Is this the “LOCUSTS? That the Bible warns us about? (part 11)


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Antichrist Symbolic Symbiosis Pt 3 of 3

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There are those who have used their power down through history to keep the real truth from you.

These people are from all around the world, from all time period of history.

These are just a select few.

And even though they have kept many things secret from us like who built the pyramids, Easter Islands, crop circles, UFO’s etc…the truth has its way of getting out!

Let’s begin with the music….

George Michael Skull Olympics

Skull….and bones….remind you of anyone?

Maestro (master),….please


Olympic Stars are THROWING signs


Freddie Mercury had so many ALTER EGOS from the Illuminati that they love to show off their work…


How many of these groups of people do they have? Thousands, upon thousands….from Lady Gaga me with a spoon… to Katy Perry and so many others.

What do you think this next picture means?


We have the Quetzalcoatl UFO Sky-Serpent god return on December 21, 2012, with their multiple crop-circles leaving us ‘secret’ messages, to the Stonehenge awakenings in the past couple months, to the Phoenix god of the Freemasons and then the Ascended Masters, and let’s not forget the Lion and Unicorn. Oh, and of course, the Pope Prophecies…so….this all gives us pretty much the same world renown historically famous myths…or are they? NO!  These are the truths which have been changed. As Sterling would have said….

There is a fifth dimension, beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is in the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition.

There is nothing in the dark that isn’t there when the lights are on.

It may be said with a degree of assurance that not everything that meets the eye is as it appears.

Signs of a change a taking place, all you need do is open your eyes. Are your eyes open?

The true meanings of symbols come with a price.

They’ve been telling us it’s about to happen. Our economy is going to fail. Not just in America or in Britain but worldwide.

So, with their rituals and symbols….

here is the red string theory…HERE

Last, but not least….the Pagan WHEEL OF THE YEAR!

Now, some know this as a Pagan tool. When we discuss the TRIBE OF DAN, we get into the whole judgment call! Dan is the tribe which is said to be a serpent in the way, a horned snake in the path, that biteth the horse’s heels, so that his rider falleth backward. Dan is associated with the serpent, no doubt. The month of the Tevet, the month of the tribe of Dan, related DECEMBER-JANUARY!

Some midrash say that Dan is the one who suggested dipping Joseph’s coat in the blood of a goat (the astrological symbol of Tevet – גדי) because he hated him for giving “evil” reports to Jacob about the sons of Bilhah and Zilpah.

Jewish Encyclopedia

Dan is a Lion’s whelp!; he shall leap from Bashan. Bashan is a biblical place where it is said that Chedorlaomer and his confederates “smote the REPHAIM in ASHTEROTH”. [link] This is all about bloodline, folks! [link]

Dan is represented, historically, by two different emblems. Dan, is just the runner-up for the real deal! He was a type of antichrist. But the real one is who these people are awaiting and birthing with their rituals and portals.

Is this the “LOCUSTS? That the Bible warns us about? (part 10)


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Antichrist Symbolic Symbiosis Pt 2 of 3

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A quiz to begin the second part of this three part series.

I count at LEAST 20! Next Question…↑What do these dancers represent?↑

Their hats representing fire! The whole scene a HOT MESS!

I seriously don’t see how people didn’t see the symbolism in the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics. CRRRRazy stuff, I tell ya. Moving on…

Donn…na…na…na….BATMAN! Okay, How many people noticed the Hash marks out side the Aurora Theater where the “Batman Shooting” took place?

I know, this seems a stretch, but these people find no small stretch or length of time invaluable. Below, notice the “LION and the UNICORN” in the NEWSPAPER PRINT…

Lion Unicorn


Olympics Batman

The Newspaper print says:

Clockwork Orange
Lion & the Unicorn
Look back in anger
Rage against the (dying??)…the light…
The rest is silence
This is the way the world ends
I’m no enemy to learning
Oh to be in England next

Let me point out the Lion & the Unicorn print takes precedence here! HERE

The Lion and the Unicorn: Socialism and the English Genius– George Orwell

Lion & the Unicorn Through the Looking Glass
Tweedledee and Tweedledum, do we mere question the Freemason here?
Unicorns in the JKV?

Lion and the Unicorn Symbolism in the Bible
The newspaper print is obviously pointing out so much more….

The Winter of Our Discontent, published in 1961, is John Steinbeck’s last novel. The title is a reference to the first two lines of William Shakespeare’s Richard III: “Now is the winter of our discontent / Made glorious summer by this sun [or son] of York,”

The novel was the last that Steinbeck completed before his death in 1968; The Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights and the screenplay for Zapata were both published posthumously in unfinished forms.

William Shakespeare seems to be the mainstay and Oscar Wilde.  Are they trying to DRIVE in certain messages? Oh, Cheery Oh!

Then, we have William Blake quote of “Auguries of Innocence”
“Every wolf’s and lion’s howl / Raises from Hell a human soul.”
This and other kinds of literary penmanship on the newspaper on the closing ceremonies but this has much to do with the acting during he 2 weeks of the Bohemian Grove Theater as well. These “Supreme” Enlightened Satanist and Luciferians have appointed themselves as commissioned Puppeteers. They engage in drama theater, of which we know the true writer as Sir Francis Bacon.
The whole King Arthur theme runs clear in the scheme of the Knights. And it is no mystery as to why!

Now Are Our Bruised Arms Hung Up For Monuments…
A building, pillar, stone, or the like, erected to preserve the remembrance of a person, event, action, etc.; as, the Washington monument; the Bunker Hill monument. Also, a tomb, with memorial inscriptions. [1913 Webster]
Those PESKY Freemasons sure love their pillars!

