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Wednesday, May 2, 2012




My dear brothers and sisters in Christ

On the American Continent

Now I pray that this Christian Zionist / Zionist Profiteer / White Supremacist will not publish my book before me because he has all the support that he needs while I don’t.

While I was in the worse spot a woman could ever find herself into, which was to be a widow, fatherless, legal Immigrant and homeless, this self proclaimed White Supremacist tried to take advantage of me.  Once I could finally escape from the “jail” he put myself into, he made a character assassination of me on the Internet (and his former assistant also did recently) because he realized that I was not a willing victim like he falsely thought I was so he had to crucify
me publicly.   Here is the worst mistake my worst enemy did  in his character assassination of me.

“All of this is due to the lies and insolent hatred of this Marie Buchanan (MB) who is in fact incapable of translating French, let it old French or modern, into a legible, cogent English translation”.

God says in His word that He is the Father of the fatherless and the defender of widows (Ps. 88:5) so I guess this holier than thou is about to be blocked from publishing my own work because FIRST, I am opposed to this coming racial war wanted by the Masons

Quote from a good source who wants to remain anonymous:

“That’s the Masonic plan. Divide US. Their plan to segregate the USA into racial zones matches the White supremacists (National Alliance) for a NW white zone and the LaRaza plan to make the SW USA a latino zone. It fits the masonic plan to divide and end the USA, which is a threat to the Novus Ordo Secular (NWO)”.

and SECOND, of his goal is to put his name on it just like the Jesuits do.



Monday January 31 2012

M. Buchanan

Hi Artie, folks might contact you to verify that my host in PA took advantage of me while I was on the street. I also am telling the truth that he wants to sell my book by putting his damn name on it. So would you have a problem to tell folks that yes, I’m not a story teller nor a bullshiter? Marie

Monday January 31

Artie AuchenbachJr

Hi Marie, I don’t have a problem with that, just have them email me Artie

Hello and good work

Wednesday, March 7, 2012 7:05 AM


“Nelson Turner”


Dear Marie,

Blessing to you in our Lord Jesus Christ! Brother Chris found your site and contact information, and told me that you had indeed completed the MONARCHY OF SOLIPSIS in translation. I would like to get a copy of the translation: I was informed by your host here in pennsylvania that the translation was faulty, unusable, etc. but apparantly that is not the case. He gave me the book itself, which I handed over to some one who has a degree in French to translate, and unfortunately they have not engaged in the work as they said they would..

Due to the circumstances of your captivity during your stay in Pennsylvania, we were unable to really get to know you. Every time you arrived in the Yukon and came into the building, I sensed discomfort on your part with the circumstances you were in.

Your posting of the “contract” you were forced into is commendable.

In the faith of Jesus Christ, Pastor Nelson Turner-Job 23:12b


I contacted Chick Publications through David W. Daniels already because I translated a book for free for David back in around 2002 about the bible versions and I also contacted Thomas Horn through Cris Putnam but it is going nowhere.  Now I was advised by an author to publish with Xlibris but I do not have money to invest, therefore I do not have much hope.

I am afraid that I will lose complete and total courage in this life if my worst enemy will succeed in his evil plan to steal my hard work but I will not commit suicide.  Yes I am very sick and tired of this life because tyranny is the story of my life, starting with my own father.  I understand very well that God in Heaven is my father and in fact, I would not have survived what I went
through further to my late husband’s death if Yahveh /Jehovah would not have been my Father.  The only thing is that I am not in Heaven yet and I’m attacked since childhood, starting with pedophiles but now I do speak out because I know that I am not the one who should be ashamed of myself.  This life is not worth to be lived if I am “raped” all the times.

Eventually, somebody somewhere will hear me.  Hopefully before I will die of sadness and I’m on my way and again, it will not be suicide but just to be broke because of the few hopes that I have left in this life would be vaporized, gone.  I got my marriage broken by the US / Can governments on November 2004 but not our love and my husband killed in December 2006 because they did not even offer a dialysis while the dialysis center was only at 2 miles away from
the hospital and they mislead us about what Ash really needed, which was not a liver but a dialysis so there is nothing more I could have done besides to have this Congressman John M. McHugh to call the hospital officials on December 2nd, 2006.


