Wednesday, August 22, 2012 4:10 PM


“Scott” <>

Dear Scott,

Alright.  I did not become a subhuman the day I applied to become a legal Immigrant. So let me explain.  First of, DHS forced me to have a middle name.  People from Quebec don’t have middle names but I guess I had to make up one in order to enter in their beastly system.  They called me an “alien” alright if somebody is an alien, it is them.  You are not dealing with an alien nor a subhuman.

Next.  My marriage was desecrated on November 3rd, 2004 at the Ogdensburg Port of Entry even though we had a marriage certificate.  After that, I was prevented to visit my husband in December 2004 at Roosevelt Port of Entry because they saw my face on TV and I did the crime to be married so I was turned back.  Do you know how much time we lost Ash and I on 24 months that he had to live because of those wonderful guys protecting us from the bogus terrorists?  Ash and I lost 19 precious months.  Alright, after that, I almost was prevented to bury my husband on December 11th, 2006 because Immigration, which is under DHS were dragging their butt to issue my permanent resident card.  I kept all the evidences of what I said above, plus I have a story of two (2) binders that I sent to Jana Fults and I know she received them and of course I was bright enough to keep copies of all that was sent for myself.

Each time I am crossing the borders, I am harassed and I am sick and tired of this and my situation is not abnormal alright even though I am not filthy rich right because my life was broken at the Militarized Northern borders on November 3rd, 2004.  Here is the record that I sent to your office about my experience when I went around Ash’s grave last year and yes it does matter and you will hopefully see why it matters soon.

Saturday, June 18, 2011 10:41 AM

Dear Ms. XYZ,

***Very important**** this email communication stays between us and****

I was traumatized yesterday and this is so true that I began to sleep very late last night because I was harassed and persecuted at the US border by armed border guards and I am a permanent resident of the States.

I went through a ritual of purification questioning me like I was guilty until the proof of the contrary (working very hard to find fault in me) FOR A LONG 90 MINUTES NON-STOP AND THEY WENT AS FAR AS DEMEANING ME AND INSULTING ME BY ASKING ME IF I WAS POLYGAMOUS WHEN IN FACT THEY HAD THE DIVORCE PAPER OF MY FIRST MARRIAGE IN ONE HAND AND THE MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE WITH MY SECOND HUSBAND IN THE OTHER HAND.  (married to my first husband in Canada at the same time that my beloved late US husband, Ash)  SHAME ON THEM.  BTW, I never took the last name of my first husband for the simple reason that he was not worth it.  I only had one love in my life and my love is Ash.

Once I passed the ritual of purification (they literally made me CRASH, yes I CRASHED)

What do I need to do to be treated like a human being like I was before I became a legal Immigrant Scott?  Do I need to join the dumb down thug classy group of TSA agents? I mean, those guys are treated like hero while I am treated less than a dog.  Who you think are terrorists?  Could it be those guys being sick enough in their mind to go as far as molesting children?!?!?!?!

Now.  It is supposed to be terrible to have sent 19 emails to Steve Hunt. (he said that it was over 30 letters but oh well that is just tough) I have made an official complaint about Mr. Hunt on July 4th according to my records and not on July 5th (I supposed that he is the supervisor of Mrs. XYZ) to not be enough understanding with all the proofs that I provided to your office because Mr. Hunt said that I need to contact your office in Watertown AND I FOUND THIS UNACCEPTABLE AFTER ALL I WENT THROUGH IF YOU SEE WHAT I AM SAYING.

So what do I need to do?  You think that I should be happy to be treated like an animal?  Do I need to contact the United Nations for the crimes committed against me?   People are starting to wake up about 911….  Yep, Bush found guilty of 911 false flag war crimes.

Bush, Blair found guilty of 911 false flag war crimes in Malaysia tribunal – PressTV 111122

The war on terror was / is just a way to make us surrender our BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS.  PERIOD.

