False teachings of the Roman Catholic church



I believed to have a more systematic list of the false teachings of the Roman Catholic Church but we need to consider that I recently moved, well there is a question of reorganization. I found a list that will fill a need the people have of 1) to know the false teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.  The reason why I left this religion at the age of 19 years officially and I never went back and also, 2) I will demonstrate that while the Word of God is Immuable (unchanging), the Roman Catholic religion changes and finally, I will present the main tactics of Satan concerning the Scriptures.  Since this bible study was made over 27 years ago, a few bible references might be wrong and I do not have the time to correct for I have a big to do list to follow so if you can not take what I am saying here, no point on spending more time on this.

The false teachings:

1-  The infallibility of the Pope (see the Council of Trent http://history.hanover.edu/texts/trent/trentall.html) is a blasphemous false belief that is systematically destroyed by 1 John 1:8 and 10; Job 33:9; Luke 18:11 and Revelation.  3:17);

2 – another false teaching – pardonable sins -vs- mortals sins.  Where will you find that in the bible, that is an excellent question.  There are verses that systematically again that destroy this false belief that Matthew 5:19; Mt 5:  21-22 (I not am so sure if it is the verse 22 or 23?); Mt 5:  27-28; and there are also verses which contradict the mortal sins – vs- pardonable sins Mt 12:31;

3rd false teaching it is that the saints are doing miracles and are without sin.  1) Jesus said himself that John Baptist was the greatest man ever born of a woman that ever existed  John 10:41 (and John the Baptist did not accomplish any miracle; 2) John the Baptist was obviously honoured by Jesus Mt 11:11; Luc 7:  24-28; 1 John 8 and 10;

Another false horrendous teaching is 4 – The purgatory.  There is no way you can find that teaching in the Word of God.  Where do you see it?

Concerning the Roman Catholic teachings nowadays, nobody really talks about the infallibility of the Pope, the pardonable and mortal sins and that the saints are doing miracles and are without sin (except when they canonize a new so called “saint” I do remember that some of them were serial killers during war time) and the purgatory, you know, they try to adapt the religion of the common beliefs of today

There are teachings that our parents and grandparents had, it’s not that it no longer exists, (see the council of Trent) it is just that it is hidden from the dumbed down citizenry, so you need to look for those teachings because they are not making it common knowledge.  I am just trying to demonstrate that they try to adapt the religion to the common beliefs of today (more New Age type of philosophy) while the Word of the Living God is not changing.

Now, I will continue with other false teachings which are more known by the average Roman Catholics 1 – The baptism from any church can not save your soul and especially not the Catholic Church (Mark 16:16; Acts 8:37)

2- Another great abomination, the Pope calls himself the holy father.  For the care of your soul, you must turn to Jesus Christ only and exclusively.  Hebrews 12:2 and you cannot call anyone father according to the Scriptures Mathieu 23:9 and Mathieu 23:1-12

3 – Another horrendous thing, is to pray the saints and the dead, especially Mary 1 Tim 2:5; John 6:68; for the care of my soul, I turn to Jesus Christ – Hebrews 12:2; 1 Cor 2:2 (the whole chapter of 1 Cor);

4 – The statues.  The statues, this is not biblical when you do read the Holy Scriptures.  Iconoclasm always accompanies the reformations but today, we are living in a too horrendous and mean generation to even begin to consider that because you will find yourself in a tiny jail and nobody to care as they will just call you crazy; they will just call you insane and other false epithets… we are living in a too horrendous generation to even think to start about doing iconoclasm so don’t falsely accuse me of promoting iconoclasm here and in fact, iconoclasm has to be done in your heart because there are also other idols other than statues.  For instance, and Christ was very clear on that, lusting at a woman will also lead you to hell so even though you would smash statues and go to jail for that, if you do practice fornication by constantly lusting at women, then you are not out of problems yet but the problems only just started for you because hell is awaiting you with opened arms and don’t expect that God will excuse your behaviour with the false evolution theory, which stipulates that men are wired to lust because we are not mammals as Darwin stipulated, WE HAVE A SOUL and the HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS can operate in your spirit ONLY IF YOU WANT TO so don’t do something stupid like smashing statues just to be noticed.  Listen, I know in which evil generation we are living in.  Evil videos such as “born that way” by lady gaga (that I just saw because I am studying the NWO http://youtu.be/4ppjhRm2clg ) would not even be there if we would not be that evil and lustful fools.  I was hurt to see how of a b she actually is but she is more than just a b, she is also a very powerful witch.  Anyways.

5 – Obviously, Mary is not without sin and she was not virgin either according to the Scriptures because she had children and you must know that to her era, there was not caesarean.  Galatians 4:4 (Mary); only one sin = you are guilty and don’t tell me that Mary never sinned, she at least have sinned one time. a) 1 John 1:8 and 10; Luke 1:  30; 48; b) Mathieu 1:25; Mathieu 13:55-?; Mathieu 12:46;

6 – Among the more abominable things in the Roman Catholic Church is obviously the transubstantiation = to redo the sacrifice of Jesus Christ at every mass and there are verses that also destroy that false teaching from the pit of hell.  Hebrews 9:  26 and 28 because Christ died once for all the sins of the world, therefore to “re-sacrifice” him to each mass, which has more to do with the “black mass” but you are not capable to take this teaching, you are walking in the darkness too much to see clear but I must tell you that the transubstantiation is satanic to the extreme, it is the same thing that the “white magic” since they do essentially the same thing that the “black magic”; (witches practicing “white magic” would disagree with me but I know better) the “white magic”, this is not correct, it is evil, it is as evil as the “black magic”, it is just that the people think that the “white magic” is good.  Same thing for the “white mass “and the “black mass” this is the same thing since as this is a blasphemy of “re-crucify” Christ each time; indeed,  He is not “re-crucified” each time, you think that He is but it is not true; transubstantiation is downright Satanism.  You might as well while join the church of Satan while you are at it.  Speaking of the worst holiday, ChristMASS.

