evolutionary geologists. This person is a Christian? Really why do they chose those symbols? And on top of the blog it has the lucifer as the morning star rising over the horizon in the patheos header.

I’d like to see him try to explain that away. Anyways, apparently he believes that Canaan being slaugtered was the only logical conclusion I could come up with which is again trying to feel safe and happy with what the Bible says. Which most likely was done because Joshua wanted that land. And had nothing to do with God. God would have caused the society to crumble just like all the other societies did that practiced evil. But the society of the Canaanites was evil they sacrificed their babies to demon gods! They had to rid the world of them because they were anchoring powerfully dark energies in the fertile crescent! That’s what he believes and I would if I tried to believe that God ordered that nationalistic stuff. But the Jews have always been a warring people, as you can tell and they still are now. By the way, in case you didn’t know all the people who left Egypt died in the desert, except for Joshua and some of his sincere followers. So all the Christians died. All the Jews (warring people) lived. They were seen as cowards by “god” or shall I say Satan. They didn’t have faith in God ordering them to conquer that land. Hey fools, it’s your land, and if you believe in me, I will give it to you, if not, you are going to stay here and die in the wilderness! Jesus never traveled outside of the land of Israel. So if I am in deep trouble for mocking hte Jewish god and Christians who believe they have the same god because I don’t believe God changes. But it seemed like he did by how he relates with people. But when you realize the Jews have always slain people that were in the way of them practicing their beliefs you realize that there is no contradiction with God.

The Jews slain the people of the Greece who were preventing their circumcisions. And the Jews slain the people of Haman for suspecting them to want to kill them in the time of Esther and Mordecai. And the Jews slay many Arabs today for suspecting it too. Really not much different than the Arabs. Their God Allah wants the same thing, slay unbelievers.

The Jewish man refutes the statements below. I am unsure why someone trying to bring to light the truth is lying.

While I do believe that most 95% Jews believe their God to be the Father Creator god of the Bible, most Jews are not actually worshiping this God when they bend their knee and bow before the Torah. They not only idol worship in this act the same way Christians bow before a statue of Christ. They rejected god, when God showed himself to them in the flesh because apparently in their limited mind they could not see that Jesus was the messiah. They thought it would have to bring world peace. The problem is Jesus didn’t bring world peace the way they thought it would. And now instead of accepting Jesus, they continue to think they are going to be right with God by following his laws. In fact I felt really bad reading that anyways. Maybe there is a hidden book that was not supposed to be in the Bible. A book that never made the cut because it was exposing too much of the Jewish ways and their infiltration, and would just not make sense, because if you add it, you’d have to throw out all the old testament practically! Which is unnecessary because the majority of it is correct.

And if you ask masons, if they worship Lucifer, they will clearly say they don’t. But if you ask the highest Albert Pike and former high mason Bill Schnoebelen they will say they do. Who do you believe? Someone with more knowledge? This messianic Jew worships Jesus, so how come he’s still a Jew and not a christian? the law is null/void and practicing good works thinking you will do good deeds for god’s approval is heresy to christianity.

God forbids drinking blood, eating it, sucking it, whatever, but Jews do it anyways, the ones who perform the circumcision.

Yes I was upset when reading the rabbi’s words because I could feel it was full of lies. Reading the gospel of the new testament is liberating especially 1 Corinthians 15. so Paul came after Christ didn’t know him personally and they say that Paul was a fraud. another guy at


and hxxp:// also said that Paul added upon the old testament to prove Jesus was the messiah. and Jesus never wanted to do that? he just wanted to show how to follow law? well if so, no one’s going to heaven because no one follows the complete law! oh well. it’s very disturbing.  knowing god can see past and future of all his creation, that means we need to give blessings to all the Jews. that’s why you see all the Christians never attacking Jewish teachings

besides that, the guy on glp doesn’t know that the DSS was written in block Hebrew, which was invented much later says linguistic expert Paul Schaffranke.

what’s funny is I like what Paul had to say, and this guy at glp does not and thinks this part of the bible should be removed. I think other parts that talk of Jewish circumcision of a baby’s penis should be removed.

circumcision. What do you think it does to a boy? causes his heart to not act properly. Causes him to sin. his identity splits. he creates a hardened heart, not one of god, which is not instinctual and lives in his head.

