On September 9th, 2012


hey there, you’re AWESOME! thanks for all you do! i just hope it’s not too late, i just hope that somebody comes across your website, who sits on the fence about things, who is searching for truth, and starts to research themselves, i encourage EVERYONE to do their own research, don’t believe me, people NEED to see these things with their own two eyes, BUT YOU WOULD BE SURPRISED HOW MANY JUST WILL NOT GO READ EVEN A SHORT ARTICLE? they would rather waste their energy,and time, typing mumbo jumbo, instead of LOOKING FOR THEMSELVES? this just happened, but then i implored them to PLEASE JUST GO READ EVEN one article? DESCENT AND SACRIFICE, this ONE article should show anyone on the fence about the UN, or for people who just don;t know, i mean, EVEN IF YOU WERE ATHIEST YOU SHOULD BE BOTHERED BY THAT! especially when then, if they ever get the information at the same time, show them some quotes from some of the HIGHER DEGREES IN FREEMASONRY, and their literature, they would be blown away, and actually it’s Freemasonry, that really did accomplish alot of their movement as so many Freemason’s are in prominent public ethic jobs, politicians, lawyers, judges, etc etc people WHO HAVE INFLUENCE OVER OUR LIVES, and they help each other NO MATTER WHAT, even committing purgery!
i had to say thanks again, just poking around, a little lost today for some reason,
take it easy,


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