Helena Blavatsky: “The Secret Doctrine”
Once the key to Genesis is in our hands it is the scientific and symbolic Kabbala which unveils the secret. The Great Serpent of the Garden of Eden and the “Lord God” are identical … – The Secret Doctrine, Volume I, page 414
Stand in awe of him, and sin not, speak his name with trembling … It is Satan who is the god of our planet and the only god … – The Secret Doctrine, Vol II, page 234
When the Church, therefore, curses Satan, it curses the cosmic reflection of God … – The Secret Doctrine, Vol II, page 235
In this case it is but natural — even from the dead letter standpoint — to view Satan, the Serpent of Genesis, as the real creator and benefactor, the Father of Spiritual mankind … – The Secret Doctrine, Vol II, page 243
For it is he who was the “Harbinger of Light,” bright radiant Lucifer, who opened the eyes of the automaton created by Jehovah, as alleged; and he who was the first to whisper: “in the day ye eat thereof ye shall be as Elohim, knowing good and evil” — can only be regarded in the light of a Saviour. An “adversary” to Jehovah the “personating spirit,” he still remains in esoteric truth the ever-loving “Messenger” (the angel), the Seraphim and Cherubim who both knew well, and loved still more, and who conferred on us spiritual, instead of physical immortality… – The Secret Doctrine, Vol II, page 243
Satan, or Lucifer, represents the active … “Centrifugal Energy of the Universe” in a cosmic sense … Fitly is he … and his adherents … consigned to the “sea of fire,” because it is the Sun … the fount of life in our system, where they are petrified … and churned up to re-arrange them for another life; that Sun which, as the origin of the active principle of our Earth, is at once the Home and the Source of the Mundane Satan … – The Secret Doctrine, Vol II, page 245

A phoenix rising from the flames, inverted crosses flashing around the stadium.The song being sung is “Rule the World”.
Egyptians believed that the Phoenix was the representative of a god who “rose to heaven in the form of a morning star, like Lucifer, after his fire-immolation of death and rebirth …”
Those involved in the New Age Movement, Occultism, and Freemasonry, believe that Lucifer was unjustly thrown out of heaven by God, and will “rise again” to be Ruler of the Universe in God’s place. He will in fact, “become God,” according to them. Likewise, followers of Lucifer here on Earth, supposedly discover the “secret knowledge” or “Gnosis” of Lucifer and also after initiation become “reborn to become gods! “(Lucifer DID promise Eve in the Garden that she would become as a god).
Listen now to the testimony of another former witch, William Schnoebelen, in his book, Satan’s Door Revisited , p. 4. “The Phoenix, of Bunnu is believed to be a divine bird going back to Egypt … This Phoenix destroys itself in flames and then rises from the ashes. Most occultists believe that the Phoenix is a symbol of Lucifer who was cast down in flames and who … will one day rise triumphant. This [belief] also relates to the raising of Hiram Abiff, the Masonic ‘christ’.”

Manly P. Hall states:
“European mysticism was not dead at the time the United States of America was founded. The hand of the mysteries controlled in the establishment of the new government for the signature of the mysteries may still be seen on the Great Seal of the United states of America. Careful analysis of the seal discloses a mass of occult and Masonic symbols chief among them, the so-called American Eagle. … the American eagle upon the Great Seal is but a conventionalized phoenix…”
“Not only were many of the founders of the United States government Masons, but they received aid from a secret and august body existing in Europe which helped them to establish this country for A PECULIAR AND PARTICULAR PURPOSE known only to the initiated few.”

SOURCE: Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages, pp. XC and XCI

The coat of arms of Greek Freemasonry.
The rising of the phoenix bird also symbolizes the New Age idea that the “Divine Cosmic Plan” that the highly evolved Great Masters have for our Earth Civilization is going to come into effect soon. Earth will “rise from its ashes” and begin anew, its inhabitants having the new Cosmic Consciousness. It is like a “rebirth” of the Ancient Occult Mystery Religions in our World.

The following quotation is from an Occult site, regarding the Phoenix bird:

“Ovid tells the story of the Phoenix follows: “Most beings spring from other individuals; but there is a certain kind which reproduces itself. The Assyrians call it the Phoenix. It does not live on fruit or flowers, but on frankincense and odoriferous gums. When it has lived five hundred years, it builds itself a nest in the branches of an oak, or on the top of a palm tree. In this it collects cinnamon, and spikenard, and myrrh, and of these ‘materials builds a pile on which it deposits itself, and dying, breathes out its last breath amidst odours. From the body of the parent bird, a young Phoenix issues forth, destined to live as long a life as its predecessor. When this has grown up and gained sufficient strength, it lifts its nest from the tree (its own cradle and its parent’s sepulchre), and carries it to the city of Heliopolis in Egypt, and deposits it in the temple of the Sun.”


You see, these Freemason’s take their Coat of Arms (symbols), very seriously! Take the next case for instance;

The performers make a 13 step pyramid out of 303 bricks.


People, there is a method to their madness! Guaranteed!

Fun,fun, fun….

So, you tell me…do you think this whole ordeal was for show or was there a purpose behind it all??

Is this the “LOCUSTS? That the Bible warns us about? (part 9))


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Antichrist Symbolic Symbiosis Pt 1 of 3

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Was this title formed out of humor? Of course! Although, the Antichrist is not a joke! Many don’t take him for what he can become, or what power he can bestow. Many think of him as a group like the United Nations as a whole, or the Illuminati/Freemasons and the like…this whole commission of the Olympics this year was nothing but a huge ritual meant to bring forth a birth of not just a New World Order but a Leader of this Order. His birthing is a bringing forth of a legion of demonic hosts which will possess a massive amount of people. It this a joke? No.

There have been groups since the beginning of time which have taken advantage of man, but I would like to concentrate on the few who are working on bringing forth this time in which we live in…


Nothing shows symbolism like the Shriners! Right! Most know them as the forth-giving Shriner’s Hospital. But, let’s take a look at the hat. Why a Crescent? Why a Sword? Muslim emblems? Yes. Why are these things in the Olympics? Because these are the people who fund it.




