Bitter Amerika


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Posted in my yahoo groups on

Sunday, October 30, 2011, 10:56 AM

Here are the words of this song that I translated for you in English…
BTW, it’s a “prophetic” song (well of course the Illuminati are telling us beforehand what they are about to do) for those who are paying attention
to what is actually happening in the US….

…this song is for all of us because we need to repent of our sins as a Nation because God already removed His hand of protection over America and we are about experiment worse than we are actually experiencing as a consequence of God being more than angry, starting with a preplanned economic collapse….

The original song can be heard here:
Luc De Larochellière – Amère America

Me, I was born on the right side
The side of America
Of North America
The apathetic kingdom
of a quiet city
Where every morning I drink my cup of coffee
Without soiling my hands
Soiling my hands

You, you were born on the other side
Nearby the sea
But it is all that you have left
Each time that my side is not minding it’s business
You are dying of hunger in the midst of a garden
Where you harvest the coffee that I drink
Every morning
Every morning

Bitter America {x3}

Me, I was born on the right side
The side where there is no war
Where we can
Conceal misery yet
After the dinner, when I watch t.v.
I see your side torn apart
Without feeling concerned

You, you were born on the other side
It is the revolution
For one yes, for a no
It’s disappearance
Revolution, good for the economy
For the bullet that kills you comes from my side America
From America

Bitter America {x3}

But there, you lay down
By a shanty town
Where there is more hope
Than on my ground made of clay
For if a day
A world must collapse
Tell to yourself that it is my turn
My side will be the first

Bitter America {ad lib}

Marie Buchanan, M. Psy.

Researcher, Pastor-Assistant,Webmaster, Translator, Writer


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