My plea is not about money.  My plea is about to be connected to a
publisher who would have the smarts to understand that my book is
really fighting the New World Order.

Here is the proof:

About the Official version of 911

Who was involved in 9/11 from the top down:

1) The Vatican Jesuit Order of Malta ties with CIA -Order Hit

2) British Crown and Saudi Arabia Funding Operation

3) Rothschild Israeli Zionist ground-minions Organizing

4) US Bush Presidency-Administration/Air Force and FBI cover-up

5) US/British News Media Networks reporting lies of the event

6) Corporations, Halliburton, Raytheon and others Insurance companies that bankrolled profits

7) Financial Institutions like Goldman Sachs with prior knowledge -inside trading

Jesuit Alumni in the Obama Administration and 112th U.S. Congress

The focal point in this report is on Israel’s role in the 911 attacks. Realize that Israeli-Rothschild-Zionist HAS been OCCUPYING the US GOVERNMENT over the past 60 + years and to this day they continue their occupation under the Obama administration! With their current agenda in full swing (war in Libya) Israeli-Zionist are pushing for the war in Iran. This is the thorn in America’s hand.

It would be a good thing if the Jesuits would be exposed for the power that they have over the world.  We the people of this world can put an end to their New World Order plans.

The ugly truth is that Obama is a British/Zionist agent a (CIA creation) acting as the US president in the interest of the royal crown of England, Knights of Malta and his Zionist Masters headquartered in Rome, -the Jesuit Order of the Vatican.

In other words, this man is a great push to uproot long-held, Bush-Rockefeller-Clinton power bases in America, thereby removing their power from this nation, so that it falls more readily into the hands of the power elite in Europe and into the hands of the Israeli Mossad, and in to the hands of other nations.

To all of you, it may appear that he is doing a great work to destabilize the drug empire of the Bushes and Clintons, and to bring back to America, what these have stolen and robbed from this nation! Do not be deceived!

For, his great push to take these trillions and to sit over this great amount of wealth is being driven by the European Satanists in their bid to destroy America and also by the Vatican, the Israeli Mossad, and even others. He dances high for Satan, higher than all of the rest! And, he dances well for the European elite and for the Israeli Mossad, who put him in power.

The Rothschild man said to Obama:

“Oh, rise, you King of Persia! A Jew you are, yet deceived they
shall be! And, all shall bow to their new king! For, will you not rescue the Arabs? Will you not dance their Moslem dance? Will you not free the oppressed Palestinians? Will you not bring solace to the hearts of the Jews”?

Obama replies:

I am the Supreme Commander of all world forces.

I have been given authority, dominion over Earth, and all its people.

All are subject to me and my directions.


It is a grave mistake indeed, that so many believe that he has at heart the interests of America.  He does not! He is the final nail in the coffin of this great nation. Sad that we are not united that much but I guess we will be once he will behead us. (Rev. 20:4)


I am trying to publish the book that I translated for you my dear English speaking people from Old French since 2009 and I have a hard time believing that it will happen. So I am asking your kind help. It’s over 450 pages long document. I do not have money to invest because of what I went through since November 3rd, 2004.

This book has potential to sell big, especially if Pope Ratzinger dies (God Has No Pleasure in the Death of the Wicked) or retires this year, which will be most likely the case.

So I guess that I will contact once again Thomas Horn and c.c. Cris Putnam (which would be the third time) because Cris asked me this question:

“Is this book reveals secrets about the Jesuit plan to dominate the world?” and the answer is yes.  Melchior Inchofer, the author of The Monarchy of The Solipsists (most sources that talk about this book are giving the authorship to Melchior Inchofer because Father Scotti only added remarks to each chapter) was a very prominent Jesuit:

“They sent him (Melchior Inchofer) with the Governors of Province subsequently to use him as their second, that is to say, they made him a Minister.  This Responsibility gives the first rank after the Provincials and the Rectors, of which the Ministers are the lieutenants.  The dignity of Judge, of
which he was invested is the one of Consultant.  The Consultants are those who compose the secret counsel of the Provincial and the Rector”. (p. 24)

Now when I will have the motivation to write again to Thomas Horn about this, I do not know because I did contact him twice regarding this but my presentation was not as good as this letter to you.