John Lennon’s “Death Mask”

Just imagine! “Imagine there’s no heaven…no hell below us…no countries…no religion…and no possessions. A brotherhood of man…Imagine all the people sharing all the world.” Given the reality of human nature, the world he imagines would undoubtedly be bland and gray. This dreary existence is but the result of a human spirit that no longer sees anything worth dying for. It is a kind of hell; a world without Christ. WAIT….isn’t that what we have NOW! A world full of HATE. A world full of no religion. A world, a world built on prejudice.  Seems, we have our work cut out for us. A world without a god….or with TOO MANY gods! That, in a nutshell, is the problem!

Curiously, the denial of spiritual and moral differences has led to the denial of so many other differences too. It is a refutation of ultimate winners and losers in life. It is curious, then, that after having witnessed many winners and losers at the Olympic Games, that this song was used to bid farewell to the world in the closing ceremony.


Okay? I’m not the only one who noticed all the hooplah! Some called it echoes of “Cremation of Care” ritual at Bohemian Grove, in which an effigy is sacrificed to Molech-a 40 foot giant stone owl.

The children around the area were pursued by small dark demons as Michael Oldfield played his “Tubular Bells” theme from the movie The Exorcist” about the demon-possessed girl.

Here’s where I would like to address the fact that some spoke of the fact that the smell of sulfur was in the area. Then, we have the overwhelming flashing images of lights to the conscious minds, mass confusion, commentators speaking simultaneously speaking as the loud music was blaring and all this was taking place with the entire opening ceremony of a cacophony of sound, voices, and eerie “music” which facilitated the injection of subliminal anti-family, demonic messages, and Illuminati symbolism. The whole occult ceremony was nothing but an appearance of an acceptance of a being long-awaited and forbearing.


The picture speak for themselves people, they are telling you what they are doing….it’s all there…


They are summoning forth, right before your very eyes………yes…right before your very eyes….demons!

It took them more than once to get perfect….to get the PORTALS open!

So, we have the concept of the FALLEN ANGELS of the AS ABOVE, SO BELOW…..everything that can happen above, can and will happen below. Satan wastes no time in manipulating GOD’s Free Will for His creations and in this comes the twisting of everything good.

sigil of lucifer

And we segue into the next part…

In her song “Sweet Dreams” shes says “Sweet dreams are made of these…Who am I to disagree…I travel the world…And the seven seas”   But she’s actually being sarcastic because she means the world is full of greedy people. And if you will then notice in the video, she actually has a MAGIC WAND! She is saying that people have their agenda’s and there are two types of people. Basically, people those who are told what to do, and those who tell others what to do. If you continue to watch the video do much, much more. The seven seas is the seven chakras! Also they have WHITE Eyes representing POSSESSION!! Contacting the DEAD! People need to WAKE UP! HERE is the VIDEO


Lucifer Snake


We’re just having too much fun up there aren’t we Annie?

It’s high time people know the rituals that go on behind the scenes, but also right in front of you too!



Is this the “LOCUSTS? That the Bible warns us about? (part 8)


The Enchantment of the Olympics and the Earthstars Matrix

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Please read with discernment, my remarks are in “EDITOR NOTES” {..}….

by Ishtar Babilu Dingir

Amid concerns about a possible false flag attack on the Olympic stadium, it might be reassuring to know that the Olympic Park ~ as well as the whole of the Greater London area ~ is protected by a pair of nine-mile-high giant spirits who are quite visible to the naked eye, if you know where to look.

The Olympics Games are being held on the festival of the god Lugh/Lug/Lud, whose visage can be seen engraved into landscape, guarding the east of London. There is also an enormous unicorn that is plainly visible, guarding London to the west ~ just as the lion and the unicorn appear in the Coat of Arms for Great Britain.

{Let’s note here that this also references “MERLIN”–Merdin/Lud’s Church!}  source HERE

The landscape giants of the lion and the unicorn are part of the Enchantment of London and the Earthstars Matrix, which appears to have been put into place long before even the Templars came into these lands, in the days of the Druids.

The Lion and the Unicorn

The Olympics is always held on the same dates, beginning 27th July, and it coincides with the time that the ancient Celts (and Gauls) would call Lughnasadh ~ the festival at which they honoured their sun god, Lugh/Lug/Lud. Lud is the British equivalent of the Greek Zeus or the Roman Jupiter.

{This is similar to Samhain (Oct), Wheel of the Year, Green Man, and the picture which came up when I did a search was not only the sun god but —I AM—-SAINT GERMAIN! THE ASCENDED MASTER! source}

{Let’s GET THIS STRAIGHT folks….this is not mistake! This does lead to the same places. To the same deities. To the same false ‘gods’…to these so called Ascended Masters.}

{Considering the occult origins of Merlin have him as the offspring of an incubus or Satan, but he is but a bard or deity of King Arthur. It is said that Merlin erected ‘blue stones’ in Ireland and transported them to Briton to Stonehenge by giants called Giants Dance.}

Known as Lugh in Ireland, he was Lud in England of which the main capital city, before the Romans, was known as Caer Lud (Lud’s Town, now London). Around the eighth century BCE, the Britons built a temple to Arianrhod, Lud’s female counterpart, by the western city gate on a hill. They called it Luds Gate, but we now know it as Ludgate Hill.

File:St Pauls Cathedral in 1896.JPG

St Paul’s Cathedral site of Occupy London gatherings

sits on top of the Ludgate Hill

The spring of his river, the river Lud/Lea, is actually within an earthwork enclosure known as Waulud’s Bank, which is a landmark along the St Michael ley line. It flows into the Lea Valley and then just before Temple Mills (formerly a Templar stronghold) it loops round to surround the whole of the Olympic Park like a moat.

