English: Cupcakes in the shape of orange extra...

English: Cupcakes in the shape of orange extra-terrestrials. These may not be a fully accurate representation of aliens. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

America is cursed by God I am sure and this Continent as well as the world is cursed because of America.

First of all, I must mention that I am a researcher (I have made an essay of empirical nature, it was a criticism of the methodology of scientific articles) I have a masters degree and I am a person who loves to search the truth, therefore I am good enough to know what is happening and I do not need your approval.

I realized better what is happening since December 2001 (the 911 inside job – the false flag) and this is not Alex Jones who woke me up, Alex Jones is another disinfo agent who thinks he is somebody and there are many others and I have playlist about him, so it is not a problem for me to prove my allegations.

When you are connected to the source of Wisdom, the God of the Bible, God reveals things to you.  Of course, it does not fall on your head, you have to research it.  Therefore, I became awakened because there were too many things that were not making sense in the official stories and I realized it was an implosion back in December 2001. I will not talk too much of this event, for the simple reason there are many who already spoke about it for many years already, I have videos on my channel (this is my main channel, CombatForTheFaith) about this so it is not my purpose to speak about this event which literally changed the world we are living in.

I have done a lot of research about those who are in positions of power, the American government more particularly because I will not hide that the Canadian government is just following the American government in the main decisions. It is obvious that the Prime Minister Harper will not always follow Obama because he would really appear as the fool he is, so he takes secondary decisions, which are without importance, are different from Obama, but he covers that with being different regarding less important decisions.  I know that the Queen of England is involved, I know the Pope is involved, the goal of this video is not to talk about the International ramifications of the NWO.

Digging deeper with my researches, I came across the so called “extra-terrestrials”.  For a long time, I’ll be honest with you I was throwing that in the garbage can, (like a lot of people do) I thought it was without importance, I falsely thought that folks were either being delusional,  or liars, or that they were pictures modified with Photoshop for instance, but a few years ago, I paid more attention to those testimonies.  (too many stories, too many different circumstances and too many different people so they can not be delusional, it’s impossible even though I never saw UFO myself, it is real event) You cannot put that aside if you really want to face reality so I have studied the phenomenon.

I must say that the One who is giving me the courage to face reality – and I do know that most won’t like what I am about to say – but I don’t care one whit about it, I am not here to please, I am here to tell the truth, is that I would not have the courage to face reality, to face the truth if God would not be supporting me.  It is safe to say that I am fully aware that the government is not our friend and that those who are in a position of authority are psychopaths in the US and Canadian gov’ts.

Going back to the topic of the so called “extra-terrestrials”, there are not “extra-terrestrials” but the “intra-terrestrials”. I have researched that.  They are entities who live with us but are not visible, at least, for most of us. They have a lot of underground caves and systems and these so called “extra-terrestrials” (including all those so called ascended masters) are in fact “demons”.

Once again, I am not here to get your approval, or to get a lot of hits but to tell the truth.

What I want to add is that the government, particularly the U.S. government, already met with these so-called “extra terrestrials” in the forties, (under Eisenhower) I have a document that I already published, the more silliest thing in this world is that folks who are selling you half truths like Alex Jones (and there are plenty of others that I could name), you are supporting unconditionally they know that you need heroes to identify yourself so when you see a lot of hits somewhere, you join the party that’s how most of you are operating, you are not really looking for the truth you are looking for the popular guy out there.  Problem is with those popular guys is that they are telling you half truths and you are happy with that and you are encouraging them.  Those guys, they know how weak you are and that you need heroes to put on a pedestal because you do not want to turn to God.

Back to the main topic, I left with the fact that the American government met with those so called “extra terrestrials” but in reality they are demons and since that time, there is much more influence from the demons and it is not surprising to have psychopaths in power but not only that, to make things “even better”, I have discovered that for decades the abductions were made by the alleged “extra terrestrials” which are in fact demons, they have created a hybrid race which is half human and half-demon as in the time of the Noah, there were half human and half demons beings who were Giants but today, this is no longer true for they have perfected their techniques with their laboratories, they are exactly like you and me, I mean they look exactly like you and me, they have no physical remarkable difference and those beings are not created at the image of God because they have been created with the participation of demons, well recently I discovered that they are approximately 50% of the general population (48% to be more accurate) then we have not only of psychopaths at the government, but also we have a large quantity of psychopaths who are in the general population as well who are benefiting from those Pepsi made with human embryos, benefiting from the Chemtrails, benefiting from the MSG food (that is all benefiting them) while those same components are destroying the real human race.

This paints a rather gloomy picture of the reality, but it is the reality and I will add in conclusion that we live the book of Revelation and for those who are awaiting a sudden abduction (called rapture) you will go through the tribulation as well as us and it does not matter what you believe because I know that the Second coming of Jesus Christ is a true doctrine, it is supported by the bible, but not the rapture. (that’s only a theory)  We are in the period of the tribulation which started in 2011 with the 11-11-11 this was the beginning of the tribulation which will end in 2018 and why I mention 11-11-11, it is that they have in fact opened portals to demons with these skulls they have walked with, these supposed ” sacred skulls “, these alleged wise men who walked in different States on 11-11-11 and what it has done, it has released more demons through portals so they are now more active and the tribulation period will finish in 2018 so don’t expect a sudden rapture, it will not happen, you will suffer with other saints who did suffered terrible persecutions throughout the history of mankind. Well of course for those who will take the mark of the beast, you will seal your destiny in hell and you also will suffer to be completely controlled by them, if they want to get rid of you, all they will have to do is to turn your chip off.  I will conclude by saying:  “hold on to your hat” “attaches ta toques avec d’la broche”  Thanks for listening.


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