“The rite of circumcision was the outward sign, in the first place, of an inward faith, but it degenerated into a mere mark of privilege.  But misused privilege is of no avail at the bar of God.”  Concordant Commentary, p 232

Again how does an 8 day old baby have ANY faith in anything?

If you read this page and look at the pictures of the babies being held down, and have ANY heart inside you, you will feel the pain and want to demonize the Jews at least. I’m surprised no one is calling for the next holocaust against the jewish priests and rabbis who still practice this and doctors too. I don’t think they should be killed though, only put in jail so they can’t do it anymore to harmless babies. I’m thinking that since the Qur’an got it right about not circumcising then the Qur’an has truths too. But Genesis talks about how man was created perfect in God’s image and it was good. That means man’s original blueprint was complete. So let’s get to the part about where Allah OUTLAWS the circumcision, if there is such a thing. I don’t think I’ll find it though.

Women need to have sex with a uncircumcised man and then they will shut their mouth up about how great sex is with their circumcised man. so basically the foreskin acts as a lubricant and way for penis to slide in and out of it’s own skin and not cause constant friction burn in woman. Most people who say that it doesn’t cause friction burn don’t know what the hell they are talking about.

Be fruitful and multiply. That was said by God. Not going to happen if man gives woman friction burn.

Oh it does say that.

All translations say the same thing, keep man’s body in tact. So that says nothing in the Bible about it because it was written by Jews and there is much deception in it.

Qur’an 4:119-120

Yes, in one religion’s holy book, Satan has said he is going to make them ruin Allah’s creation. This is what I was looking for. Maybe someone should combine both this part of the Qur’an with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And there you’d have the best book on the planet.

God’s creation was perfect and Satan promised to force mankind into changing it. Now we have baby mutilation, we have cattle being fed steroids, we have even genetically modified plants, seeds, and fish and people think it’s going to solve world hunger? you serious? No wonder Muslim countries hate America so much. America is Satan’s homeland, the birth of the corporation Monsanto which sole purpose is to change God’s creation.

Muslims are actually forbidden to circumcise.

Jews altered the Torah.

“There is no compulsion in religion.” (Qur’an 2:256)

“So can you force people to believe?” (Qur’an 10:99)

The Qur’an doesn’t force religion on anyone, like Jews do, to their baby boys.

If you obeyed most of those on earth, they would misguide you from Allah’s path. They follow nothing but conjecture. They are only guessing.” (Qur’an 6:116)

So God saw that man was still screwing around even after Christ ascended to heaven and he sent them the Qur’an, which is even more clear about it. True? I don’t think Muslims believe in the New Testament. In fact, Paul Schaffranke believes that the gospel of st. Barnabas was true, which is the one where Jesus says that his father is going to send the prophet to bring the Qur’an. It also says that he was not crucified.

but it is a fake isn’t it? I really wish Schaffranke would have gone into more detail about it, he probably wanted to keep the religion out of it though as not to offend anyone with what he found.

UPDATE 8/15/2013

Take out your Christian Bible (KJV preferred) and turn to John 8:31-45) And you will see how I feel about the Jews. Jesus clearly says they are liars and deceivers and their god is Satan.

All the religions in the world are screwed up through centuries of deceit and mistranslations. And the only truth is salvation through grace in Jesus Christ. I say Islam is also screwed up because although they pointed out that circumcision is of the devil, they don’t believe Jesus died on the cross and was resurrected. I went to sleep and woke up feeling depressed because of what I read they think about Jesus. The reason why Christian religion is messed up is because they believe the Jews, although clearly Jesus said they worship the devil, are God’s chosen people.

The Jehova’s witnesses as liars about Christ too, aren’t even afraid to speak the truth of the Jews and even say that the lying from them as parasites into blood rituals goes back to the dawn of time.


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