{(Nuada – (Noo-ada) god of harpers, healing, historians, magic, poets, warfare, writing. King of the Tuatha De Danann at one time, he had to step down when he lost his hand in battle; it was replaced by a silver one. Variants: Lud, Lludd, Llaw, Ereint, Nudd, Nodens.}

Lud is one of the guardians of the sacred city of London, the other being the unicorn, and both can be seen like huge landscape giants ~ Lud as the male kingly sun god lion (Lleu means ‘lion’ in Welsh) guarding London to the east, and the unicorn as the intuitive female moon goddess guarding the west.

It’s difficult to make out their bodies now that suburban Greater London has become so built up, but their heads and forelegs are quite distinct. On top of that, Lud the solar lion is wearing a crown, just as he appears in the coat of arms for Great Britain.

The unicorn to the west

The lion to the east

The lion with crown

Chris Street has written about these landscape giants in the chapter entitled Guardians of the Sacred City in the book Legendary London and the Spirit of Place, edited by Anthony Thorley.

“The head, back and mane of the Lion is defined by various features, including the A113 road from Passingford Bridge and Chigwell to Woodford. Meandering alongside it, virtually all the way, is the river Roding, adding a curly mane. The lion’s face follows the B175 road from Passingford Bridge through Stapleford Abbots to Romford.

“The eye is in the area of Battles Hall and St Mary’s Stapleford. The lion’s mouth is in the area of Havering at Bower, and its chest is the A112 through Chadwell Heath. The paws rest comfortably in Dagenham, defined by parts of the A125 and A111.

“The kingly stature of the lion is emphasised by the surprising fact that some of the old paths, tracks and boundary lines above its head can actually be linked up in the shape of very regal crown, remarkably similar to the one on the real crest.”

There are lots of Red Lion pubs marking the silhouette of the lion, and the horn of the Unicorn is exactly at a place called Horn Hill.

The Earthstars Matrix of London

So is it just coincidence that images of a lion and a unicorn can be made out so clearly in the landscape around the London? According to Chris Street, no, because the images form a meaningful part of a remarkable discovery known as the London Earthstars Matrix.

This London Earthstars Matrix is also emblazoned on the London landscape but in a different way to the lion and the unicorn ~ yet all three are fundamentally connected.

The Earthstars of London refer to a ground-breaking piece of work in which it has been discovered that the sacred sites of London are not distributed at random. They connect in a vast and complex geometric pattern or matrix which includes many old but lesser known parish churches and sacred hills, as well as Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral, Southwark Cathedral and the Tower of London.

Says Chris Street:

“Two of the most important ley alignments in the capital pass through the Earthstars’ lion and unicorn ….

“Running through the lion is a royal ley line which combines a solar energy path aligned to midsummer sunrise …

It is also known as the Coronation Leyline, because it is in direct alignment with three sites where the kings of Great Britain have been crowned.

“The Coronation line runs through the King’s Stone at Kingston-upon-Thames (where seven Saxon kings were crowned), and St Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey …

“The unicorn has an appropriate alignment of churches linked to the lunar divine feminine aspect. Most of its churches are dedicated to Mary, who is often depicted standing on a crescent moon, as the Christian version of the virgin moon goddess archetype.

“And at the heart of the unicorn is Harrow-on-the-Hill, where the St Mary the Virgin church is at the centre of an extraordinary pentragram of sacred leys and holy hills all radiating at a perfect 72 degrees.”

The five points of the Harrow-on-the-Hill star are Horsendon Hill, Barn Hill in Wembley, Belmont Hill in Stanmore, Dabb’s Hill in Ruislip and St John’s in Pinner.

Christopher Wren

Anthony Thorley says it’s evident from earlier drafts of his plans that he never got to use that Christopher Wren knew of the Earthstars Matrix when he was given the commission to rebuild the sacred sites of London after the Great Fire.

Anthony has devoted a whole chapter to this subject, Sir Christopher Wren‘s Secret London in his book Legendary London and the Spirit of Place.

In all, the Earthstars Matrix comprises nineteen designs ~ mostly pentagrams, hexagrams, circles and triangles.None of them are separate. Each connect to the whole. Chris Street says that it is a recognisable temple ground plan, but on a vast scale and covering more than 400 square miles of Greater London.

And this giant sacred but hidden temple is protected on both sides by the holy protector guardians of Great Britain, the lion and the unicorn, as shown on the royal coat of arms.

{If you read the Closing Olympics Series…it discusses the meanings of the Unicorn & Lion in the Bible. Folks, there is no doubt…they are proud of who they are and what they are.}


{This is but PROOF that BRITAIN is the ROYAL DRAGON! and the CATHOLIC CHURCH her DRAGON’s BLOOD! And I think this has been proven time and time again. Do we need to restate the obvious? INDEED!}




(I guess that is a bad idea to mess with that person :razz:
then let’s see what will happen next  :idea:)

Want to have the alternative medias covering your story?
:arrow: Well guess what. Become your own alternative media. Ha! :cool:
(important to read the video description)

The Day of Insignificance or the Day of Desecration Coming Sooner Than You Might Think !


Pic above:  Luciferian meditation room at the UN



Hell-o Luci Part 1
Hell-o Luci Part 2
Hell-o Luci Part 3
Hell-o Luci Part 4

Are they the locusts the bible warns us about? Part 1
Are they the locusts the bible warns us about? Part 2
Are they the locusts the bible warns us about? Part 3
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Are they the locusts the bible warns us about? Part 7



Wednesday, August 22, 2012 4:10 PM


“Scott” <>

Dear Scott,

Alright.  I did not become a subhuman the day I applied to become a legal Immigrant. So let me explain.  First of, DHS forced me to have a middle name.  People from Quebec don’t have middle names but I guess I had to make up one in order to enter in their beastly system.  They called me an “alien” alright if somebody is an alien, it is them.  You are not dealing with an alien nor a subhuman.

