Seven Who Dared (Customer Review: Destined to be a classic)


Seven Who Dared (Customer Review:  Destined to be a classic)

5.0 out of 5 stars AWESOME BOOK, June 6, 2012


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This review is from: Seven Who Dared (Paperback)

This is a masterfully written piece of fiction that held me captivated
from the very first page. Riveting, sweeping in its scope, characters so real I felt as if they could walk off the page and I would recognize them instantly. But is it really fiction? …
Seven Who Dared deals with issues that everyone should honestly and openly address, but few seldom do. It brings to the light dark and hidden things that people instinctively fear. It pits the bold against the ruthless, the righteous against a shadowy underworld of unspeakable horror. Extraordinary men take on an evil so great it cannot be named or identified in open society … until now. This book is profound in its implications and destroys any vestige of the lies and deceit which characterizes the power hierarchy that rules the world. I give it the highest rating. Destined to be a classic.


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