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All the quotes are from the video at the bottom of this email:

“The Illuminati could have make it look like an insignificant strive for power, but they insist on marking their property with Satanic symbols as well as giving demonic names to skull & bones members such as “Long devil” to John Kerry and Magog the demon to G.H.W. Bush Around 1 hour, 47 min, 23 seconds


But the worst part is that the majority is totally ignorant of that fact, most of them do not even accept the existence of a conspiracy; how are they going to accept that non-human demonic entities are running their country? Around 1 hour, 46 min. 38 seconds


“Despite all of their knowledge and spiritual power, they failed to conquer the world and establish their one world government while clearly being present on Earth for thousands of years.  They are forced to conspire behind the scenes and go to extreme lengths to achieve their long term goals.  Since they are spiritual in nature and are not allowed to harm human beings, it makes perfect sense that they would use the human elite to do the work for them”. Around 1 hour 44 min. and 51 seconds.




“When Stephen Dolphin and John Todd left the occult, they warned us about specific events that the Illuminati was planning to create:

THE ILLUMINATI PLAN: (around 1 hour 46 min. and 5 secs)


“Set up and neutralize all major evangelists (people talking about the Illuminati and/or exposing their activities) ;


Create events that would enable the Illuminati to control and regulate oil prices, and later also create a fuel shortage ;


Be ready to destroy America’s and thus the world’s economy by buying up and bankrupting major banks and organizations ;


Create events that would enable the Illuminati to easily declare Martial Law in the moment of need”.




“Why would they do all this you say?  It has clearly everything to do with the coming UFO hoax, they will pretend to come as our saviors.  But no one needs a savior if there is nothing to save, that is why they are set out to destroy everything they can to disrupt people’s lives using biological weapons such as new flus, destroying the world’s economy and scaring people about the coming 2012 event.” (around 1 hour, 46 min. and 37 seconds)



the caller of area 51 in the Art Bell show in 1997 says at 1 hour 13 minutes, 25 seconds this: “the disasters they are coming..the milit…I’m sorry the gov’t knows about them and there are a lot of safe areas in this world they could move in the population to …now Art..they are not doing it, THEY WANT THE MAJOR POPULATION CENTERS WIPED OUT so the few that are left will be more easily controllable”…

From the official website of Reverse Speech technologies, this call above was not a scam.




I understand what traumas are and how it affects you as I went through multiple traumas myself.  Yes, God does allow evil even though He is not agree with it because if He would not, then we would all end up in hell so He unfortunately had to allow evil in order to save a few of us.  Yeshuah/Jesus did tolerate more evil than any of us even though He was perfect just because He loves us to death.  That’s what really matters that He loves us to death and that He particularly cares about our soul.

Real love is to be dedicated to the other person (centered on God first and then, centered on the loved one) which is the complete opposite.  If we want to find wrong in somebody, we will find even in the godliest person on earth for the simple reason that only God is good meaning only God is perfect.  I keep petitioning God to make of me one of His best friends.  Yes, I have high but godly ambitions.  Nobody is perfect but I do not use that as an excuse to sin because God does not only save us from hell, He does save us from sins as well.

America will be nuked, I am sure of that.  Canada too I would say less because the anger is directed towards America even though Canadians are not better.  Now that we got this “Obama The Messiah” at the White House, it gets worse and worse.  We’re going downhill and America is going in hell in a heartbeat.  They economic collapse will occur anytime.  It’s where it will start and it will only be a beginning of the nightmare.


Marie Buchanan, M. Psy.

All Common Law Rights are reserved explicitly without prejudice
UCC 1-103, 1-105, 1-308.



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