Next.  My marriage was desecrated on November 3rd, 2004 at the Ogdensburg Port of Entry even though we had a marriage certificate.  After that, I was prevented to visit my husband in December 2004 at Roosevelt Port of Entry because they saw my face on TV and I did the crime to be married so I was turned back.  Do you know how much time we lost Ash and I on 24 months that he had to live because of those wonderful guys protecting us from the bogus terrorists?  Ash and I lost 19 precious months.  Alright, after that, I almost was prevented to bury my husband on December 11th, 2006 because Immigration, which is under DHS were dragging their butt to issue my permanent resident card.  I kept all the evidences of what I said above, plus I have a story of two (2) binders that I sent to Jana Fults and I know she received them and of course I was bright enough to keep copies of all that was sent for myself.

Each time I am crossing the borders, I am harassed and I am sick and tired of this and my situation is not abnormal alright even though I am not filthy rich right because my life was broken at the Militarized Northern borders on November 3rd, 2004.  Here is the record that I sent to your office about my experience when I went around Ash’s grave last year and yes it does matter and you will hopefully see why it matters soon.

Saturday, June 18, 2011 10:41 AM

Dear Ms. XYZ,

***Very important**** this email communication stays between us and****

I was traumatized yesterday and this is so true that I began to sleep very late last night because I was harassed and persecuted at the US border by armed border guards and I am a permanent resident of the States.

I went through a ritual of purification questioning me like I was guilty until the proof of the contrary (working very hard to find fault in me) FOR A LONG 90 MINUTES NON-STOP AND THEY WENT AS FAR AS DEMEANING ME AND INSULTING ME BY ASKING ME IF I WAS POLYGAMOUS WHEN IN FACT THEY HAD THE DIVORCE PAPER OF MY FIRST MARRIAGE IN ONE HAND AND THE MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE WITH MY SECOND HUSBAND IN THE OTHER HAND.  (married to my first husband in Canada at the same time that my beloved late US husband, Ash)  SHAME ON THEM.  BTW, I never took the last name of my first husband for the simple reason that he was not worth it.  I only had one love in my life and my love is Ash.

Once I passed the ritual of purification (they literally made me CRASH, yes I CRASHED)

What do I need to do to be treated like a human being like I was before I became a legal Immigrant Scott?  Do I need to join the dumb down thug classy group of TSA agents? I mean, those guys are treated like hero while I am treated less than a dog.  Who you think are terrorists?  Could it be those guys being sick enough in their mind to go as far as molesting children?!?!?!?!

Now.  It is supposed to be terrible to have sent 19 emails to Steve Hunt. (he said that it was over 30 letters but oh well that is just tough) I have made an official complaint about Mr. Hunt on July 4th according to my records and not on July 5th (I supposed that he is the supervisor of Mrs. XYZ) to not be enough understanding with all the proofs that I provided to your office because Mr. Hunt said that I need to contact your office in Watertown AND I FOUND THIS UNACCEPTABLE AFTER ALL I WENT THROUGH IF YOU SEE WHAT I AM SAYING.

So what do I need to do?  You think that I should be happy to be treated like an animal?  Do I need to contact the United Nations for the crimes committed against me?   People are starting to wake up about 911….  Yep, Bush found guilty of 911 false flag war crimes.

Bush, Blair found guilty of 911 false flag war crimes in Malaysia tribunal – PressTV 111122

The war on terror was / is just a way to make us surrender our BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS.  PERIOD.

I am not a terrorist, I am not an “Alien”, (screw their damn system) I am worthy of respect and I am NO FOOL.  After all, I earned THROUGH A LOT OF TURMOIL my PERMANENT RESIDENCY IN THE US…….I sure do hope that I can reach you at this address in the near future and that you will continue to at least give me the courtesy of a reply.  Instead of enjoying life like you, I have to fight like this JUST TO BE CONSIDERED AS A HUMAN BEING. SOMETHING IS DEADLY WRONG IN AMERICA.

Thank you

There is no website for this re: class action suit gary randall


Networking, I found this and sent it on; then this Vet got this and sent it to me!!


You sure did a great job investigating this one. This has the potential to help many
I will save it and am sure we will be able to help others with these finding. I am sure the Service Officers reading this will find it very informative and useful also.
This means that by admitting it was used here in Okinawa and offering comp we may see the dam break on the awarding of comp for AO in other sites using this court case as a precedent setter.
Thanks for taking the time to run this down.

Jackie wrote:
Here is what I found…….

Citation NR: 9800877
Decision Date: 01/13/98  Archive Date: 01/21/98
DOCKET NO.  97-05 078 ) DATE

On appeal from the
Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Office in San Diego,


Entitlement to service connection for prostate cancer due to
Agent Orange exposure.




Alice A. Booher, Counsel


The veteran had active service from July 1960 to October

This appeal to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals (the Board) is
>From rating action by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)
Regional Office (RO) in Salt Lake City.

The veteran testified before a Hearing Officer at the RO in
March 1997.  A transcript of the hearing is of record.  [Tr.]

The Board remanded the case in October 1997 for clarification
With regard to a Travel Board hearing.  The veteran has since
Asked that the appeal proceed expeditiously without an
Additional personal hearing.

The Board notes that the veteran also has service connection
For major depression (previously diagnosed as schizophrenic
Reaction), currently evaluated as 70 percent disabling.

During the course of this appeal, the veteran’s claim with
Regard to an increased rating for that disability was denied
In a rating by the RO in August 1997, and the veteran was so
Informed and advised of his appellate rights.

At virtually the same time as the Board remand was dispatched
On the Agent Orange issue, a packet containing the veteran’s
Responses to the RO decision with regard to his psychiatric
Rating was received by the Board without written waiver of
Initial RO consideration pursuant to 38 C.F.R. § 20.1304©.
It is unclear whether the packet was or was not included with
The claims folder when it was returned to the RO for the
Development on remand, but there is no RO reference to the
Contents thereof in the claims folder.

