Genesis 1:29 Diet (Custumer reviews: EXCELLENT BOOK ON DIET AND HEALTH!!!)


5.0 out of 5 stars EXCELLENT BOOK ON DIET AND HEALTH!!!, May 15, 2012


This review is from: Genesis 1: 29 Diet (Hardcover)

Simplifies and makes clear a subject enshrouded in divergent opinions and false understanding about what the human body needs in order to be completely healthy and free of disease.
This book covers much more than just the proper diet for a human being. It deals with larger issues, such as the proliferation of cancer as being part of the globalist’s agenda (the author states that the American Cancer Society does not want a cure; they are researching ways to cause even more cancer among the general world population), and vaccines as the sole causal factor in childhood Autism, the poisoning of the drinking water supply, and many other pertinent issues seldom discussed in an open forum. The author exposes the medical establishment that is complicit with a globalist agenda to depopulate the earth. I found the push toward euthansia of the elderly and genocidal vaccination of new born infants to be especially alarming.
I recommend Soul Esprit’s Genesis 1: 29 Diet book for many reasons: it’s the only book I know of that deals squarely with issues involving proper nutrition, how to treat the underlying causal factors of chronic diseases, and the link between govenment-mandated public health policies which pose a danger to human health and well-being, especially of children. This book proves that our health and longevity is under attack by conventional medicine. Reading this volume will instruct you in how to safeguard your family.
Very well researched material. My own personal health has been positively impacted as a result of this information.


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