Satan is The Sun God and is Hermaphrodite (a stand against Sun Day Worship)

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Satan is The Sun God (celebrating Sun Day is to worship Satan) and is Hermaphrodite

Sun Day worshippers will end up in hell for worshipping Ra (knowingly or not)


My analysis of this video above:  You know how God fought Egypt and Egypt was deeply involved in occult.  A traveller (Alien) is in fact Satan.  Looking for a way to extent his  life. Curious and without fear, the young man walk towards the light of Lucifer who is the light-bearer.  Then the traveller (Satan) took possession of his body like a parasite looking for a host.  (spooky)  The traveller (Satan) used this Stargate (demonic deception but it works) to bring people as workers just like the one we saw.  (bringing more demonic beings with him) Using technology to sustain eternal life – the elite is trying very hard to achieve that goal. (that is why Walt Disney 33rd degree Mason body is frozen – hoping the technology will be found to resurrect him).  See how the possession of this young man at the end of the video looks just like a demonic possession.Another piece to my puzzle/research concerning the worship of the Sun god Ra, the Masonic god called different names… folks celebrating either Christ MASS or the Sun-Day worship are in fact worshipping the Sun god and “if you worship the lake of fire in the sky (reference to the sun) that is where you go when you die”.CHRIST-MASS and LUCIFER WORSHIP Quote around 57 seconds:  “if you worship the lake of fire in the sky (reference to the sun) that is where you go when you die”.

NWO Agents of Disinformation 95% Truth, 5% Lies Satan/Ninurta/Saturnus/Satarn/Isateni

Why do Christians worship on Sunday?
The World Net Daily
Bacchiocchi earned his doctorate in church history at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome and was awarded a gold medal by Pope Paul VI for his summa cum laude class work and dissertation, “From Sabbath to Sunday: A Historical Investigation of the Rise of Sunday Observance in Early Christianity.”

His studies gave him unique access to Roman Catholic historical archives that shed much light on the transition from Sabbath to Sunday.

The Church of the capital of the empire, whose authority was already felt far and wide in the second century, appears to be the most likely birthplace of Sunday observance,” he concluded.

In one of his last interviews before his death, he told WND: “Anti-Judaism caused the abandonment of the Sabbath, and pagan sun worship influenced the adoption of Sunday.”

He says evidence of anti-Judaism is found in the writings of Christian leaders such as Ignatius, Barnabus and Justin in the second century. He notes these three “witnessed and participated in the process of separation from Judaism which led the majority of the Christians to abandon the Sabbath and adopt Sunday as the new day of worship.”

Bacchiocchi also explains the influence of pagan sun worship provides a “plausible explanation for the Christian choice of Sunday” over the day of Saturn. Its effect wasn’t just limited to Sunday. It apparently led to the placement of Jesus’ birth in late December.

“The adoption of the 25th of December for the celebration of Christmas is perhaps the most explicit example of sun worship’s influence on the Christian liturgical calendar,” Bacchiocchi writes. “It is a known fact that the pagan feast of the Dies Natalis Solis Invicti – the birthday of the Invincible Sun, was held on that date.”

One of the Roman names for this “Invincible Sun” god in the days of the apostles was Mithra. There are striking similarities between the ancient worship of Mithra and today’s Christianity, leading some to think early Christians adopted Sunday worship from heathen customs.

Free Book “ The National Sunday Law”


More on Jesus the “spirit guide”….

666 Part 6 The Satanic Subliminal Messages.


It gets very interesting here…. 666 Part 5 The Sign of the Devil and his true Hermaphrodite Nature.I research for years so I am seeing connections very quick…. I even discovered about let’s say 3 months ago that the “image of Jesus” is in fact a spirit guide….

JESUS, THE SPIRIT GUIDE? Johanna Michaelson, a former New Ager who became a Christian, writes in her autobiography ‘The Beautiful Side of Evil’, that she learned visualisation through a Silva Mind Control course. She pictured a radiant ‘Jesus’ figure and invited him to be her special guide, but on his second visit he appeared as a blood-drenched were- wolf! Johanna later suffered a terrible struggle to eject this impersonation of Jesus from her mind. This demonstrates the awful danger of conjuring up a mental image of God as Comforter and Guide. Christians who would not knowingly invite demonic spirit-guides into their souls, are accepting them under the guise of Jesus-pictures! And they are taught to do so by visualisation and guided imagery, so popular in positive confession and inner healing ministries today. Demons care little how we imagine them. They are fully prepared to manifest as ‘angels of light’ or even as a sort of picture-postcard ‘Jesus’ if that is what we want. But whatever the appearance of an imagined being invited into the mind to guide and control, the result will be the same – bondage to demonic powers. It seems incredible, but Christian teachers are urging their followers to get involved in this sorcery: “…try to imagine God; keep searching in your mind to form an image of God. When the image is there, you will know it…you may have to fine-tune it by focusing on each part of the image and visualising yourself with that image…eventually it will speak to you…”(20) Instead of praying to our Father in Heaven, whom none can see because He dwells in unapproachable light, we are encouraged to create a mental god and receive its guidance…”eventually it will speak to you”, are words that should strike a chill into any true Christian’s heart! By this (occult) method of visualisation, we can have a little Jesus-god at our beck and call, ready to be summoned whenever we choose. We are told that it matters not how we picture this ‘Jesus’ – in robes of white or jeans and tee-shirt :”The most noble and glorious purpose of the imagination is giving reality to the unseen Lord…the Lord doesn’t care ONE BIT how we visualise Him…Picture Him any way you wish…”(21) Richard Foster, another follower of Agnes Sanford, assures us that this imaginary picture is “more than an exercise of the imagination – it can be a genuine confrontation. Jesus Christ will actually come to you.”(22) Certainly SOMETHING will come, but WHAT? A demonic spirit guide contacted in this way will begin to control the mind with his suggestions – if the guide is thought to be Jesus, the information will be received uncritically, as if from God. How much of the new teaching now coming into the Church is based on such guidance?

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I said that I was not aware BEFORE TODAY that the image of the beast MIGHT BE Apollyon and Abaddon recorded in Rev. 9:11 is all, which would be the image of the sun, the worship of the sun in the sky….  Here the beast is called the Goat of Mendes:
666 Part 4 The Goat of Mendes and the Roman Catholic Church.

So the Goat of Mendes, (worshipped by Satanists as well as Masons) Apollyon and Abaddon MIGHT BE the same evil spirit behind the sun worship….with different names…that is what I am on dear….I will continue to research until this HYPOTHESIS will be CONFIRMED or INFIRMED dear…that’s how I am working…I always start on a hypothesis and then I dig until I get not what I want BUT THE TRUTH…IN FACT, THAT’S WHAT I WANT THE TRUTH…


I was not aware that the image of the beast MIGHT BE Apollyon and Abaddon…wow I need to research that more….
Revelation 9:11 And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon. Revelation 9:10-12 (in Context) Revelation 9 (Whole Chapter) Secret Societies Promote Worship Of The Image Of The Beast Among Protestants A surprising number of Protestant ministers across America actually are intentionally lying to you about Christmas. And their real agenda is not the one they preach from your Church’s pulpit. – They Sacrifice To Devils And Not To God – 1 Co.10:20

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