Because when man was changed (hybrids) from a DNA point from what God had intended their was no provision for salvation.


You know what I think about this Icke’s lizard stuff? Well I think based on my research that they are demon possessed. I do not buy into this …

Nevertheless, I discovered that the Nephilims of today might be hybrids with “aliens” (demons) and they are not as tall as recorded in the Old Testament. I could name a couple of Presidents that I thought were only demon possessed because they are morphing (especially their eyes) but they might be hybrids as well, which would explain more about them since the only concern that they seem to have is to kill us off all over the globe but in ways that does not get much attention by using wars, poisoning us with their chemtrails, etc…. (Iran, Afghanistan, the young US soldiers, using HAARP technology to destroy us, such as Horrible!… Obama Mocks Texas Fires at Fundraiser But Refused to Offer Emergency Assistance Back in April ) No wonder why Bush Jr. was called Gog and Bush Sr. was called Magog –

those names were their occult names from the Skull and Bones secret society.

So…are the US Officials Possessed since they actually are preparing the Next Mega Ritual to try to Force the Mark of the Beast or even worse, ARE THEY HYBRIDS BRINGING UPON US MORE DISASTERS IN ORDER TO TRY TO FORCE THE MOB? And how about to use this coming UFO hoax to play our Saviors?

Correct me if I am wrong but I think that our Presidents and Prime Ministers are possessed by high ranked demons and that’s why they are morphing…not because they are half lizards…so that’s my hypothesis based on my research….

Teach me otherwise if I need to be taught but that’s the best hypothesis I came with so far…


2 thoughts on “Because when man was changed (hybrids) from a DNA point from what God had intended their was no provision for salvation.

  1. Jason Russell Demons are the body craving spirits of the Nephilim. This is why people are duped by ghosts and spirits pretending to be long dead relatives. They need bodies. Look at the demon possessed man Jesus healed. They didn’t want to be sent to the pit and went into the pigs. They are trying with the help of fallen angels to create a race like they had before the flood. All flesh was corrupted in those days. They are desperately trying again. Man will fall for this deception soon especially if they can make the world worship their Beast. People like Rob Skiba, Lynn Marzulli and others have good points but miss the seriousness of the problem. Why were spirits roaming the earth after the flood??? Because when man was changed (hybrids) from a DNA point from what God had intended their was no provision for salvation. Angel human hybrids can’t be saved nor Redeemed. This is the real point. Fallen man can be redeemed as well as fallen creation and it was through the Only Begotten. In Adam all die so in Christ all are made alive. But what we have coming is a “salvation or redeeming apart from God” A lie that will deceive even the very elect if it were possible. The lie is germinated in soil of the belief that man can help God in the redeeming process. Man can do nothing towards his salvation. All that must be done has been done we only receive through submission the Sprit of Life in Christ. I’ve studied this for so long I’ve felt I was the only one who cared for years. Most people think this is nuts but look at the new age movement. They are the church of this lie and with science blended with faith it will grip the whole world if we don’t stand up against this deception in these last days.

  2. Comments by Soul Esprit

    My book, Seven Who Dared postulates that the upper echelon elites of the
    world are actually human-demon hybrids. They are known to shape-shift,
    especially during child sacrifice rituals. Al Gore, a well-known
    shape-shifter, is reported (by several independent ey-witnesses) to
    transform into an 8 foot tall reptile during rituals. He was caught at
    customs with 2 pints of blood in his brief case (they need human blood,
    preferably of babies because their blood is the purest. Life is in the
    Yes, our understanding of the boundaries between the spritual world and
    the material world is very inaccurate. Satanists and witches know much
    more about it than do professing christians, who are totally devoid of
    wisdom on the matter, as well as on most other matters of Biblical

    Visit his channel:
    His website:
    for more information

    Soul Esprit (Avantguarde1611) said 4 months ago about the view counter of his videos:

    IGNORE THE VIEW COUNTER SHOWING THIS VIDEO HAS A VERY LOW NUMBER OF VIEWS! This is DISINFORMATION! Proving that Youtube/Google is controlled by the very same people I expose in this video, as well in all my other videos. Illuminati/Youtube/Google hopes you will not see my videos! THEY ARE SCARED TO DEATH OF ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By not counting the views they think you won’t listen to this VERY IMPORTANT information that EXPOSES their New World Order GENOCIDAL AGENDA.

    Tell everybody.

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