Self centered -vs- Agape Love Sexuality


 I heard somewhere that 80%
of who we are is spiritual and emotional beings.  That makes a lot of
sense to me.  So a team / couple are complementing each other on the
spiritual / intellectual / emotional level mainly but once you met what
people call a “soul mate” then I do not see anything wrong with sexuality
as God intended it to be.  God created sexuality so something must be even
innocent about it.  The team / couple must be best friends for this to
last.  I must add that I am talking from my head, not from experience as I
have no experience of this yet because you know what happened to Ash and
I.  Real love is a beautiful concept.  Agape love is the drive of a
marriage approved by God.

It is Satan who wants to destroy humans because they are created at the
image of God so the best way is to limit them to sexual objects.  Lust is
the drive, just the opposite of agape love.  This is where sexuality is
wrong i.e when the emphasis is put on this when in fact, it should just be
the cherry on the cake.  When folks are choosing each other on attraction
first, this is bound to fail because it’s not love.  Lust is self
centered.  Love is just the opposite.

It’s terrible what our society did with sexuality and with women because
this violence towards women is just a start to make violence to children
as well.  Of course.  Trash after utilisation, going as far as murder.  
Beauty being trampled under foot like it would be dung.

Of course, real friends are doing innocent things and if this leads to a
marriage approved by God, then they are still doing innocent things.

Sexuality as intended by God is a beautiful thing, the best way of
expressing agape love. It’s not pervert nor dirty.  Just two best friends
being in unison in just everything.  What’s wrong with that?  It’s what
Satan did with sexuality that is pervert.  Self centered sexuality is not
agape love sexuality.

Happy feet, should be a universal-ish symbol o...

Happy feet, should be a universal-ish symbol of sexuality (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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