There is no Substantive Appeal, I.e., a VA Form 9 or anything
In lieu thereof, in the file, and thus, that issue is not
Before the Board at present.  However, the Board calls the
Attention of the RO thereto for required processing of that
Claim under all pertinent criteria.


In substance, the veteran argues that while he was never in
Vietnam, per se, his exposure to dioxins including Agent
Orange and others, was extensive as a result of loading
Planes and in other circumstances while he was stationed in
Okinawa and that his prostate cancer is the result thereof.


The Board, in accordance with the provisions of 38 U.S.C.A.
§ 7104 (West 1991 & Supp. 1997), has reviewed and considered
All of the evidence and material of record in the veteran’s
Claims file.  Based on its review of the relevant evidence in
This matter, and for the following reasons and bases, it is
The decision of the Board that the record supports a grant of
Entitlement to service connection for prostate cancer due to
Agent Orange exposure.


1.  Credible evidence sustains a reasonable probability that
The veteran was exposed to dioxins while serving in Okinawa.

2.  The veteran’s recent prostate cancer must be reasonably
Attributed to his inservice dioxin exposure.


The veteran’s prostate cancer is the result of inservice
Dioxin exposure.  38 U.S.C.A. §§ 1110, 5107 (West 1991);  38
C.F.R. §§  3.303, 3.307, 3.309 (1996).



Service connection may be established for a disability
Incurred in or aggravated by active service.  38 U.S.C.A.
§ 1110 (West 1991).  Additional provisions are to the effect
That service connection may be presumed in the case of a
Veteran who served continuously for 90 days or more during a
Period of war, if a certain disease, I.e., cancer, was
Present to a compensable degree within a year of separation
>From service.  38 U.S.C.A. §§ 1101, 1112, 1113, 1137 (West
1991 & Supp. 1997); 38 C.F.R. §§ 3.307, 3.309 (1997).

For a showing of chronic disease in service there is required
A combination of manifestations sufficient to identify the
Disease entity, and sufficient observation to establish
Chronicity at the time, as distinguished from merely isolated
Findings or a diagnosis including the word “chronic”.
Continuity of symptomatology is required where the condition
Noted during service is not, in fact, shown to be chronic or
where the diagnosis of chronicity may be legitimately
questioned.  When the fact of chronicity in service is not
adequately supported, the showing of continuity after
discharge is required to support the claim.  38 C.F.R.
§ 3.303( (1996).

Service connection may be granted for any disease diagnosed
after discharge, when all the evidence, including that
pertinent to service, establishes that the disease was
incurred in service.  38 C.F.R. § 3.303(d) (1996).  Service
connection may be granted for disability which is the result
of service-connected disease or injury.  38 C.F.R. § 3.310

Under modifications described below in 38 C.F.R. § 3.307,
[and through a new regulatory revision effective November
1996], if a veteran was exposed to an herbicide agent during
active military, naval, or air service, the following
diseases [i.e., prostate cancer] shall be service-
connected…even though there is no record of such diseases
during service.  38 C.F.R. § 3.309(e) (1996).

In pertinent part, 38 C.F.R. § 3.307(6)(ii) (1996) further
states that in general except for chloracne, these diseases
so named must become manifest to a degree of 10 percent or
more at any time after service.

Provisions of 38 C.F.R. § 3.307(6)(iii) (1997) further state
that such a veteran who served in the Republic of Vietnam
during the Vietnam era and has such a (listed) disease shall
be presumed to have been exposed to the herbicides.  However,
presumptive provisions are not intended to limit service
connection to diseases so diagnosed when the evidence
warrants direct service connection.  The presumptive
provisions of the statute and VA regulations implementing
them are intended as liberalizations applicable when the
evidence would not warrant service connection without their
aid.  See Horowitz v. Brown, 5 Vet. App. 217, 222 (1993).

In a case relating to radiation exposure, but which has been
transferred in theory to other situations, the Court has held
that special presumptions, etc. and/or other standards do not
preclude a veteran from establishing service connection with
proof of actual direct causation.  See Combee v. Brown, 34
F.3d 1039(1994).

It remains the duty of the Board as the fact finder to
determine credibility of the testimony and other lay
evidence.  See Culver v. Derwinski, 3 Vet. App. 292, 297
(1992).  Lay persons are not competent to render testimony
concerning medical causation.  See Grottveit v. Brown, 5 Vet.
App. 91, 93 (1993).  However, service connection may be
established through competent lay evidence, not medical
records alone.  Horowitz, op. cit.  In such a case, as in
other situations dealing with special provisions of 38
U.S.C.A. § 1154, an individual may well provide data with
regard to incidents which took place, etc. although a lay
witness is not capable of offering evidence requiring medical
knowledge.  Espiritu v. Derwinski, 2 Vet. App. 492, 494

The Board has the duty to assess the credibility and weight
to be given the evidence.  Wilson v. Derwinski, 2 Vet.
App. 614, 618 (1992) (quoting Wood v. Derwinski, 1 Vet.
App. 190, 193 (1991), reconsideration denied per curiam,
1 Vet. App. 406 (1991)).

It has been determined that a well-grounded claim requires
three elements: (1) medical evidence of a current disability;
(2) lay or medical evidence of a disease or injury in
service; and (3) medical evidence of a link between the
current disability and the in-service injury or disease.
Caluza v. Brown, 7 Vet. App. 498 (1995).

