UFOs, Aliens, Ghost, Demons and how they all tie in together with my comments


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Posted in my yahoo groups on

Saturday, October 29, 2011 9:48 AM

I have a masters in psychology and even though I decided to not practice my profession anymore because my goal was to help people and it does not work, I also am a trained researcher and made a lot of research and everything you say is the truth…. Demons exists. God too. Thank you so much for posting your testimony as a video response to mine. The Bible is a very reliable source of information. Pl do not dabble with Maitreya’s stuff who posted a video response, it’s a trap…


Watch out for the alien deception pushed by the Pope and the Jesuits….please check my channel for information…yes, that’s about conditioning the sheeple…believe me, the worst Luciferians you can come across are the Jesuits and the Pope and Satan sure is in the Vatican….David Icke says a lot of good things but he is a false Messiah because he said so from his own mouth and he saw first a psychic who told him his destiny on earth….huummm….yes, this planet was for us…


yes, this planet was for us but Adam and Eve disobeyed to the God of the Bible and now this planet became satan’s territory because he usurped our authority because our ancestors were deceived by him…that’s why Yeshuah/Jesus did not argue with Satan when he offered to Yeshuah all the Kingdoms of this world because they became his…the bible says that satan is the god of this world…he became the god of this world once our ancestors thought they were smart by thinking by themselves…


….one President said that we would give up our freedom (well the freedom that we have left, right?) if we would have an alien threat, I try to remember which one and that we would unite together and forget about all our differences…yes, the best theatrical lie is about to be presented…what will happen on 11.11.11, I do not know but nothing good…

Demons don’t like what you are doing right now, I can testify you not because I am on the dark side but because I know the dark side. You might give attention but they don’t like to have that kind of attention, believe me…To blow their cover?…no, they really do not like that…..I’m sure that people attacked you because Satan is using them when they don’t like what you are saying… Most people are following the demons by applying “do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law”…

…even though they think they are Christians, they do not follow the Bible…God is not their god, that’s the greatest deception I came across so far to misrepresent Christ on earth is the worst lie…all religions are false, even Christians because they are under the influence of Rome with this National Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches and with this steeple at the top of their temples, which is a PHALLIC symbol of BAAL worship…God says that the temple is our own bodies..

I was saying that God says that the temple of the Holy Spirit is our bodies, not those buildings that we see with a Baal worship sign on the top of it…26 000 pastors will sell the blood of their fellow to the FEMA camps by quailing them…they will help the gov’t to massacre a lot of Americans…yes, thousands of people being massacred in Zimbabwe…it was literally satanic in nature…I see a lot of bloodshed on the American Continent, particularly US…pastors are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

The love of Christ for us is the ULTIMATE BEAUTY….God is winning the battle even though satan rages war upon his creation…

I hope you guys watch this video with an open mind and open ears. The comments I make are my opinons and expirences. The research I have done reguarding these topics believe you me are extensive. I hope you injoy this video. Thank you for the support, view, comments


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