Only God can judge your situation? Nope. Me as well.


bibles (Photo credit: fancycwabs)






Your quote:  “My bottom line conclusion is this: Only God can judge your situation.”

And me as well.  Because it would not be written to judge my behavior, my words and thoughts in the Bible if I could not judge myself.  It is said to judge myself to be accounted worthy.  (Luke 21:36)  Therefore, since I know exactly what happened and I also know exactly what the bible says, that means that I also can judge myself.  The Holy Spirit of Jesus impresses my spirit to remain on the right path.  He’s constantly helping me even though I do not hear a voice.  So who is higher than the Holy Spirit to watch my walk?  BTW, should we become close partners going as far as sharing life with each other, the bible states that I am the prime responsible to make sure that I remain on the narrow path.  The close friend can only help in second since they only have access to the behavior and the words. Therefore, we are the prime responsible to remain on the narrow path since we are the only ones having access to our own thoughts – makes sense.

I have a very good article that I have written (maybe not in perfect English but good for edification and education) concerning “what judge not means” and if I can judge the angels and other saints after having made my own homework with myself, then I certainly can make the above assertion.  I do have the authority of Christ in me, even though I am not a pastor.  BTW, I do not only have the gift of prophesy according to 1 Cor 14:3 but I wanted to point it out to you that I do have it.


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