I need a friend who would connect me to a smart publisher.  I sure would give you everything you need and trust me, that would not make you look stupid because I am who I say I am and I fight a huge fight for a woman who is by herself in this life but I believe that God is with me.

Makes sense to you?

post scriptum

Who I am?

I am a webmaster writing her own books and actually not doing a dime over the Internet and must be known as a specialist AGAINST the New World Order, a specialist AGAINST Roman Catholicism and especially AGAINST the Jesuits as well as a specialist of the Bible. I don’t pretend to have a degree in those but I know you can be AUTODIDACT and get to learn as much as if you would have
a Ph.D. degree because I got a masters in Psychology and I decided to leave my profession back in 2000 to obey the Lord because the philosophy from the word of God is different than the philosophy from this word and philosophy is the source of what psychology is relying upon and the Jesuits are the ones teaching the social sciences at Université Laval, Québec, Canada (my source
is a connection to the Jesuits) and I certainly do reject Jesuitism WHOLEHEARTEDLY and at least Québec city is sold out to them, (they have their own libraries and streets over there, if not more…) and I certainly am not a Jesuit Coadjutor or of the short robe

like I was falsely accused by this White Supremacist on forum. (his sycophant) so I even do know about CHARACTER ASSASSINATION but thank God, I just realized that this board has been closed for Terms of Service violations

nevertheless, it was done by Mr. The White Supremacist and Zionist profiteer  and published on the Internet and that’s why I am making things VERY CLEAR HERE. I happen to be born there so I was born straight in the vipers den.

I recently discovered that the American Continent is the Economic Babylon of Revelation 18..


so no wonder why the report from the Iron Mountain will be applied to us…


Truth hurts, lies kill.

I love Americans to death because the first person who loved me in my entire life was Ash and I might not have long to live anymore (because my hopes are always killed) but I will remember that until my last breath.


Registration number: 982148163


In Loving Memory of Reverend

Ashley McDonald Buchanan, D.D.

06/19/57 – 12/05/06

The Monarchy of The Solipsists – First Edition

Introduction by the Translator

Marie M. Buchanan, M.Psy.

To the best of my knowledge, The Monarchy of The Solipsists has never been translated into English since its first French edition was released first in 1645 and later in 1721 and 1754. (Librairie Ludovic Bizarreries) I have sought to give an accurate and yet prosaic translation of the entire text
of 404 pages. Absolutely nothing has been omitted or abridged, except very few words added only for more clarity and they are indicated with and inside brackets [ ] since the author already used parenthesis in his text ( ), with the exception of the “N” word on page 212 and 249. No liberties have been taken, neither as to historical context, nor as to the common meaning of words. To
safeguard my intended outcome, I worked very hard to have every line in the English translation to follow every line in the original page but unfortunately, it could not be done perfectly because of the difference of the language structure. Thus, the viewer can easily find for himself the translation to a certain extent. Therefore, in quoting from this finished English translation when in
debate, no fault can be found, either in the text or in the debater citing that text. On the other hand, I trust the intelligence and comprehension of the reader (as the French translator did towards the people of France when he translated from Latin, wishing that it would be well received:

“By the same token, I take advantage of this opportunity to also ask (the Reader’s) grace in specific areas where my interpretation could not fulfill his completely his expectation. I do not doubt in a work as obscure as this one and of which nobody undertook so far to unveil the mysteries, it would not be for me, despite my great care, escaped several mistakes. However, I presume enough the benevolence from the public, to believe he will be grateful to me somehow to have put in our language a curious work and which deserved to have removed rather from the obscurity, where it was for so long time. We already know enough the merit of the Author by his other books and by what I said about him in my Preface, for this translation, such as it is presented, could (possibly) be poorly received”.