7 – Celibacy imposed by the hierarchy to the priests and religious, is really not biblical and in fact, it is called a doctrine of the devil (1 Timothy 4:2-3).  Mathieu 23:4; 1 Tim.  4:  1-3; 1 Cor.  7:  25-35;

8 – Also, the confession to the priest.  1 Tim.  2:5; just one mediator between God and men and it is Christ.  No one else.  To entrust a priest for the forgiveness of your sins is not biblical.  Hebrews 12:24;

9 – Before they were saying that everyone was going in hell.  Today, everyone is going to heaven!  They changed the tactic but their goal is control.  Mt 5:22; Mt 5:  29-30; Mt 12:36; Mt 22:14; Mt 23:33; Mt 10:28; Mt 18:9; Mt 23:15; Mk 9:43; Lk 12:5; James 3:6;

I want to come back to the first point that I previously discussed, i.e. that the baptism.  According to Roman Catholic belief, if you are not baptized by them, then you are going in hell which is not true.  It is not the baptism that saves but a clean conscience washed by the Holy Spirit of Jesus with the Scriptures.  Mathieu 19:  26-26; Acts 9:37; Hebrews 12:2; John 6:68; Discussion of Jesus with Nicodème John 3:  1-21; Mark 16:16; Acts 8:37.  Baptism has to be done at the age of reason.  A new born baby does not know what he is doing.  That must be an enlightened and personal decision and it is necessary to await the age of reason.

Tactics of Satan:

Isolation of a biblical text and / or a verse; Jesus proves us that it is necessary to have a global vision of the Word of God.  Mt 4:  1-7

1 – Before, they were scaring folks with demons and hell to control them; now since the demons and the hell would not work anymore to control folks, they decided to eliminate Satan and the fallen angels, as well as hell because the goal of the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church is not the truth, but the control of the sheeple out there.  Mt 4:10; Mt.  12:  43-45; Mark 1:26; Mt 5:  8-17; Mt 5:22; Mt 12:5;

Continuing to talk about the tactics of the devil concerning the Scriptures:

1) To attempt to make somebody doubt the Word of God (Genesis 3:1) in Genesis 3:3, the woman added to the Word of God, proving that the doubt made its way; the Word of God is presented us at the verse 17 of the chapter 2.

2) By isolating a biblical passage.  It is necessary to be able to refute an affirmation while having the whole bible in mind, otherwise you can not win the spiritual war waging against your soul.  Mt.  4:  1-7 so it is really necessary and vital that you really know the Bible as the bottom of your pocket.

The Catholic religion changes while the Word of God is unchanging – Mt 5:  17-18.  As I said previously, in the past the clergy manipulated the folks with hell and demons to keep them captive of the Roman Catholic religion and now, they are denying the existence of the fallen angels and hell.  Versets showing the existence of Satan and fallen angels:  Mt 4:10; Mt 12:43-45; Mark 1:26; Mt 9:34; Mt 12:24; Mark 3:30 and Luc 11:15;  A lot of folks will end up in hell and indeed, this is the most of the humans on the surface of this earth, that is in fact what Jesus said.  Jesus did talk a lot more about hell than about Heaven. Mt 5:22 and 29; Mt 12:36; Mt.  10:28; Mt 18:9; Mt 23:15; Mt 23:33; Mark 9:43; Luc 12:5; James 3:6.

If by the Spirit you do not destroy the deeds of flesh, you will go in hell and if by the Spirit you do destroy the evil deeds of the flesh, you shall go in the presence of God.  (Romans 8:  10-20)  In other words, God wants to purify you using either his Holy Spirit or purifying you in the lake of fire which burns forever, as John The Baptist said to us.  (Baptism of the Spirit -vs- baptism of fire) (Luke 3: 16) there are a lot of folks pretending to be Christians or following Christ who are greatly mistaken because they believe that only believing in Jesus Christ saves you.  THE TRANSUBSTANTIATION IS BAD ENOUGH BUT YOU PRETENDING TO FOLLOW CHRIST IS EVEN WORSE.  The demons not only believe also but even do tremble (James 2:19) compared to those folks who are not walking in fear and trembling and demons are not saved because they believe in Jesus.  Jesus did not only come to save us from hell but also of a life that brings you in hell.  You cannot be saved if you do not practice the Scriptures, without being perfect of course but you must aim perfection as Jesus said to the prostitute:  “go and sin no more” with the assistance of the Holy Spirit.



The sin against the Holy Spirit Mt 12:24, 28, 31-32?; Mk 3:  29-30 will not be forgiven.

I think to have covered the major false teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, despite that I did not find my other sheet which was more systematic due to reorganization further to a move, but I believe that this is an excellent beginning / introduction and that should be sufficient for any person who wants to see clear that you cannot remain in the Roman Catholic religion and follow Christ but this does not occur overnight, I understand that you have to read the bible and really do some good digging real soon because we are living the very last days for sure.  Eventually which is soon, you will have to make a choice between the bible and the religion.  It is your responsibility to not sin against the Holy Spirit and the only way He is teaching you is by using the Scriptures.


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