Satan,The Fallen Angels & The Children of Disobedience



About John Piper’s speech from 12:06 to 15: 23. Piper is missing the main point of why Satan is not taken out. This is not “the way” God is running the world but as John Piper is seeing it. God does not take Satan out because He is testing us and most of us won’t enter in Heaven. A lot are called, few chosen. That’s mainly why God is not taking him out. You can get your kleenex and cry with Piper if you want but this life is a war between good and evil and God wants to see WHAT’S IN UR HEART.

Of course, this is not directed to Mindcrime 1994, it is posted for all to read. But John Piper is weak in his speech like he usually is.

At 1:27The best sons of disobedience are the so called Christians. You will burn more in hell because there are degrees in hell and the ones who will be punished more are those who did not obey Him. “Depart from me, I never knew you”. (paraphrased) “Lord, Lord, did I have not done this and that in your name”? (paraphrased) “Depart from me, workers of iniquity He says”. (paraphrased) To type this is very humbling to me because I am not the grandmother of God myself. u can lose your salvation.


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