I am not a terrorist, I am not an “Alien”, (screw their damn system) I am worthy of respect and I am NO FOOL.  After all, I earned THROUGH A LOT OF TURMOIL my PERMANENT RESIDENCY IN THE US…….I sure do hope that I can reach you at this address in the near future and that you will continue to at least give me the courtesy of a reply.  Instead of enjoying life like you, I have to fight like this JUST TO BE CONSIDERED AS A HUMAN BEING. SOMETHING IS DEADLY WRONG IN AMERICA.

Thank you



  1. My comments to a friend:

    Yes it is my story honey.

    DHS broke our marriage but not our love
    How the government HONORS A VETERAN by DESTROYING HIS LIFE. I gave you my real first name and it’s Martine. DHS forced me to have a middle name in order to fit in their beastly system.

    (please read video description and it will bring you to an online book where you can read our story and Ash’s poems to me….
    and Ash was murdered by Nimesh Desai….)

    To crown the whole thing, DHS almost prevented me to bury my husband one day before his burial.

    Here is my dream: I would love so very much to be over my enemies for a change in order to be more productive and effective to help the very few decent folks in America because Ash, who was the first person who loved me in my entire life is buried there….

  2. The reply of my friend further to my comments to her:

    what an incredible story, how horrible to EVER have to endure such sadness, you must be very strong,i can’t even begin to imagine if that had happened to me, YOUR HUSBAND WAS MURDERED? THAT IS HORRIBLE!

    it;s completely impossible to go back, once you’ve started on this road to truth, i feel like i don;t even fit in society anymore, it;s very strange, i mean, the music industry, TV, RELIGION, POLITICS, EDUCATION, IT;S EVERYWHERE! all one could truly ask for is to FIND A PIECE OF LAND IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, AND JUST LIVE OFF THE LAND, live a more simple life? get out of this LUCIFERIAN SOCIETY, it;s EVERYWHERE!

    it;s FREAKING ME OUT ACTUALLY lol, the more research, the more you are awake? it;s so absolutely mind boggling to me how they have done it? so many questions that have no answers, so many scenerios of different things going on but all connected,

    SCARY TIME! i am thankful to have found you as a friend TOO! thank you for thinking of me as well, WARM AND FUZZY! if you don’t mind, could you please let me know when you’ve read this , so i can DELETE IT, youtube was censoring my channel, people couldn;t watch any vids on my channel, my comments were being spammed ALL DAY LONG, everything i wrote, even when it had nothing to do with TRUTH? weird, DID YOUR READ THE ACTUAL LETTER THAT THAT MARINE WROTE ON FACEBOOK THAT THEY CAME AND ARRESTED HIM AND THREW HIM IN THE PSYCH WARD? NOT READ ANY RIGHTS, ETC, IT WAS BAD! somebody sent me a vid saying that the JUDGE SAID HE WAS BEING HELD ILLEGALLY,AND LET HIM GO, his letter WAS A BEAUTIFUL LETTER, we know that that, was a message being sent to other soldiers about keeping their mouths shut! George Soros, and Rothchild sold HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF THEIR STOCKS, AND BOUGHT GOLD THE OTHER DAY! this seriously means that the financial collapse is almost imminent, as when the BILLIONAIRES are doing that? IT;S COMING! try NOT to have all your funds in the bank, keep your account open to pay bills, cash cheques, i fear something is coming,

  3. Another reply from her:

    I JUST WATCHED THAT VIDEO, THAT IS SO ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE! i am crying, i am so sorry, NOT ONE GROUP STEPPED UP TO HELP YOU? that,. IS NUTS, you have such a PROFOUND STORY! THIS NEEDS TO BE ON THE NEWS AGAIN! i put the vid in my favorites if you don;t mind,
    well, i am rendered speechless, that is horrible, you;re so beautiful as well! i will, check out the other links under that vid, wow, what an incredible story,and a very sad one at that!

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