In a case that coincidentally also provides significant
supportive data regarding claims with regard to Agent Orange
and the legislative and other machinations associated
therewith, the United States Court of Veterans Appeals (the
Court) recently found that plausible medical evidence of the
existence of a current presumptively service-connected
disease with an open-ended presumption period is sufficient
to present a well-grounded service connection claim as to
that disease.  The case also holds that the presence of the
disease would carry with it the presumption of nexus to
service as well.  See Brock v. Brown, 10 Vet. App. 155, 162

Factual Background

The veteran’s DD 214 shows that his primary military
specialty was as a motor vehicle operator (MOS 3531).  At the
time of his discharge, he was assigned to the U.S. Marine
Corp’s 4thAMTrac Bn(Reinf), ForTrps, FMF after having had 1
year, 3 months and 3 days of foreign service.  His partial
201 file also further documents the units to which he was
assigned in that motor vehicle operator capacity.

According to a NAVMC Form 118(17)-PD, the veteran embarked
onboard the USNS GEN. J.C. BRECKENRIDGE in and departed from
San Diego on February 2, 1961; he arrived in and disembarked
in Okinawa on February 18, 1961.  He further embarked onboard
the USS BEXAR at White Beach, Okinawa on April 5, 1962,
departed Okinawa on April 6, 1962, and arrived in and
disembarked in San Diego on May 5, 1962.

Service medical records show that after several months in
Okinawa, he was admitted to hospitalization for psychiatric
evaluation after having attempted suicide due to, among other
things, the stressful (not otherwise described) situation

The veteran has described his inservice experiences as not
having included Vietnam.  In a letter in December 1996, he
stated that his job in the Marines was as a motor transport
operator, which was to transport troops and cargo.  At the
time, they had been on Vietnam standby, and he reported that
he had been exposed to Agent Orange while in the process of
transport, as well as when it was used in Northern Okinawa
for War Games training.  He reported that this exposure
lasted at least two months or more.

Private clinical records in the file from David A. Kimball,
MD, who has treated the veteran for prostate cancer after
prostate-specific laboratory testing had been positive.  The
veteran underwent a radical retropubic prostatectomy for the
prostate cancer, pathologically described as moderately well
differentiated adenocarcinoma, in November 1995.  Thereafter,
records show he was seen for complaints associated with
hesitant urinary stream.  He underwent surgery for a bladder
neck contracture post radical retropubic prostatectomy.

In his VA Form 9, dated in January 1997, the veteran
reiterated that he was not and had never claimed that he was
in Vietnam but that, as stated by the RO in rating decisions
and other communications, service connection for certain
disabilities under the new regulations relating to herbicide
exposure could be either from being in Vietnam in which case
exposure was assumed, or as a result of some other military
experience, which was subject to the same requirement of any
other acquired disability.  He stated further that

I served in Okinawa in 1961-62 at which
time we began a massive build-up of
supplies and ordnance which included
herbicides known as 2, 4, D and 2, 4, 5,
T.  The combined product of these two
chemicals was a 50-50 mix which was then
mixed 50-50 with diesel fuel and given
the code name “Agent Orange”, for the
orange band that was used to mark the
drums it was stored in.  The purpose of
the product was to deny an enemy cover
and concealment in dense terrain by
defoliating trees and shrubbery where the
enemy could hide.  In Okinawa we had
other uses for it, particularly near base
camp perimeters.  Spraying from both
truck and back pack were utilized along
roadways too. The term “Agent Orange” was
at the time merely one of several used to
identify various herbicides used in the
South Pacific.  Others included Agents
White, Blue, Purple, Pink and Green.
Agent Orange was used by far the most.
It was my job, MOS-3531 Motor Transport
operator (see DD-214 #25 A&B as evidence)
to transport troops and cargo.  On many
occasions the cargo was herbicides known
as 2-4-D and 2-4-5T.  Sometimes they were
full and sometimes they were empty.
Sometimes the drums were half full of a
50-50 mix of herbicides and I would have
to take them and add the remaining 50% of
diesel fuel or kerosene for better
dispersion.  On many occasions while
handling the drums the contents would get
on my hands and clothing and when we were
spraying along the roadways by truck and
back pack the wind would change and blow
the herbicides onto our skin and
clothing.  The thing that bothers me the
most is that we were not told or warned
about the hazards of the herbicides that
we were handling nor were we issued any
protective clothing such as gloves and
etc.  I believe that the frequent
exposure to the concentrated unmixed
herbicides was much more hazardous than
if I would have been sprayed with a
diluted thin down mixture.

At the time of the hearing held at the RO in March 1997, the
veteran further testified that while in Okinawa, he was a
motor transport operator, whose job it was to transport
troops and cargo, often times the cargo being herbicides.
Tr. at 1.  He stated that he would often transport people for
work details and had even worked with the Seabees with whom
he helped with road repairs, where they also used herbicides,
spraying them on the sides of the roads, etc.  Tr. at 1-2.
He indicated that (even when not moving people but rather
supplies), he often had to take the barrels and mix the
contents at the motor pool with a 50/50 mixture of diesel
fuel; that often his clothing became saturated with and he
had to replace uniform parts so as to be able to pass
inspection.  Tr. at 2.

The veteran indicated that herbicides were used on Okinawa
for landscaping, and were also taken to the remote areas for
training maneuver areas.  Tr. at 2.  He confirmed that he had
been assigned in Okinawa to the C Company, 9th Motor
Transport Battalion, 3rd Marine Division Reinforced, and that
he was exposed to herbicides that entire time.  Tr. at 3.  He
summarized by indicating that he had been exposed by the
spraying in the area perimeters (which they were required to
police themselves), on the sides of the roads, on details, at
maneuver areas, when he mixed them for transport and when he
actually sprayed them from back pack.  Tr. at 3.  He said
that they were only told that it was a defoliant used for
killing weeds, etc.  Tr. at 3-4.