“To the remainder, it is nor animosity nor any special interest, which made me to undertake it: the good of the Church and of the State was my unique goal. It appeared to me of an extreme importance a Jesuit, of the prominence of Melchior Inchofer, came in the present circumstances to confirm by his testimony what all several Authors wrote about the dissoluteness of the Society.  Nobody ever spoke with more (power) than him; because all he reports, happened under his eyes and I do not apprehend someone accuses me to have added to the text in my notes”. (p. 295-296)

“This Book was printed for the first time in Venice in 1645, next in Holland in 1648, with a key for the referring of the names. It appeared again another edition in Venice the year 1651, and it was newly reprinted in the Tuba altera majorem clangens fonum. It was translated in German and in Tuscan language and I believe that herein is the first French translation that had ever been
provided. I wish that it will be well received in France, as others were in the other nations”.

to understand the original Old French version is also a translation and therefore, not easy to translate in English since the language’s grammar and structure are so different and it added to the challenge the book was not in current International French (nor Quebecois) but in Old French.

Here are interesting excerpts of the book:

“Which appearance, (….) who are particularly professing to follow JESUS-CHRIST, have separated themselves so distantly from the path that he showed to them! Which appearance is in fact that their pride and their ambition was exalted to such an extent, their plans be that pernicious, that the most horrible crimes (they committed) cost them so little; that there is nothing sacred for them in either Religion or in the States; that the maxims of their Moral (Theology) are so corrupted; that the vices reign with impunity in their midst; that the virtue is trampled underfoot, in a word, that a house of worship became a cave of Thieves?”

“We recognize that since the Society is purely a political Body, which has not other goal than its enlargement, that sacrifices everything, even Religion, in order to rise and to attain, as our author declares, to a universal Monarchy”, “they did not even spared the Popes, when they sought to oppose to their plans; that they dethroned the crowned heads…”

Edwin A. Sherman, author of The Engineer Corps of Hell (1883), having referenced Melchior Inchofer, who is most likely the Jesuit author of The Monarchy of the Solipsists (Jesuits):

“MELCHIOR INCHOFFER [MELCHIOR INCHOFER], a Jesuit suspected to be the author of The Monarchy of the Solipsists[“people who wish to govern entirely”], was violently carried away clandestinely from Rome, whither he had returned to petition the Pope. The FATHER SCOTTI, the true author of the‘Solipsists,’ escaped with difficulty the poniard and the poison.”

How important Melchior was in the Society?

“They sent him (Melchior Inchofer) with the Governors of Province subsequently to use him as their second, that is to say, they made him a Minister. This Responsibility gives the first rank after the Provincials and the Rectors, of which the Ministers are the lieutenants. The dignity of Judge, of
which he was invested is the one of Consultant. The Consultants are those who compose the secret counsel of the Provincial and of the Rector”. (p. 24)

Be it remembered by 1754 the Society of Jesus was not only ruling Europe, but China, the Far East, South America and Central America, while preparing for the takeover of the Moslem world via the Order’s extremist creation of Wahhabi-Sunni Islam. Therefore, Inchofer writes about the true
designs of the Company at the height of its worldly power via the papacy. Remembering the words of Jesuit Superior General Lorenzo Ricci, “Let the Order be as it is or else not be,” we must take to heart the words of our late Jesuit author. For the military Company of Jesus of yesteryear is the
same Great Secret Society of Jesus ruling the world today via the Black Pope’s subterranean “Monarchy of The Jesuits.”

You now have before you the entire, invaluable text.

Message to all the potential publishers of the world:

This book has potential to sell big, especially if Ratzinger dies this year,

which will be most likely the case.

Petrus Romanus The Final Pope Is Here

Please email at:

With subject title: “Publisher for the Monarchy of the Solipsists”

To be considered.

God Has No Pleasure in the Death of the Wicked

To the smartest and best offer!


The downloadable version (450 pages) is actually available at 29.95$ (.pdf or .doc format) Please contact:  by mentioning « Jesuits » in the subject title but I sure will investigate first if you are not my enemy number one’s friend. My right to do so since I had been backstabbed and betrayed …

Marie Buchanan, M. Psy.

Researcher, Pastor-Assistant,Webmaster, Translator, Writer


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