Too bad this is a bit blurry. Taken by the Dir...

Too bad this is a bit blurry. Taken by the Director of “New World Order” for me. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello World,

I just don’t understand why the fake Christians and Patriots such as Self Proclaimed White Supremacist Eric Jon Phelps, the Disinfo Agent Alex Jones, and the Vatican Agent Alfred Lambremont Webre just to name a few are getting donations

while a real Truthseeker such as myself is perceived as a spammer for asking a loan.

This is completely over my understanding.  I have websiteS, groupS, blogS, youtube accountS but not a dime.  I finally removed the paypal button because I was not getting a dime anyways and I would have nagging folks saying that I was asking for donations.  I even created a Contributions page to my websiteS and nobody cares.

Even one time, I did a post for a friend and I was reported as a spammer.

A bit about me: (for those who do not know me yet)

I am a webmaster writing her own books and actually not doing a dime over the Internet so it is not that I am looking for work to do but I thought that video series is a VERY POWERFULhttp://www.youtube.com/thefuelproject

and must be known as a specialist AGAINST the New World Order, a specialist AGAINST Roman Catholicism and especially AGAINST the Jesuits as well as a specialist of the Bible. I don’t pretend to have a degree in those but I know you can be AUTODIDACT and get to learn as much as if you would have a Ph.D. degree because I got a masters in Psychology and I decided to leave my profession back in 2000 to obey the Lord because the philosophy from the word of God is different than the philosophy from this word and philosophy is the source of what psychology is relying upon and I certainly do reject Jesuitism WHOLEHEARTEDLY and at least Québec city is sold out to them, (they have their own libraries and streets over there, if not more…) and I certainly am not a Jesuit Coadjutor or of the short robe


This aforementioned being said, I do thank the God of the Bible for all the gifts that He gave me are free of charge. (He is not like you supporting the wrong guys)

Please explain to me what the heck is going on.


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