The RO asked the U.S. Army and Joint Services Environmental
Support Group (ESG), now known as U.S. Armed Services Center
for Research of Unit Records (USASCRUR) to verify any
exposure to herbicides the veteran may have had while in
Okinawa.  The ESG responded in April 1997 to the effect that
they had been generally unable to document the use of
herbicides in Okinawa, but that they had sent copies of
various Agent Orange briefs, etc. for the veteran’s

Correspondence from the veteran in January 1997 reiterated
his repeated Okinawan exposure to herbicides, and further
indicated that at that time, “Operation Ranch Hand” was
already in full swing in January 1961.  He said that they
primarily handled Agent Orange since it was not, and the
others were, water soluble and would not wash away when used.
This was particularly important for use in Vietnam but also
in Okinawa (for the other purposes) because of the
significant amount of rain that fell there.


In a case such as this, there are several kinds of pertinent
service records.  Admittedly, available service medical
records are somewhat wanting since they primarily relate to
the veteran’s significant psychiatric problems later in
service rather than dioxin exposure, etc.  It is entirely
possible that additional service medical records are
somewhere available.  However, given the pertinent
regulations, there would seem to be no special benefit to be
gained by delaying the claim further in a search for
additional but unnecessary records.

Also of record are some other service documents, i.e., data
comparable to a partial 201 file which confirm assignment
units, duties, locations, etc., identified elsewhere in this
decision.  In this case, these are more important to the
disposition of the case.  In that regard, it is not known if
additional pertinent records may be readily if at all
available.  To the extent that the veteran is able to provide
pertinent information, he has clearly done so.  An attempt
was made to officially verify those factors.  However, while
the service department experts have been unable to verify
specific dioxin exposure in Okinawa, they do not negate that
possibility.  [In this regard, it should be noted that given
the records-development history in other factual cases with
which the Board is familiar, that there is no guarantee that
even if further development were undertaken, that Army
Personnel or other military sources would be able in any
event to verify the filling of, and mixing of solvents in, 55
gallon drums with herbicides in Okinawa for use in this
particular time period, including as a part of Operation

In order, however, to fill in the resultant gaps, there are
certain factors which the Board must address with regard to
credibility.  If found credible, these could be adequate for
an equitable disposition of this claim without further

Accordingly, in concert with that judgment and consistent
with providing the veteran with all due process and the
benefit of the result of an expeditious and equitable
decision, the Board finds that the duty to assist the veteran
in obtaining evidence has been fulfilled in this case
pursuant to pertinent regulations.

In this case, the veteran clearly has had prostate cancer,
which as of November 1996 is one of those diseases
incorporated in the special presumptions with regard to
disabilities as a result of exposure to Agent Orange.

Thus, the only significant issue to be resolved is whether he
was in fact exposed to dioxins in service.  The evidence in
this regard may not be independently verifiable or
overwhelming, but the aggregate data is entirely consistent
therewith.  In that regard, the Board finds that the
veteran’s explanations for the gaps in the otherwise
contemporaneously documented information of record in that
regard are quite credible.  He has provided a comprehensive
description of the activities through which he was exposed to
concentrated dioxins, as well as the reasons why the mixing
of the concentrated chemicals with diesel fuel or other
agents was necessary.  [Parenthetically, it is unnecessary in
this context to address his opinion that the dioxin in its
concentrated state, i.e., before he mixed it, was more toxic
than the dispersed version sprayed as a defoliant in whatever
location for whatever purpose].

These asserted facts mesh well with those more readily
recognizable things for which there is no need for
verification, i.e., why the secondary chemicals utilized for
dilution of the concentrates, such as diesel fuel or
kerosene, would have been most readily, and perhaps almost
exclusively, available in the environment in which the
veteran then worked.

They also make good common sense when placed next to the
known problems such as the ongoing rain in the Far East
during that portion of the year which made the requirement
for nonsoluble defoliants a reality in the first place.  All
are entirely believable and consistent with the other known

The service department has verified that the veteran was
indeed where he said he was, at a time when military build-up
from a support standpoint was considerable, doing a job which
was entirely consistent with the mixing and other transport
of herbicides, and at a time when these were both used and
warnings not necessarily given, as he stated, since the
hazards were not fully understood.  He can scarcely be
faulted for the nonverifiability of specific practices in the
so-called Okinawan theater of operations.  His assertions in
that regard are both reasonable and justifiable and appear
both sound and factually accurate, all of which raises a
certain premise from which conclusions may be reasonably
drawn.  It is exactly such situations in which the Court has
mandated that the Board make judgments with regard to
ultimate and relative credibility, which in this case, the
Board finds in the affirmative.

Thus, having concluded that the veteran was exposed to
herbicides while assigned to motor transport duties in
Okinawa in 1961-2, not coincidentally concurrent with other
entirely reasonable circumstances enumerated by the veteran,
the Board finds that a doubt is thus raised which must be
resolved in his favor, and in so doing, that service
connection must be granted for prostate cancer as being the
result of Agent Orange exposure under pertinent exceptions to
the regulations.  38 U.S.C.A. §§ 1110, 5107; 38 C.F.R. §§
3.303, 3.307, 3.309.


Service connection for prostate cancer due to Agent Orange
exposure is granted.

Member, Board of Veterans’ Appeals

NOTICE OF APPELLATE RIGHTS:  Under 38 U.S.C.A. § 7266 (West
1991 &  Supp. 1997), a decision of the Board of Veterans’
Appeals granting less than the complete benefit, or benefits,
sought on appeal is appealable to the United States Court of
Veterans Appeals within 120 days from the date of mailing of
notice of the decision, provided that a Notice of
Disagreement concerning an issue which was before the Board
was filed with the agency of original jurisdiction on or
after November 18, 1988.  Veterans’ Judicial Review Act,
Pub. L. No. 100-687, § 402, 102 Stat. 4105, 4122 (1988).  The
date which appears on the face of this decision constitutes
the date of mailing and the copy of this decision which you
have received is your notice of the action taken on your
appeal by the Board of Veterans’ Appeals.
– 2 –

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This is an important repost from our newly returned to duty vet advocate Gary Kendall with some important info on presumptive Agent Orange conditions due to service outside of Vietnam. — Tom








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