Introduction to the study of demonic infestation…


Studying the demonic infestation…

Why is there a demonic-infestation?

in my room? I think there has always been a “dark-lord” man living in my closet,
since we bought the house.

It has grown worse and worse over the years. Now I can hear serpents and spiders
running around, and crawling up my wall.

and now it is affecting my ability to function, and keep my job.

Please Please will somoene believe me. I can’t take it for much longer.

What did I do to make it worse?

How could this happen? Why do demons target certain people?


Hello my name is Rocky
I have had my share of this type of thing..
I prayed and I prayed and then prayed some more for 8 years or so… then just recently they moved.
I say moved because I still kinda think there here but in a different way…. they are not a problem any more… but what I mean is it feels like they were banished but not DESTROYED like I would like them to be
So back to what I was trying to say about this.
Please read……If you call a catholic priest to come and pray they will be silent for about 2 weeks then they will come back pissted off..
if you confront them they are in a different dimension so hence they are much stronger
So what is there left to do?
Yes god is the only one who can help I hope it does not take 8 years like me but you will get through this.. had i not prayed that last time very recently they would still be a bother to me
Also if you live in a family unit it is important that you all come to an agreement that they are not not say things like get the hell out of here…do it just like it were a real person who had stayed too long and it is time for them to leave…
I will keep you in my prayers for 5 days hope you get the help you need…
I know what it feels like to have to suffer for something you did not do


PSALMS chapter 35 AND chapter 91

1 year ago;_ylt=ApnLVgUGCnXH2_EQkOxah88jzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20110531150322AAsqWEI

Is there a half spider half human demon?

I think you might find comfort in this:

The appearance of demons: A double meaning is intended. I will describe some ways in which demons make their appearance as well as how they look. Generally demons do not appear except to saints who have uncovered the reality of the spiritual realm; and so their cover being blown their attacks become more open to that believer; yet they will secretly insinuate to others that such believers are crazy.

The appearance of snakes and other creatures such as cats and spiders:
Demons often look for bodies to inhabit and will sometimes enter the bodies of animals. When those animals die the demons retain the appearance of the creature they were in. This is because there is a spiritual law that the spirit will conform to the body.

Historically there have been wizards, shamans and witches of various kinds that have had familiar spirits. In European legend we are all familiar with the witch’s familiar black cat; a demon possessed cat, or a raven etc. When these animals die the evil spirits remain to be spies for Satan. These spies report back to the more powerful spirits.

Spies are one of the most common forms of demons and therefore one of the most common appearances of demons is in the shape of animals and insects.



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